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  • With one week in Prague, we hit the ground running trying to see and experience as much

    在布拉格一周後,我們砸在地上 運行試圖看到和經歷一樣多

  • as we could in the Golden City. We had high expectations and Prague's beauty and charm

    因為我們可以在金市。我們有高 期望和布拉格的美麗和魅力

  • managed to exceed all of them. It's a city we thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share

    設法超越他們。這是一個城市 我們十分享受,並希望分享

  • with you.


  • Now here's a look at 35 things you can do in Prague:

    現在,這裡的一起來看看35件事情可以做 布拉格:

  • Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world and it is home to several palaces,

    布拉格城堡是最大的古城堡 在世界上,它是幾個宮殿,

  • as well as a cathedral, a basilica, and gardens.


  • You can also visit neighborhood of Novy Svet, which is right behind the castle.

    您也可以訪問的Novy SVET的附近, 這是正確的城堡後面。

  • We're here now in Novy Svet. It is a cool little neighborhood right behind the castle.

    我們現在在這裡諾維SVET。這是一個很酷的 城堡後面的小附近的權利。

  • I must say, this is one of my favorite places so far. It is so quiet and peaceful and I

    我必須說,這是我最喜歡的地方之一 至今。它是如此的寧靜與和平,我

  • love the cobblestone road.


  • Here we are at the Kafka Museum. Now, Franz Kafka was a German language writer who was

    在這裡,我們在卡夫卡博物館。現在,弗朗茨 卡夫卡是一個德語作家是誰

  • born here in Prague. This museum is dedicated to him and his work and you'll find some of

    在這裡出生在布拉格。這個博物館是獻給 他和他的作品,你會發現一些

  • his letters, diary entries and photographs inside.

    他的書信,日記和照片 內。

  • And in the courtyard you'll notice a rather strange sculpture entitled "The Piss".

    而在院子裡,你會發現一個相當 題為“小便”奇怪的雕塑。

  • Stroll along the John Lennon Wall and you'll encounter portraits of Lennon and Yoko Ono.

    沿著約翰·列儂牆漫步,你會 遇到列儂和小野洋子的肖像。

  • The graffiti is always evolving, so you never know what you'll find.

    塗鴉總是在不斷發展,所以你永遠 知道你會發現什麼。

  • Right now we are visiting Prague's TV Tower and the strangest thing about this structure

    現在,我們正在訪問布拉格電視塔 而關於這種結構的奇怪的事情

  • is that there are babies crawling up and down. Have a look.

    是有寶寶爬行上下。 看一看。

  • Up next we have a big plate of Goulash. Now, Goulash is actually Hungarian but the Czech

    旁邊,我們有土豆燒牛肉的一大板塊。現在, 土豆燒牛肉是匈牙利的實際,但捷克

  • Republic does have its own variety. What differs between the two is that the Hungarian is usually

    共和國確實有它自己的品種。有什麼不同 兩者之間的是,匈牙利,通常是

  • served with meat, noodles and vegetables and the one from the Czech Republic only has meat.

    肉,麵條和蔬菜,並擔任 來自捷克共和國的一個只有肉。

  • Let's dig in.


  • It smells amazing. The meat is really soft and tender and the sauce is so thick and savory.

    它聞起來令人驚嘆。肉是真的軟 嫩醬油是這麼厚和鹹味。

  • It is perfect on a cool day.


  • If you find yourself in Prague on a Saturday, head over to this market where you'll be able

    如果你發現自己在布拉格的一個星期六, 頭部到這個市場,你就可以

  • to pick up some pastries and organic products. It's a great place for a leisurely brunch.

    拿一些糕點和有機產品。 它是一個悠閒的早午餐的好地方。

  • We're here at a local market on a Saturday morning and I've picked up myself a Balkan

    我們在這裡在星期六當地市場 早上我拿起自己一個巴爾幹

  • burger. I'll take a big bite of this. That is really good. It is a bit early in the day

    漢堡包。我會利用這個大咬一口。那 真的很好。它是在當天有點早

  • to be having burgers but this is amazing.


  • Prague's Old Town is a place you can't miss. The elegant buildings in varying pastels are

    布拉格的老城是你不能錯過的地方。 在不同的粉彩典雅的建築物

  • a place that you'll want to photograph.


  • One thing you absolutely have to do when you're in Prague is visit the Old Town city square.

    有一件事你絕對必須做的,當你 布拉格是參觀老城區城市廣場。

  • If you come early in the morning there is hardly anyone.

    如果你在早上來得很早就有 幾乎沒有人。

  • Saint Vitus is a Gothic cathedral located within the walls of Prague Castle. Inside

    聖徒Vitus是位於哥特式大教堂 布拉格城堡的圍牆內。內

  • you'll be able to admire beautiful stained glass windows designed in the art nouveau

    你就可以欣賞美麗的彩繪 玻璃窗的新藝術風格設計

  • style.


