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  • We had heard Berlin was a city bursting with art and music and we were very excited to

    我們聽說柏林是有爆裂城市 藝術和音樂,我們都非常興奮

  • spend some time there. Here is our list of the 25 best things to do in Berlin.

    花一些時間在那裡。這是我們的名單 25個最好的東西在柏林做。

  • The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining strip of the of the former dividing wall between

    東邊畫廊最長剩餘 的之間的前分隔壁的帶

  • East and West Berlin. Today the 1.3 kilometer long wall stands as a memorial to freedom

    東,西柏林。今天1.3公里 長牆矗立為紀念自由

  • and it is covered in art and graffiti.


  • Right now we're visiting Brandenburg Gate. This gate dates back to the 18th Century.

    現在,我們正在訪問勃蘭登堡門。 這扇大門的歷史可以追溯到18世紀。

  • It used to be one of the old gates leading in to the city. Now after the wall came down

    它曾經是老城門龍頭之一 進入城市。現在經過柏林牆倒塌

  • in 1989 this became a symbol of unity between East and West Germany. It is an important

    在1989年這成為之間團結的象徵 東德和西德。這是一個重要的

  • site to visit.


  • And just behind the gate is the Hotel Adlon. This is where Michael Jackson infamously dangled

    而僅次於門是Adlon酒店。 這是邁克爾·傑克遜臭名昭著蹺著

  • the baby.


  • We're here at Tiergarten, one of the biggest parks in the city. It is a nice quiet green

    我們在這裡蒂爾加滕,其中一個最大的 公園在城市。這是一個很好的幽綠

  • escape from the city center. We're loving just walking around. This park actually used

    距離市中心逃跑。我們愛 在附近散步。這個公園實際使用

  • to be the King's hunting grounds because it was full of wild deer and other animals.

    要在國王的狩獵場,因為它 充滿野性的鹿和其他動物。

  • MauerPark is a hipster hangout. Every Sunday people flock to this park and spend the day

    的Mauerpark是一個時髦聚會的場所。每個星期天 人們湧向這個公園度過一天

  • barbecuing, listening to music, enjoying a few beers, and simply having a good time.

    燒烤,聽音樂,享受 幾杯啤酒,並只要有一個好時機。

  • There's a popular flea market where you can pick up old vinyls and clothes, and if you

    有一個流行的跳蚤市場在那裡你可以 拿起老乙烯基和衣服,如果你

  • head over to the Bear Pit you can catch some karaoke and musical performances.

    頭部到熊坑你可以捕捉一些 卡拉OK和音樂表演。

  • If you want to spot some cool street art, then head over to Friedrichshain. This neighborhood

    如果你想發現一些很酷的街頭藝術, 然後頭向弗里德里希。這附近

  • is home to a lot of old warehouses turned cafes and art galleries, and they exude a

    是家裡翻了很多老倉庫 咖啡館和藝術畫廊,他們渾身散發著

  • very cool vibe.


  • You can't come to Berlin and not eat a Currywurst! This is the city's most popular fast food

    你可以不來柏林,而不是吃咖哩香腸! 這是這個城市最流行的快餐

  • snack. The sausage is served with a ketchup and curry powder concoction. It's delicious!

    小吃。香腸是配有番茄醬 和咖哩粉藥汁。這很美味!

  • Up next we're at the Reichstag building which has a pretty cool glass dome on top. This

    旁邊我們在德國國會大廈這 頂部有一個很酷的玻璃穹頂。這個

  • dome is actually open to visitors and it offers 360 degree views of the city but the only

    圓頂實際上是對遊客開放,它提供 城市,但唯一的360度全景

  • thing is that you need to sign up well in advance.

    事情是,你需要註冊以及在 提前。

  • Today we're visiting Tempelhof, a re-purposed airport here in Berlin. This is the first

    今天我們參觀滕珀爾霍夫,重新定意 機場在柏林。這是第一個

  • time, I must say, that I've ever walked on a runway. What is so cool about this park

    一次,我必須說,我曾經走過的 跑道。什麼是太酷了這個公園

  • is that it has been re-purposed and now people are enjoying all kinds of leisure activities.

    是,它已被重新利用現在的人 在享受各種休閒活動。

  • There is a dog park, there is people inline skating, riding bicycles, jogging, walking

    有一個狗公園,有行內人士 溜冰,騎自行車,慢跑,散步

  • and having picnics. This is such as awesome place just to come and hangout.

    並具有野餐。這是如真棒 地方只是前來聚會的場所。

  • If you enjoy museums and art galleries you'll want to visit Berlin's Museum Island. They

    如果你喜歡博物館和藝術畫廊你會 想參觀柏林博物館島。他們

  • actually have five different museums here and if you get a daily pass for 18 Euros you

    其實有五個不同的博物館,在這裡 如果你獲得每日通票18歐元,你

  • get access to all five.


  • We are now visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. It is also known as the Memorial

    我們現在正在參觀大屠殺紀念館 在柏林。它也被稱為紀念

  • to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The artist's idea when he was creating this was to create

    歐洲被害猶太人。藝術家 當他創造的想法,這是創建

  • a sense of confusion and uneasiness when we walk through the memorial, yet it is very

    混亂和不安時,我們的感覺 通過紀念行走,但它是非常

  • orderly at the same time and that is supposed to mimic the Nazi regime. We're going to be

    有序的同時,並且被認為 模仿納粹政權。我們要成為

  • showing you this area.


  • Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin and the only surviving royal residence

    夏洛滕堡宮是最大的宮殿 在柏林和唯一倖存的皇家住所

  • in the city. It was home to Queen Sophia Charlotte and the interior is quite grand. Once you've

    在城市。這是家庭對索菲亞女王夏洛特 和內飾是相當隆重。一旦你

  • browsed through the many halls and ballrooms, you should head out the beautiful gardens

    通過許多大廳和宴會廳瀏覽, 你應該把頭伸出美麗的花園

  • out back.


