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Oh, oh, *coughs* you're going to put on it your head? Smell it first!
What's going on Guys, I am Matthias. Today I'm going to be looking at ten ridiculous Amazon Products that Brian went on Amazon and
found. He found these products for me and I'm going to let you know whether they're Worth it, whether you should Buy it, or whether
you should Deny it. Now before we begin make sure you click that bell icon because
you're a person right? So if you're a person then you need to click it... but why
should you click it? Because
you're going to want to watch these videos all the time. 24/7. Forever. All of your life. Till you feel dead inside. *laughs*
(Bryan) You wanna just drink some water before we get started?
(Bryan) Thirsty? (Matthias) I don't trust this dude.
I don't trust it dude, what did you do? (Bryan) It's water, what do you mean? Just drink it
(Bryan)Come On It's not event the first item(?)
(Matthias) Stop dude i'm not an idiot
bro. This isn't a real label. Is it gonna go all over me? (Bryan) No its water bro
I have the first item right here! You see, you didn't have any water before you came up did you? (Matthias) *wheeze* What are you doing dude
*Loud siren* (Bryan) Oh geez! *Matthias laughs like a maniac*
Okay that was unrelated
Bryan has this is mystery box over here full of products and
one thing in it went off right when I was about to open up this water bottle. This water bottle feels weird
*sniffs* "Oh!"
(Bryan) No, don't actually drink it though
(Matthias) It's like alcohol! (Bryan) So obviously,
this is the first item. What is it? (Matthias) It's like a never-ending water bottle? (Bryan) No, no no if You're Just
you were just- walking into someone's room, office would you think anything of it? (Matthias) No absolutely not. I only noticed because
I don't trust you (Bryan) And how
nice I was being? Oh here, have some water (Matthias) Yeah, here have some water like... (Bryan) Get outta here (Matthias) like you prepped it for me or
something like right before we were going "Oh I knew he'd want this." Like Bro I know you're not that thoughtful
so you're Saying that
Weird dude! It's a safe... that's cool. You see that? That's crazy
locks in there dude. Wow, you can't even tell at all... If you really look close you can
see It's white right there but... that's
Impressive dude. So let's say you have a roommate, and the roommates a snooper right? So they're
consistently going in your room. They're going to notice that the water bottle is never... I, maybe they
won't it... maybe they won't. It's a water bottle, it's hidden in plain sight
Eh? (Bryan) Ew you see chunks flying in there?
(Matthias) Ew there is chunks dude
Brian what's that chunk? What is it dude I almost drank it drank it! (Bryan) I wasn't going to let you drink it. (Matthias) You were looking
away! *wheeze*
I say this is a buy it dude. If you have, if you have like someone in your family or you have like you know like you have
a family that likes to steal your stuff or something like that you know? Hide some cookies in there, hide some candy in there, if
your mom's like, *Matthias mom voice* "No candy!" This would be perfect. So I would recommend putting good water in it, so they're just not like
"Oh this, this is rancid water dude" and just chuck it
"Hog-Wild Pro Thumb Wrestler Colors may vary."
Wow you.. is that, is that a hair band? "Unique and innovative children's toy tested for safety and durability."
"Portable and easy to use. Ring will determine the true thumb wrestling champion"? Seems like it has really good reviews, do you really
need like a stage for thumb wrestling though?
Don't you just interlock your fingers together? "Finally someone wised up and realized that street thumb wrestling is becoming an epidemic."
(Continued) "No one took us thumb athletes seriously, but now thanks to the professional Thumb Wrestlers Arena
We can finally give some legitimacy to the sport."
Is his thumb like super like hyped up, is he injecting steroids into his thumb? Super roided-out thumb? "I prefer thumb wrestling raw." *laugh*
Wut? All right let's see this puppy. Add to cart.
Boom! "Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena."
Well, this looks totally different- I like the black one better. See this would have been a solution if someone like,
was like, "I love Thumb Wrestling, but I hate touching people." There we go. That's that.
I guess, ok, yeah i mean that kind of works, we're still holding hands though. (Bryan) I just got my fingertips and oh
(Matthias) Okay. All right, we're gonna have to find out who's the pro thumber dude.
*Ding ding ding*
*ehehehehoww.* Ow.