  • If you keep going north from the Old Town Square you'll find yourself in the Jewish

    如果你不斷從老城區北上 廣場你會發現自己在猶太

  • Quarter. Right now we're just visiting some of the local synagogues.

    25美分硬幣。現在我們只是在訪問一些 當地的猶太教堂。

  • Inside the KGB Museum you'll find old propaganda as well as some unusual pieces like a copy

    裡面的克格勃博物館,你會發現老宣傳 還有一些不尋常的作品就像一個副本

  • of Lenin's death mask.


  • The Golden Lane gets its name because legend has it that Emperor Rudolph was a fan of alchemy.

    黃金巷得名是因為傳說 有它皇帝魯道夫是煉金術的粉絲。

  • He had alchemists working tirelessly to find a way to turn metal into gold, and to find

    他煉金不知疲倦地工作,以找到 一個辦法把金屬變成黃金,並找到

  • the secret to eternal life.


  • Charles Bridge is one of the most popular landmarks in the city. If you walk across

    查理大橋是最流行的一種 地標在城市。如果你走過

  • during the day, you'll find musicians, artists, and vendors selling souvenirs.

    白天,你會發現音樂家,藝術家, 與供應商,銷售紀念品。

  • Prague's museum of Communism takes a look at the post--World War II Communist regime.

    共產主義的布拉格博物館需要看看 在後 - 第二次世界大戰共產主義政權。

  • Expect to see lots of posters heavy on propaganda.


  • When in Prague you can check out the Astronomical Clock. It goes off every hour and it is right

    當在布拉格你可以檢查出天文 時鐘。它熄滅每隔一小時,這是正確的

  • in the heart of the Old Town.


  • You can't come to Prague and not sample the street food. One particularly popular item

    你可以不來布拉格和不品嚐 街頭食品。一個特別受歡迎的項目

  • is the Trdlenik. You can order it with icing sugar, or if you're feeling adventurous, ask

    是Trdlenik。你可以用糖衣訂購 糖,或者如果你喜歡冒險的感覺,問

  • for nutella on the inside.


  • Now one of the things I love the most about travel is the unexpected surprises. We didn't

    現在的事情我愛的人最了解 旅遊是意想不到的驚喜。我們沒有

  • have this particular activity on our schedule but here we are out feeding swans.

    對我們的日程安排這個特殊的活動 但在這裡,我們出去餵天鵝。

  • For really great views of the city you can consider taking the funicular up the hill.

    對於城市,你可以真正的美景 考慮採取纜車上山。

  • But I think we're going to be doing it on foot because there is a really long line right

    但我認為我們將被做下去 腳,因為有一個很長的行權

  • now.


  • Petrin Tower stands 63 meters high on a hill overlooking Prague. It slightly resembles

    彼得林塔矗立63米在一個小山高 俯瞰布拉格。它類似於略

  • the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and it's a fairly easy climb to the top.

    埃菲爾鐵塔在巴黎,這是一個相當 輕鬆登頂。

  • We just finished visiting the Maze of Mirrors, which is kind of a cool activity. It is more

    我們剛剛完成了來訪的鏡子迷宮, 這是怎樣的一個很酷的活動。它是更

  • geared towards children but it is still a fun thing to do.

    著眼於兒童,但它仍然是一個 有趣的事情。

  • Vyšehrad is a historical fort located in the city of Prague. Here you'll find the ruins

    Vyšehrad酒店是一個歷史的堡壘位於 布拉格的城市。在這裡,你會發現廢墟

  • of Prague's other castle, as well as a cemetery that's the resting place for many of Prague's

    布拉格的其他城堡,還有一個墓地 這對許多布拉格的安息之地

  • artists and great thinkers.


  • For a leisurely afternoon, hop on a river cruise and enjoy a scenic journey down the

    對於一個悠閒的下午,跳上河 巡航和享受風景的旅程下來

  • Vltava River.


  • In my hand here I've got myself a Pilsner beer and this is like a Czech institution.

    在這裡我的手,我有我自己一個比爾森 啤酒,這是像捷克機構。

  • It is known for its golden color and high level of foam and a nice light taste. Okay,

    它是著名的金色和高 泡沫水平和一個不錯的口味清淡。好的,

  • take a drink already. The best thing about it is that it is cheaper than water and cola.

    好好喝一杯了。關於最好的東西 它是,它是比水和可樂便宜。

  • Chug. Chug. Chug. And you know I'll be having more than one.

    突突。突突。突突。你知道我就做 超過一個。

  • After all that sightseeing around the city, you'll likely want some time to relax. The

    城市周圍的一切觀光後, 你可能會需要一些時間來放鬆。該

  • Jeleni Prikop Park located right behind Prague Castle is a great place for a picnic or a

    Jeleni Prikop公園位於後面布拉格 城堡是野餐或一個偉大的地方

  • little nap on the grass.


