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welcome back to the GSL global tournament where tambocor miracles don't happen
and I may take self-survival zest already crushing party
so pretty one-sided best-of-three is we have here to start of the group
Yelp that those are very very once I have to say his ass showing exactly how
to play PvP
and destroy your process opponents were as ever made take it pretty easy games
over a viable
were vital to definitely being the underdog if this group it's easy to see
by those games
but this next match were gonna get to hear says purses EverBank you like his
budget is so interesting Sat showing what he can do it PDP
he's really get a PBT as well me he's coming back to Korea
ID's going to do in this match well I think he's gonna have a hard time emmy
he a put up a decent showing against Boston awesome see
but now is how to play against the real boss champions ass this taiwan the
hardest region
and he played against a two-time back to back
yes all finalists you so when you look at that alone and see the players he's
possessed has a lot last practice Pvt mashup I use a password Sharia
I but he has a lot of good Terran players to practice with because he has
some of the best charitable
flash anti-white to work with so for this matchup I highly favor him here
seleção make a deal with stock for the easy yup
map is going to be very rough go around guys recently added to early ca
Rosser masters well 3 player map be
I i'm really curious to see what I mean is going to do it gets ass
tell whether it's a boss for a tear and moving on wanted these two players after
this past the three will be moving on to the router for the other drops or
consolation match
this is the GSL global tournament today with more
well up here and up to operate in the red
Acer mm id
may a big fan favorite Rd make it to the winners match
his opponent down to the bottom in the teal take you go through
that royal rotor current crossed champ
law divorce and that a season-long was a season the process
Canada being the best album help
here's our crowd that came out to watch today thank you guys for coming down
that type on this phone better not have a plan any games
Sonam know Bobby Byrd no candy crush
no sellers up to Tom people do that here in Korea as well
you wash all the GSL 100 per server then you can go back to play your games
but for now
washing yes I'll all about walked out here for the players
you know very standard openings parents first the gas
gateway only one gas so far here
possessed well I mean just lookin at
the stats here not a lot of information
to go on arm look at me. he's
actually like pretty 50/50 against Prada's
the zest is lil bit like
better results but I feel like when you look at the stats are not even exactly
sure whether being pulled from to build them in
if they're just Korean stats Artemis ecstatic rhea back
from a long time ago or predated I if they're his stats against
foreigners in other players online who knows what it said the 2014 major record
okay so you wanna stay out too doesn't forty major tournaments at how these
players did against the respective races at the planet's now
and that when you look at stats like that even sees esta headbutts s is
playing against Terran second set before
like marrou what up y'all people like this summer may
not really not so much %uh is definitely playing it's europe's finest which is
nothing to the shake a stick at the %uh
course you know the thing is you have to really respect him a because he was
being the best Koreans in a world that's how he got two Gs of miles multiple
are you know he's even in the super tournament finals back in the day
against Paul this guy is definitely an excellent airplay on our
handsome s that we've ever had all I need but its recent results that matter
more now
see if he gets re breakers est says no all
help trying to go up the ramp arrayed always s ready with a zealot and the
mother score
as a smart because on this map that's a
into the most likely path to jump up because there's not a whole lot a jump
up on this map in general
there's no pics sideways supposition for you actually get represses guy kinda
sneak around the minerals here
heat doesn't have the confidence to do it though is not sure about that my
guess is one thing you know if I'd get do get up there is the stocker just
gonna finish me off
defines this tiny little poke your see how it steered especially tough to get
up there you have to chop twice you can't just jump from that that bottom
bottom lip ground
yup Reaper today not so happy with this purchase up the moon shoes
whole they are they should look for it
they do look very fun but to not be enough much use just yet
possesses everly really a thing or is that just like a thing i wud throughout
the so
I actually blighted by the but my family bought them from my little sister
and I tried them a couple times when I was younger and
other not as far as a lot don't buy them I wouldn't to
you know I wouldn't suggest light