Oww, dude! Owww
(Bryan) Get her while he's weak! (Matthias) Dude your thumb is like a dinosaur.
(Bryan) *teekateekateeka*
*Teeka* (Matthias) Ahh dude! What's wrong with... (Bryan) Bro I was in a thumb wrestling league in college. (Matthias) I bet you were dude.
(Brian) You just laid down, you're like that (Matthias) I just do I was tapping out right there bro you can't wrestle me when I'm tapping out!
*wheeze&laugh* (Bryan) Wow your hands are sweaty!
(Matthias) Heheh yeah. Maybe might wanna wash them.
Deny it bro!
"Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle Hubless Skateboard." 150 Bucks. You guys know
what that means. It's a like to buy- that means if we hit a hundred thousand likes that lets me know that you guys actually
want to see me injure myself on this teen toy. This is not for adults like me. Orinep.
And also dead inside.
This isn't a toy, this is a skateboard, this is like a... what is this? I mean you put your feet in it, like see this
teen here dude? He's so hip... with the kids...
Look how hip he is dude, with his saggy beanie, *laugh*
and his thick watch.
100,000 Likes and I will be that person, for you guys.
(Bryan) You'll wear the
saggy beanie... (Matthias) If you get me a saggy beanie and a big watch and
yeah. I will be a thug skater dude. A Skatecycle Thug.
(Hip Matthias yo)
That's what I will be. Guys, do you want to see that?
100,000 likes I'll do it for you, right up right right now dude, right now! Click it! Actually
don't click it if you don't want to see that. I actually want to know if you want to see it or not
"Three Piece Fake Blood Pill Capsules Horror Funny Joking Halloween Party Prop." Horror,
Funny. Those two words like, they don't go together. Horror, horror!
but funny. *wheeze* "This will scare the crap out of you, it'll scare the laughs out of you man! Snake!"
"Joke Shock Pen."?
(Bryan) I don't know why they put that in there. (Matthias) What are these? *laugh* (Fuzzy Magic worms, obviously)
Why are these in there? Does that come with it? What?
(Bryan) Time to find out. (Matthias) Look at this person's face dude... blood just gushing out. Oh i've always hated these
dude I feel like gagging when I see someone, like bleed out of their mouth because of the pills. I'm like how does it taste?
Is it, it's just a
little capsule it's not like it all of a sudden makes fluid, so it means you have to drool down your own lip. Means you have
to be like *strange gurgling noises*
with your own saliva. Really hoping i'm getting whatever this thing is dude. What the hell is that. *laugh* Add to cart.
Noo! Where's my little fuzzy snake!
What Is this? (Bryan) That's your fuzzy snake?
Oh my gosh dude
*Still dying*
What the heck is this guys? This is the gift! I got a gift guys! Two little googly eyes, and I don't even know what those are!
(Bryan) Those are earrings. (Matthias) How strange!
Did you put this in here? (Bryan) Nope.
(Matthias) Did you put this in here?
That's Dave over there dude. Say, hi Dave. *Distant "hey guys."*
Just *laughs*
Didn't even pop out, just "Hey guys."
"I send you a gift in package. Hope you like it."
I like it dude! I like it. I think you're right, I think these are like, the cheapest earrings on the planet. See this like
little earring, it's like a little gel thing and you stick that in your ear. It's not even made right? This like fake little Rhinestone is like
glued onto a piece of plastic. The most janky
way you could make an earring in the history of mankind. I can't knock it too much it was a free gift!
Are you going to try this in your mouth? (Bryan says something inaudible)
You're not all the way. (Matthias) Cuz, cuz i'm afraid this is going to stain you. You're wearing a white shirt right now dude. Oh I don't even
want to watch you try it dude. All right.
Are you supposed to bite it? (Bryan) Fwerst pert capsule in your mouth, when bitten, streams of blood ooze from your mouth.
(Matthias) Watch out, this is a trigger warning.
(Bryan) Nothing's coming out. (Matthias) Eww. I'm done dude. I'm done. (Bryan) Yeah (Matthias) I'm done.
(Bryan) Bleh. (Matthias) I don't want to see that, dude! (Bryan) Nothing's even streaming out... (Matthias) Eww!