  • Also one cool little fact. Even though the National Museum is currently closed you can

    另外一個很酷的一點事實。即使 國家博物館目前關閉即可

  • still attend musical performances in the evening. It is worth checking out. You can see if you're

    還是參加晚上的音樂表演。 這是值得一試。你可以看到,如果你

  • interested in any of the concerts and that way you can get a peek of what is inside.

    感興趣的任何的音樂會和 這樣你可以得到裡面是什麼偷看。

  • The Dancing House is a building which stands out from the rest, done in the deconstructionist

    在跳舞的房子是建築矗立 從出休息,在解構主義做

  • style.


  • Here I've got Absinthe in my hand. It is an Anise flavored spirit and it is extremely

    在這裡,我在我的手了苦艾酒。它是一個 茴香味的精神,這是非常

  • popular here in Prague. You can see it all over in all kinds of different stores. I'm

    人氣在布拉格。你可以看到這一切 在各種不同的專賣店。我

  • going to give it a try. This is my first time to taste it. I'm just going to give it a little

    去試一試。這是我第一次 品嚐它。我只是去給它一點

  • bit of a go. Woah, wow! It is very strong but it has a licorice like flavor and I have

    一展身手位。哇,哇!這是非常強的 但它有一個像味甘草,我有

  • to say I quite enjoy it.


  • This afternoon we're doing something that I'm very excited about. There is an activity

    今天下午,我們正在做的事情 我感到非常興奮。有一個活動

  • here in Prague called Mind Maze. Basically, we're going be locked in the Alchemist's room

    這裡所謂的布拉格心靈迷宮。基本上, 我們將鎖定在煉金室

  • for an hour and we have to go through clues and try to figure out a way out. It should

    一個小時,我們要經過線索 並試圖找出一條出路。這應該

  • be an interesting activity.


  • That really took a lot of teamwork and thinking together and trying to agree on trying to

    這確實花了很多團隊精神和思維 一起試圖在試圖達成一致

  • find a solution to solve this puzzle. It was really complicated. We actually we're able

    找到一個解決方案來解決這個難題。它是 真複雜。我們實際上我們可以

  • to get out of the chamber within 60 minutes and we had to keep buzzing for clues but it

    擺脫腔的60分鐘內 我們必須保持嗡嗡的線索,但它

  • was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it if you're here in Prague.

    是一個很大的樂趣,我會強烈建議 它,如果你在這裡在布拉格。

  • If you tire of walking, Segways are a fun way to get around the cobbled streets.

    如果你行走的輪胎,賽格威是一種有趣 辦法讓周圍的鵝卵石街道。

  • Another cool thing you can do is visit the Miniature Museum where you can see microscopic

    你可以做的另一件很酷的事情是參觀 小型博物館裡可以看到微觀

  • art.


  • The Mucha Museum pays homage to Alphonse Mucha, and it's a must visit if you enjoy art nouveau.

    木柵博物館懷想阿爾豐斯·慕夏, 和它的,如果你喜歡藝術風格的必遊之地。

  • The tram is an easy and inexpensive way to get around the city, plus if offers more of

    電車是一個簡單而廉價的方式 在城市裡,再加上如果提供了更多的

  • a local experience.


  • If you want to explore the city in a more luxurious way we've seen people taking luxury

    如果你想探索這座城市更 豪華的方式,我們已經看到人們服用奢侈品

  • car tours.


  • Right now we're standing outside the National Museum. Now unfortunately this place is closed

    現在,我們正站在外面全國 博物館。現在,不幸的是這個地方被關閉

  • until 2016 because it is undergoing renovations; however, the collection itself is spread across

    到2016年,因為它正在裝修; 然而,集合本身被分散到

  • ten museums here in Prague so you can still visit those.

    在這裡布拉格10的博物館,讓您可以 訪問這些。

  • It's a bit of steep walk to reach the monastery, but the long climb offers great views of the

    這是一個有點陡峭的步行到達修道院, 但長時間的攀登提供的美景

  • city below. Also, the library inside the monastery is certainly worth a peek!

    下面的城市。此外,寺院裡的圖書館 的確值得吧!

  • And that sums up our visit to Prague! Our 1 week in the city left us charmed and it's

    並且總結了我們布拉格的光臨!我們的 1週的城市給我們留下迷住了,它的

  • a place that we'd be happy to revisit again.


  • What are some of your favorite things to do in the city? Please let us know in the comment

    什麼是一些你喜歡做的事情 在城市?請讓我們知道在評論

  • section below.


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With one week in Prague, we hit the ground running trying to see and experience as much

在布拉格一周後,我們砸在地上 運行試圖看到和經歷一樣多


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