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  • Once every semester in high school we would have a mandatory "Spirit Assembly."

  • I've been told that it was about supporting our sports teams or something, but based on

  • the title, I'm not entirely convinced that it wasn't about ghosts.

  • Anyway, my friends and I would usually get our parents to write us notes so we could

  • leave after lunch instead of having to sit in those uncomfortable bleachers for two hours.

  • But one time, I forgot to get my note.

  • I was resigned to my spooky fate until 5th period when I found my golden ticket.

  • Someone had left a printed staff-only email ~in plain sight!~ It listed who was supposed

  • to guard which door after final attendance was taken to be sure that students couldn't

  • skip the assembly.

  • Armed with this email, and a map of the school, I began to hatch my escape plan.

  • I crossed off every exit in the list and found that one was to be left unattended.

  • For some reason the assembly was in the gym, so the auditorium - and its backstage door

  • leading outside - would be unsupervised.

  • Which would have been perfect if the entrance to the auditorium wasn't locked from the inside.

  • Luckily, I just happened to have some electrical tape.

  • When the lunch bell rang, I ran to my locker and hit my first snag.

  • Kyle noticed me taking things out of my locker instead of putting them away and immediately

  • knew.

  • "TimTom!

  • How are you getting out of this?"

  • With no time to explain, I got all Terminator-y on him and was like "Come with me if you want

  • to live"

  • So Kyle grabbed his bag and followed me to the the auditorium's side door, in plain view

  • of an exit that would soon be guarded.

  • I knew that the side door could be unlocked if you pulled up on the handle real hard,

  • but for the sake of the story pretend that I picked the lock because that's way cooler.

  • "What are we even doing?"

  • Shut-up Kyle, I have a plan.

  • We made our way to the back of the auditorium and stashed our bags.

  • Then, I covertly disabled the entrance's locking mechanism.

  • Doesn't that sound cool?

  • I put tape on the latches.

  • After lunch everyone headed to take attendance before the assembly.

  • It was then that panic set in.

  • The entrance to the auditorium may be unlocked... but it's raised above the cafeteria floor...

  • walking up those steps would be suspicious.

  • We needed: a credibility prop.

  • For those of you not versed in The Art Of Doing Things You're Not Supposed To, a credibility

  • prop is something that makes it look like you belong where ya don't.

  • When I reached my class, I saw it.

  • A fifty foot Ethernet cable coiled on a table by the door.

  • Perfect.

  • I was the first out of the room, and when I saw Kyle I threw him one end of the cable

  • and let it all unfurl.

  • Now if a teacher saw us walking up the steps, it would look like we were working?

  • I guess?

  • Look, it made sense at the time, ok?

  • "It didn't."

  • Shut up Kyle!

  • We grabbed our bags and headed backstage.

  • Kyle opened the door blinding me with sunlight and freedom before retreating immediately.

  • Someone who had made a break for it was getting hauled back inside by a teacher, and she had

  • almost seen us!

  • Dang it Kyle, do not blow this operation!

  • I opened the door more cautiously this time.

  • The coast was clear, and we bolted in opposite directions.

  • Rob, my getaway driver who remembered his note was waiting in his car, engine running.

  • It was hard to believe, after what must've been whole minutes of planning, we were finally

  • free.

  • *eagle screech*

  • My fifth period teacher actually overheard me discussing my plan, and was like "TimTom,

  • why don't you just go to the assembly?" and I remember really dramatically turning around

  • and saying something like "It's not about the assembly, it's about the plan." and he

  • was like "... alright" and went back to playing solitaire.

  • One time I skipped school by hiding in someone's backyard when the bus pulled up to the stop,

  • and then I walked home after my mom left for work and used her email to let the school

  • know that I was sick, and I deleted their reply.

  • Which is horrible, but it was the only time I've ever impersonated someone, and I wanna

  • pretend that makes it better.

  • I never told her that though, so... you know, sorry mom.

  • At least I had a good reason!

  • Ok?

  • There was a physics test that day and I wanted to play Minecraft instead.

  • And before I go, I want to thank James from The Odd1sOut for the cameo.

  • You might not have heard of him, he's a pretty small channel.

  • "Hey, thanks for the exposure!"

  • Oh, anytime!

  • Who knows, one day you might be as popular as me...

Once every semester in high school we would have a mandatory "Spirit Assembly."


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