It's just a... oh! *Matthias coughing in background*
I have a... really heightened gag reflex. (Bryan) Yeah that tastes gross. (Matthias) The thing that got me was the fact that
I don't know what that stuff Is in your mouth, and I'm like, *gag*, get that out of your mouth!
It wasn't the fact that it was like, 'simulating' blood. (Bryan) Even with the free gift? (Matthias) Deny it. Even with the free googly eyes.
"Megaphone Bullhorn, with Siren"- That's must, that must have been what went off earlier in the video.
"Thirty watt Powerful and Lightweight!" She's in The Croove dude.
(Bryan) The croove? (Matthias) Yeah, not in the groove, but the croove, cuz that's I guess the name of the company.
Man she is
stoked to be using this! "I spent months yelling for kids to wake up, take out the trash, unload the dishes,
they would say they didn't hear me. This completely resolved the issue, and has made my children motivated when a task needs..." *pause.*
"When a task needs done." I need tasks done! *wheeze*
It go boom! *wheeze*
"This thing is great. It is extremely loud. The siren is cool, and the ole ole song is totally ridiculous! In a good way."
(Bryan) Oh-lay.
(Matthias) No-Oh-oh. I'm white. I'm not allowed to say the spanish way dude people say I'm
appropriating a language. "If you want to annoy your co-workers, buy this!" Add to cart.
Oh, "Portable Megaphone with siren."
*Loud siren* (Bryan) Oow! Geez! *Rip headphone users*
(Matthias) Bryan... that scared Bryan so hard right now dude!
Hey Bryan, what's the matter with you?
(Bryan) I was ready for that one.
*Matthias takes in air, then plays siren instead.*
OLE, OLE OLE OLE! (Unknown)
(Matthias) At first it didn't even sound like music. Listen.
What are they hitting trash cans? *laugh*
(Bryan) I'm watching you. *Matthias plays siren*
(Matthias) Gottem again dude. Heey!
(Bryan) That's loud. (Matthias) *quietly* Hey? I mean it's a megaphone. (Into megaphone) I'm sure you can find much better
megaphones. That don't have the Oh-lay song. I mean the Ole. (Bryan) That's pretty good for 15 bucks. (Matthias) That was only fifteen bucks?
Aah... I say buy it. For parents that are like,
"Get out of bed you degenerate!" You want to see me messing with people a lot more? Follow me on twitter. twitter.com/MATTHIASIAM!
(Bryan) Why not just at MatthiasIAm?
Cuz im tired
Oh-lay... oh-lay.... *siren*
(Bryan) Got em!
"Creepy Party Novelty Halloween Costume Party Latex Head Mask Cry, Face." Do you remember this
dude? J-Fred, anytime one of us is like,
"Oh that, this this isn't working out" or "This kind of sucks," J-Fred
will send a gift of someone doing this with that mask on.
(Bryan) Oh it's a mask? (Matthias) It's a mask. You thought that was a real person
Look, let me show you, i'll show you right now, this is the gif. It's so creepy dude! J-Fred always just sends this gif.
Oh, gosh. It's so creepy.
The smell of the mask? Oh it put it through the nose dude?
"The mask is creepy but it is really large and smells very strongly of chemicals. I've put
baby powder and baking soda in it in hopes of ridding some of the smell ." "This mask is awesome. I teased a co-worker with it,
and bought it because there's a great resemblance when he makes a certain face."
(Bryan) Ooh (Matthias) That's rough dude. "Hard to see through eyeholes."
I'm just going to leave that review there. Add to cart.
This looks even creepier in person!
Ooh! (Bryan) Ooh that is... *Matthias dry hacks into his shirt*
(Matthias) I'm not putting that on my head, oh my gosh dude! You're going to put that on your head? Smell it first!
*Creepy violin* *Bryan makes disturbing baby whine*
*Matthias dry hacks once again as Bryan yells about his eyes*
Man that thing stunk dude! Wow. Thats... a pass. Hard. Pass.
(Bryan) Aaah, don't look at it. Stop. Aaaahhh
(Bryan) From this side. (Matthias) From this side.
Are you sure? (Bryan) Yeah, it's not going to hurt you or anything. Yeah, I want you, I just want to see your reaction as you open it.