well he waits for the offer this one particular down direct stake in their
butts ass ready
he knows the Reapers out there give stalkers a support position
epi tried earlier we might have been able to get them perspectives caution
prospect haphazard their hands who doesn't know that it's actually just a
very solid macro opening here from zest he's like
rushed out an observer which is these days not
as common in this matchup the place so defensive like that scalp I think his
ass is really respecting him as an opponent saying
okay well you're an opponent that has it been
realize you probably pretty different TV P style I wanna skull you up for some
the Spurs can find out how you play
do making a second observer right now help it's that and it's also sad speak
of it in himself he's like I don't loose anything
sneaky how to make sure that I B administrative game I don't wanna play
risky here
I don't wanna go for an all in IE I no I and I'm confident that I can be you
later on
and he's gonna say exactly that he's never around the robotics pay as well as
I try to counsel
don't for the TAC going to the leader game
this breed is gonna be scattered all day
not sure how you do that readers over there I think you just want to make sure
nobody was there to scout the CP had a third base
I think he was just thinking like get the 2nd SEP remain over there he knows
it'll have a third baseman going tech-heavy
so I need to go clear that that's why the scan goes down because as soon as
their means that he has no idea whether third base is being planned for TAC
yeah a partially for him this can only saw the robotics up
silly and these very very well-placed sport is as well as the other tech
buildings out there are going to be totally headed for now
may play a little bit dark team in making it
a look at how many observers he's making here he lost his first one but he's just
constantly getting that out here he just does not stop
I beat he sang them all over the place
he's gonna see any drops I come across the map any hidden forces
at the very least may want to clean them up yes to find the first time is Kathy's
such as Les Mills forearms on the map right now
that's pretty unheard of mm even using a scan on the mean the success
so if you think about that a lot of minerals lost and mule so far
trying to get some information tryna reduce the vision upsets as well
and bringing a book about just how good this vision is he he has so
uncertain information right now exactly
where the army of the enemy could be out where he is going to be in the future
he's gonna have every piece of information that is going to be
well I mean upgrade wise amies
ahead for now but with all these chrono boost that's not last forever
now if think about it i mean he got that ensnare eBay out a lot earlier
but it's only one that it's not an economist in and he's actually going to
mats that the upgrades amaze us that is but that'll
court with the khmer upper-class rats are going down over there but with the
this is such a great pile location is going to be able to work zealots in on
the low ground to actually go over harassed at third base it on me
MA having a much larger army for just a moment you know he has a special
coverage checks again is while you still have a third base
of course that's gonna let him know he definitely is all I commit heard
at this location because if he does is going be fighting a two-base Prostar me
while he's trying to take third
goes against our you know what rules we come to accept as true in Starcraft 2
you never attack while expanding its a player who has less space is the new
because he's gonna have a stronger Army as a result
or you know and some other cases much better tech
Delhomme and this way you were talking about before that one pilot over there
he's able to work with results
and he's gonna check but their base he wants to see if it's getting up and
where it's at
Tampa Bay responded very quickly here
is going to type albums anything and so sell its
tell a
just a mild them but very important that he's able to have that marine scouting
for this because without it his space would have been
delayed possibly even cancel
it's been very on top of his SUV production like in the game again
something that I is definitely something to eat daily you know to think about
Jesus really on top this as he production
not very many macro hiccups here for the stair I'm a nose
there's a pilot over there in left side up the map and he's sending one
green all the way over there trying to find out exactly where it is these drops
responded get by the way I as an observer is there
so is able to get rate position with his army knows exactly being what's come
dollars these pylons of course but knowing that this issue is so critical
that the Bible Church your sisters two pilots to get the quite pylons we can
just have the sector pylon
for liza hi you thought the clear my pile on look at this
again only to see it but the this can you do this with the medivac CAA's
to stop by
have another pile over there being cleared out some very nicely done by me.
