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Hello this is Ray!
Today I'm gonna tell you 10 English phrases commonly used when arguing
Welcome back to 10 English phrases series
We enjoy making these videos
because we can write some interesting conversations
Today's topic is selected by you guys
practical English phrases can be used when arguing
Actually I am seldom in any argument, most time Ray is
easy going
as if riding in the spring breeze
(The idioms cannot be used here!)
But we still prepared the phrases, when arguing
if you want to get others to shut up want to stop them from nagging
or you want to make them entirely
can't get it
You can use these ten English sentences!
And remember! Turn on CC!
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Turn it on and see our Chinese translations for all the English conversations
Why did you get me diet coke? Are you suggesting I'm fat?
Erm, no...
Why did you buy me salad? Do you think I'm fat?
Why are you sighing! Do I look fat to you?
Not again...
This dress is obviously black and blue are you blind?
It is literally white and gold, okay?!
You know what, whatever, it's white and gold. You happy now?
Wait actually...I... I think it's black and blue...
That's not how you fold the towel
It doesn't matter how you fold the towel
It does, give me that If you want it to fit in the closet, you'll have to fold it like this. You see?
Well, that's just great
What do you want for dinner?
Anything is fine
I'm thinking, pizza?
Hmmm no
What about ramen?
Not really
Hmm... hot pot?
Anything but hot pot
Okay, let's go with Chinese food
Don't you dare
Excuse me, do you have a moment?
Sorry, I'm pretty busy
It'll take just a minute, I'm a student and I designed this pen
Sorry, I don't need any pens
I'm really poor, please buy one
Get outta my face
You should go outside and do something with your life
I've had enough!
You said the exact same thing! Three times already today! Can you stop nagging?
Then listen to me the first time
You're such a @#$%!
I think you're being censored. We are family-friendly show, you know:D
Oh right
Why are you following this chick on Instagram
She's my cousin
I know all your cousins, and I don't know her
She's my uh, coworker
Why did you like every single one of her posts? Are you stalking her?
Dude, calm down, I'm just following her on Instagram, no biggie
Unfollow her. No actually
delete your Instagram account right now
You're being ridiculous
Sir, can you stop catching Pokemon here?
Mind your own business! There's a Squirtle nearby
You are standing in the middle of an intersection
If you don't want me to ram you over and over again with my car, you should really consider stepping aside
Can you help me out with today's video script?
What's the topic?
Oh, I need to come up with 10 phrases commonly used when for arguing, it's really difficult
I don't see how that's my problem
It's your video. My videos are on Thursday
Right! These are the 10 phrases you can use in an argument
We're not encouraging you to be in an argument, but
if you got the chance, right? We can use these phrases properly
And if you like the 10 phrases series
click the playlist to check the videos we made before
What kind of topic do you want for next time?
Leave your comment below We may talk about your topic next time!
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You can find us by typing in 阿滴英文 or Ray du English!
And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!
Are you done or not?
Why you're so rush? I'm asking you to wait for a while only Can't you even wait for 5 minutes, is it?
5 minutes, 5 minutes, alltogether 30 minutes gone already



【阿滴英文】10 句常用英文 #3(吵架篇) (English Phrases: Arguing)

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