(Matthias) "New Innovative Korea Plastic Plunger. Press and rub firmly around the adhesive part."
"Flush the toilet. The pong to suil, push it with your hands strongly." (Bryan) So do you get what this is?
(Matthias) It's a plunger. (Bryan) Yeah, it's a hand plunger. (Matthias) I mean it says right there." (Bryan.) I know, you use your hands.
(Matthias) Why would you want to do this? What would be the purpose of this, as opposed to... (Bryan) Using a plunger?
(Matthias) Oh my gosh it's clear... it's clear so you can see it coming up. Ooh
Look guys, so once you like, oh it is super sticky. Once you like put it on the toilet and you just like go
then you can see the
Not getting great reviews. Seems like this person... is using it right here. Here's some actual pictures. And then they just push on it.
Just... *pushing noise*
How... bizarre. "Did you really
What? How is that an answer? "Wouldn't this force
"No, but this is dumb, it flooded my bathroom."
*Face of horror*
What you're about to witness, was too intense for the common person, so we're not going to show it to you,
we're just going to show you our reaction to a video of it actually...
being used.
*flushing* (Matthias) Oh, no. No it's overflowing!
They're just purposely clogging it! Oh, he's, he's like so close to the
*Noise* "Oh the sounds..."
They purposely threw so much stuff in there! Oh my gosh it's bubbling up! *explosion*
And then he's pushing it!
Why?! Could you imagine if the adhesive didn't stay?!
*More water explosions*
(Bryan) Oh no! (Matthias) And then it went down... *noise of water going down bowl*
Did they have to prove it, with an actually
"Infectious-Disease Stress Ball: Bubonic Plague."
*clicks tounge.* Stop. It's called that because it looks like that. So this product is very
callously called 'The Bubonic Plague', because it resembles what, like your face or your body, would look like if you get the Bubonic Plague.
Super, super insensitive. I don't know how rampant the plague is now, I don't know
if it's a thing or I, I really don't know anything about, I just know what it looks like. That's super messed up, dude!
Someone's rating it well though, like 21% of People, was like,
"Yeah no I want a bubonic plague Stress ball. I like that."
"My daughter received this in the mail this afternoon. While squeezing the ball in a normal manner it broke and the insides began goozing ou-" *laughs*
(Bryan) Did you say goozing? (Matthias) Oh... go-
Oozing! Goozing *laughs* Goozing, goo oozing!
Goozing! "Broke within two days. Slimey goo all over the place." *laugh*
"Too messy." "It popped on me and the liquid came out. All I did was squeeze it."
That's weird dude. Add to cart.
(Bryan) There's your Plague. (Matthias) There's my plague dude. Here's what i'm going to do. I'm not going to take it out of this package, because i'm slightly concerned
that it's going to explode. It's in a package in a package. (Bryan) It's infected. (Matthias) Yeah maybe. This Is what it looks like here.
I'm, i'm going to do it in here. I'm not that
confident in this product. *squeeze* Oh my gosh, oh how bizzare dude!
Oh that is... really odd. You see that?
*Slushing noise*
Oh my gosh they're just popping up
all over the place bro. I have zero confidence in this product just because of those reviews,
so, i'm not going to say this is a cash it,
because of those reviews.
(Bryan) You're trying to pop it?
No but that's going to rip through the plastic. (Matthias) Oh dude
*laugh* Everyone around here's like, "Uh don't do it don't do it!"
Before we look at these next couple of products, make sure you click that big ol'
subscribe button if it's red right now. If it's red that means you're not subscribed, and you're going to want to be getting these videos
On on a much regular basis, so click it so you don't miss it. Boom! (You wont regret it) Next item. This item,
This item, Bryan wants me to look at the item first.
Oh wut? It's like a...
It's like, literally like, a feather, it's as light as a feather.
Oh my gosh it's a fake iphone (its sherlock everyone) it's like so janky dude! Look, it's all like scratched up
when we first got it. *presses button* Wut?!
No dude... it's a laser pointer dude. Oh, and there's a light too! Wha-
Like, actually- ow! Whoah! Shoot, son!
You got me dude.
You got me bro, you a funny haha...