very meticulous with a scouting all over the map knows that you know him
pylons anywhere on this map could come back to bite later on
wants to make sure the cleared out the actually supplied likes s
heavily down with that was assessed a remake a Tonna pylons
the 22 operator gonna finish here pretty soon they'll matts gonna put them
a cycle and a half ahead of his opponent if he starts 03:03 right away
which is about to have enough gas for there's
semifinals of the very very tough situation
this is a this is very reminiscent I'll Lake alt sale career played just very
passive earlier on to forge is getting that to block readout getting a slower
third base but it is really care
because once he gets that double 33 the 33 upgrades he's going to have such a
strong army is going to have so many upgrades the charge
and the bling colossi and them out on the map storm as well
and it's going to be in a great spot there towards later
parts this game this is
saud this slalom
lost just always reminds me arctos a spam
it's just careful see and awe
well-practiced he's you know he's basically just taken this
as see as it gets as careful as he gets no
take that there is a last-second having tech as the priority
I was gonna do it I see people time here of three bases we'll see is very often
in korea anymore P all really the last errand to continue to do this bomber
core switching out a career easley to I was another player
who was quite well known for this its scouted the horse while these observers
he just needs to make sure is close air support there's a lot of items in your
tent back
need to sell its at the front
there's the overcharge Alexis course for thought it started here what are called
to help do spectra damaged but I think he's gonna hold this
easily memory as to drop rates also the out the clock sign the back doing a lot
of damage when you go does sell its on here at all analog says he's going to
get a lot of data
it's going to be a tough another loss I popped out here doing a lot of damage to
the back but still
a auto file here yeah sellers may want to know a lot of heavies killed a lot of
these expensive colossi
this stock at the end of the stock has a plan for it here
and you know especially officially the attack
like throw a paper airplane into of firebrand them
now is God upgrade deficit that's like for that's like the perfect metaphor
here because I mean that's exactly what it looks like
that's basically what we saw on your YouTube barely just does not have enough
session with the arc on their what at like the zealot placement was not
perfect for his ass but everything else that he did everything else he set up
City News attack was coming from a mile away
was pretty solid yeah four more days being added to
really pump up the economy the herp match the popping up the hobby has but
third base that's not my
any gas now says staffing to offend of that attack spending most his murals and
gas for that delayed his
approved a little bit but now he's got the progressive out and now we have
only plus to armor come across here for MMA 1633 Haight said he's got storm as
well as a
launch up these kiwi's almost be going up to 10
this is going to be an extremely scary prospered
well thank flash rules cozaar without those he be-
you know 15 workers down I would have a terrible federal economy right now but
he's got those
I and in with them is able to stabilize with production but
tech why is he now has 0 Vikings to deal with the close-in
which test obviously realizes he's the very aware of this fact
he has a few additional are cons in
I mean what the one thing the MA has maybe still
is mobility and that's one way to try to get back into this game
problem being that there's so much observer coverage costs only
and that 33 at least some is hitting that pretty well too
they'll these can be behind for a time his second engineer
day he would he knows he's behind you sec the upgrades he knows what kinda
zest playing any saying okay I need to get these upgrades out hope thats estas
attack tablets not sure about this
he's been urging the sip-it here is what the force s back
take a look at this on the other side a map
doing it on a damage there for Julie no stalkers that makes the point of those
attacks there but here comes those 33 upgrades
about the finish right now work prism to come out with them this is gonna be
creator ask we're about to see her everything about this game
feels like creator or young lost I'll yup toll is skipping storm
all that's the operative it he's just going only colossi
and when you know that you have way better a freethinker opponent and also
that you've eliminated his bike is entirely
why switch to Templar when you can just keep using
the better take that you have that upgraded banners have
on trial comes out we're really like miami is he is just constantly
flying to outmaneuver the spread of army
he is like a a bunch of water just moved around obstacles is gonna get through
trickles in right now to the natural whereas a quad drop
is going towards the baby is lets you access to sites around here because this
could be a game-changer right now he's not turning around he's going for it bad
that you go wide he's got nothing to be a return builders comply words for us
what's had not
not sure about this MMA has been a space for a long long time
seek out that battle Nexus out for the best focusing doubt that mean X is well
it does go down
or is about to right now zest is making its way to the babies he's the same some
probes because the tarrant damage output
is quite high here like you said terrent builders comply this comes into place
in the a lot of the streets in this type of matchup
with sequestration a specially
tell probes over here are actually started a fight with the CDC will lift