  • Checkpoint Charlie was one of the crossing points between East Berlin and West Berlin

    查理檢查站是過路之一 東柏林和西柏林之間的點

  • during the Cold War. Today you can get your passport stamped with the stamps of the former

    在冷戰期間。今天,你可以得到你的 護照與前者的郵票加蓋

  • sectors.


  • Located near Alexanderplatz, The Berlin TV Tower offers a great lookout over the city.

    位於亞歷山大廣場,柏林電視機附近 塔享有城市一個偉大的瞭望。

  • Chocolate! Ritter Sport is a chocolate brand that is sold all over Germany, and while in

    巧克力! Ritter Sport公司是一個巧克力品牌 該出售德國各地,並同時

  • Berlin we couldn't resist sampling a few of the different varieties.

    柏林,我們忍不住抽檢幾個 不同的品種。

  • Berlin Cathedral is located on Museum Island and it's one of the most beautiful churches

    柏林大教堂位於博物館島 它是最美麗的教堂之一

  • in the city. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it today, but the dome was severely

    在城市。你將無法告訴 今天看它,但圓頂被嚴重

  • damaged during the Second World War.


  • If Currywurst is to your liking, you'll want to check out this quirky museum devoted to

    如果咖哩香腸是根據自己的喜好,你會想 檢查出這個專門博物館離奇

  • Berlin's favorite sausage. One of the coolest things about this museum is that they have

    柏林最喜歡的香腸。其中最酷 這個博物館的事情是,他們有

  • a giant sofa shaped like a Currywurst.


  • Renting a bike is a great way to get around the city. Most places will rent out bikes

    租賃自行車是一個偉大的方式得到解決 城市。大部分地方將出租自行車

  • at 10 Euros per day.


  • For a leisurely afternoon, hop on a boat and enjoy a tour down the River Spree.

    對於一個悠閒的下午,跳上一條船, 享受之旅沿著施普雷河。

  • Of course, you cannot come to Berlin and not eat a Wurst or a sausage. I've just ordered

    當然,你不能到柏林,而不是 吃沃斯特或香腸。我剛剛訂購

  • myself one from the street. They have lots of local stands and this was only one Euro

    我自己一個來自街頭。他們有很多 當地的看台,這是唯一一個歐元

  • and thirty five cents. Big bite! That is so good and I got it with mustard, which is even

    三十五毛錢。大咬!之所以如此,是 不錯,我用芥末得到它,這甚至

  • tastier.


  • The Friedrichshain flea market takes place every Sunday and it's a great place for people

    弗里德里希跳蚤市場發生 每個星期天,它是人們的好去處

  • watching and a little browsing. You'll find all sorts of items for sale, ranging from

    看著又有點瀏覽。你會找到 各種物品出售,不等

  • old musical instruments to antique dishware. This market draws big crowds.

    老樂器古董餐具。 這個市場吸引人潮湧動。

  • The Germans sure know how to enjoy a hearty breakfast, and we recommend you try it too.

    德國人肯定知道如何享受一頓豐盛 早餐,我們建議您嘗試它。

  • Breakfast usually offers a wide sampling of loafs and bread rolls, accompanied with various

    早餐一般提供了廣泛的採樣 遊蕩和麵包,並伴有各種

  • deli cuts and cheese.


  • We couldn't resist visiting yet another cat cafe while we were in Berlin. Unlike the cafes

    我們忍不住來訪的又一貓 網吧當我們在柏林。不像網吧

  • we have previously visited in Asia, this one was quite small and only had 2 cats, but if

    我們在亞洲以前訪問過,這個人 是相當小,只有2貓,但如果

  • you're a cat lover you might just enjoy Pee Pees Katzen Cafe.

    你是個愛貓你可能只是享受小便 卡岑撒尿咖啡廳。

  • While in Berlin we enjoyed a hearty meal of Schnitzel. This thin strip of meat is coated

    雖然在柏林,我們享受了豐盛的一餐 肉片。這本薄薄的肉條是塗

  • in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, before being deep-fried. You can order it with a side of

    在麵粉,雞蛋,麵包屑和,作為前 油炸。你可以用一側訂購

  • mashed potatoes or German noodles known as Spaetzle.

    土豆泥或稱為德國的麵條 德國面疙瘩。

  • It's quite easy to get around Berlin using the U-bahn and S-bahn system. You can get

    這是很容易使用繞過柏林 的的U-Bahn和S-Bahn系統。你可以得到

  • almost anywhere, plus it's really affordable.


  • In Berlin, there is a big Turkish population and that means there is awesome Turkish street

    在柏林,有一個很大的土耳其人口 這意味著有真棒土耳其街頭

  • food. Right here, I've got a donair in front of me. It only costs 3.50 Euro and this thing

    餐飲。就在這裡,我有在前面donair 我的。只需花費3.50歐元,這件事情

  • is a massive behemoth. I can't wait to take the first bite. Oh yeah, amazing.

    是一個巨大的龐然大物。我等不及拿 第一口。哦,是的,令人嘆為觀止。

  • And that's Berlin for you! A city that has risen from the ashes of the war, which is

    這就是柏林為您服務!有一個城市 從戰爭的廢墟,這是上升

  • now bursting with art, music, and life.


  • Have you been to Berlin? We'd love to hear your favourite things about the city in the

    你去過柏林?我們很樂意聽到 你對這個城市的最喜歡的事情

  • comments below.


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We had heard Berlin was a city bursting with art and music and we were very excited to

我們聽說柏林是有爆裂城市 藝術和音樂,我們都非常興奮


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