It shocked me. (Bryan) I tested it out, the shock isn't that bad. (Matthias) No, the shock isn't that bad,
it's just scary, it just scares you dude because you're like,
you're thinking like, theres like some broken transistor in here and it's like, releasing all the energy to you.
Wow, okay, so it's literally a shocking phone. So, were these supposed to shock me too? (Bryan) No. (Matthias) I'm just afraid to touch them now again
(Bryan) Watch. I feel it.
(Matthias) It just shocked, it just scared me... (Bryan) Yeah it's a
tingly feeling. Yeah, if I didn't know,
that would have scared me too. (Matthias) "Cooplay Fake Shocking Silver Model IPhone 6s
Model Mobile Joke Party Funny Patterns Toy Gadget Electric Tricky Brains Prank Veigar Fool's Day
Gift Gag for Halloween
*inhale, exhale*
That's not even like, what an IPhone looks like at all. Like,
this kind of resembles that kind of phone, this gold down here... oh you know
what that gold is? That's the connector so it actually shocks you. Because if this isn't here,
then you're not going to actually get shocked
by just this one ring. Clever. So what, you just keep this on your body, and then
someone's like, "Can I see your phone?" You just have to wait for someone to ask for your phone? Be like hey,
check this thing out, why's your screen off? Like, how do you do...
how do you... (Bryan) No no, so you like
leave it on your desk, right? And let's say, "Hey Matt, can you check the time, real quick, on my phone?"
You know how people always do... (Matthias) Why, why can't you check the time? (Bryan) "Oh, hey i'm over here Matt can you like
please check the time?"
(Matthias) "Hey look at my phone real quick did I get a notification
or they go like this. Or you could just be like, dude bro, look at this fake IPhone that I found. It works! And then just...
Not bad though, not bad. I'd say this is a buy it.
For, for six dollars and fifty cents. To even just have a fake phone so you could just like, fool people
into like you're smashing it or something. "I hate this phone!" and just like destroy it and everyone's just like, "Wow that guy's rich!"
"Emergency Clown Nose." *laugh*
"One size fits most." Not this nose. This nose is already a clown nose bro. *Roasted* What are you trying to say to me dude? "Made
by performing actors." I don't even know what that even means dude... four and a half stars dude! This got a good rating bro! Woow!
"Really, everyone needs one. No, two of these. One for the office, one for home. Comes in handy for all kinds of occasions."
Like what kind of occasion? "Gave this to a tall friend that just bought a
little Fiat electric car. He knew what it meant, and I loved it." *wheeze*
"This is quite possibly the best purchase I have ever made. I had a boss who absolutely hated clowns, so naturally,
we always printed out pictures of clowns from IT and other horrifying images and made sure to always tape
one to his monitor in the morning." You're a jerk. He's scared of clowns bro, and you're just like forcing it on him?
I'm disappointed in you dude. You must be dead inside. Add to cart.
Wow ten dollars? Wow!
(Bryan) The IPhone was cheaper. (Matthias) Yeah the IPhone was cheaper than this... clown nose dude. "Emergency Clown Nose."
"Dosage: Apply as needed, external use only. Not to be taken seriously. Common sense! Keep clean and dry."
Oh geez
"Caution: Use may impair wearers ability to remain serious. If symptoms develop, continue use. Never leave home without one." Okay.
Let's, let's see if that's true, if I have one of those symptoms.
I feel dead Inside. *squeaky squeaky*
I think i'm pretty serious right now dude. This thing stinks dude it smells like acetone. It smells so bad.
(Bryan) It smells like latex bro! (Matthias) It smells so bad dude. And this is supposed to go really, like directly on your nose. Oh.
(Bryan) Why you rubbing it hlom hlom...
(Matthias) Oh it's just, oh it's just right there dude. Oh.
No, no no no no no (-Shia LaBeouf)
See that thumbnail right there? That thumbnail is laser tag for your head.
No joke. *wheeze* Noo joke. Laser tag for your head. You just... you just gotta click it to
to find out what i'm talking about here because, it's not great. Click it, and i'll see you over there. (just do it.) High-five.


$ 6 iPhone?| 10可笑亞馬遜產品! ($6 iPhone?! | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products!)

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