the command center
he will need the probes to build flying it's actually eliminate the swine
with all these probes escaped of look at the resources MA has 1200 across more
than 900 say he's
the way he swung his gets ass that is pretty smart he knows exactly needs to
stationary going what's be the song take of applying once
disc lost the bet out by itself is make sure keep his hard together does
United they stand but divided the get go by marauders
forces were upgrading the shield the freeze before but now they're
now picking up must want but at least now
these buildings trying to find the middle the map it's not going to be too
good for him
there and assesses got a pretty safe base all the way to the left side this
map so
MMA was stabilized gonna send at the center but CNN's
all the way over there whereas a mistrial and his buildings more towards
the village map where is s consciously
girl has been found to I'm incest has weighed less villains
raise capital rebuild its production if we get to that point title
a matter here got a much larger army little as archives as well
his army is much more expensive to that
in the Army for me look at the party sites that operate that doesn't tell the
whole story star port is down he started mining again
but looking at the the depots are be cut being told that operate actually
replacing his army
it's going to take a long time you that our him losing a lot of his army so the
supply freed up sure that's not what you want so here's the engagement time for
goes down in a lot of these law signed a pact not being held at all
trying to migrate towards the back use a fab step but already even on the grounds
in this fight to death ice maker with a workable smashes there on those
a loss it looks like there's just too many results on the ground even with
alaska loss I
being targeted down by the bike the stock is eventually with that are caught
fish it off
ancestors gonna take a well-deserved win here
in game 1 very solid play very defensive
there's the scandal that's probably gonna cause in the type out GG
that's just like typical Zaz fact he is incredibly confident
he you need to take a seat game later on bad once he saw imma go for that matter
techies account at Spike out skelly
whatever that attacked with the S timing didn't do enough damage
either he was behind in Economy Plus he was behind
upgrades didn't have the bike more compositionally
was a bad place and with that situation occurs
year you're kinda lockdown Adam at a place where
you need to use every mule you can for
folger's general and Tom coming to camp released at you can eliminate
surfers average can be used really hurts you and
but if you taken it a step further to remake Vikings
what he just which is the High Templar or do you make goes because you're not
ready for that either that means you can make marauders
that's all you really can make so here's why the situation where you're like well
I mean I wish I could scan
the Seabees making more high temple are that also but I just lost half my as he
is in aid every single mule
I can gather to actually continue getting my minerals doubt I'm uses a
nice idea
by enemy I think to go for that big attack with the SEC is it was definitely
very strong any view that again said style
if he could hit before the upgrade to really were getting a longer the 22 he
could do it on a damage but once the 22 is out
like you said even our comic a la Cite dis a really really nice defensive set
up there by Sasse
he just wiped the SE be so quickly then I was like wow there's a lot of our
stuff so can he break through
the answers with all those workers on a three-base Prost with 22 upgrades
the whole the cap breakthrough he got all the Kiwis up before that as well
so easy to set up way too many weapons of you know exactly what to do
forbes service on the map always spot in the drops having that's all harassment
just can't run the entire about L is am is Matt pic now we don't know which map
is gonna choose
I could see way station here so that he's hoping to maybe get away with the
cheese a call see overgrowth
are because the two player map it's pretty standard he's already had some
experience with it earlier today
are I feel like if our zest wants to
he may just cheese on Elm is Matt pick because he's ahead in the series
now he's seen the potential for a man a macro game
everything about this like hey you know I am ahead in the series
if my cheese fails we go to thirty on my map pic I could Italian Mac you you get
I i feel excesses a so-called there and i know i don't think he thinks that
anyone in this group can take him down he
he is too soon the biggest thing I have said it so many times a poor just so
much confidence in every engagement he takes
everything he does is a reason and he knows that he's going to
get ahead with its and if you discontinue using that if he feels like
he's the right answer on this map
he's gonna do it and I i feel like you've even successful that looks
unstoppable that's good so far
overgrowth is the map you like zest
my really just are
play some sort of links of the I'm here
or and Oracle opening into Phoenix
paper blog defense style
if he just plays three observer you all creators file reports operates on two
MA is gonna have to do something different the thing is I just don't know
exactly what that is
yup it it was obvious that he didn't really happen to master their
L ever made
tough and favorite here needs a win to tie up the series
if he does its debts will be the first player getting how this group
on route 24 here at the GSL global tournament when a wall


全球星海聯盟比賽 2014年 A群 配對3號 第一局 (Ro8 Group A Match 3 Set 1, 2014 GSL Global Tournament - Starcraft 2)

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