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  • Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Spanish archipelago

    蘭薩羅特島 (Lanzarote) 是西班牙群島 亦稱為加那利群島

  • known as the Canary Islands.


  • Lanzarote was created by volcanic forces


  • millions of years ago and its people have embraced

    所形成,其人民 以獨特和創造性的方式

  • the beauty of its stunning landscape in unique and creative ways.

    擁抱這裡令人讚嘆 的美景。

  • Over the generations,


  • many myths have abounded about the Canary Islands.

    加那利群島盛傳許多 神話故事。

  • Its original inhabitants believed the


  • volcanic mountains to be the home of the gods,


  • while early scholars believed the area to be

    早期學者則相信 該區域

  • the uppermost mountains of the Lost City of Atlantis.

    是消失的亞特蘭提斯城最高 山脈。

  • With its spectacular landscapes,


  • organic architecture and striking beaches,


  • Lanzarote is perhaps the most magical of all the Canary Islands.

    蘭薩羅特島也許是加那利群島中 最迷人的島嶼

  • There is no better place to begin your time here

    塞薩爾曼里克基金會 (César Manrique Foundation) 是最佳的

  • than at thesar Manrique Foundation


  • once the home and studio of this island’s most famous son.

    它曾經是本島最著名兒子的住家 和工作室

  • It is the site of a volcanic eruption


  • and many of the rooms are built into caves created by volcanic bubbles.

    許多房屋都建在由火山泡沫形成 的洞穴中。

  • Artist, architect and visionary,

    Manrique 是藝術家、建築師,也是智慧夢想家,

  • Manrique’s work was the perfect marriage of human creativity and mother nature.


  • Manrique’s touch is everywhere throughout Lanzarote,

    整個蘭薩羅特島充滿了 Manrique 風格,

  • from the Jardin de Cactus …….

    從 Jardin de Cactus ……

  • to the spectacular lookout of Mirador del Rio.

    到 Mirador del Rio 瞭望台。

  • Descend the stone steps of Jameos del Agua

    走下火山水洞 (Jameos del Agua) 的石造台階

  • to really understand the depths of Manrique’s vision for this island.

    真實領略 Manrique 對本島 的見解有多深。

  • This breathtaking network of caves has been transformed

    這個令人讚嘆的洞穴網絡 已經轉變

  • into one of the most beautiful concert venues and restaurants youll ever visit.

    成您前所未見最美輪美奐的 音樂會場地及餐館之一。

  • Just a short journey away,


  • hire a guide and go even deeper at the Cueva de los Verdes,

    可僱用一位嚮導深入探訪 維德岩洞 (Cueva de los Verdes)

  • the green caves.


  • The massive forces that forged these islands,


  • left behind incredibly dramatic scenery.


  • Take a tour through Timanfaya National Park.

    走訪一趟蒂曼法亞國家公園 (Timanfaya National Park)

  • See thefire mountains


  • and bear witness as the heat from the center of the earth reaches the surface.

    親眼見識從地心竄升到地表 的熱氣。

  • Witness the earth’s power at Los Hervideros Caves.

    到蘭薩羅特 (Los Hervideros) 洞穴 見證地球的力量。

  • These caves were formed when red hot lava met the ocean and on windy days,

    當紅燙的岩漿在大風天流入 海洋時逐漸形成這些洞穴,

  • the tempestuous ocean still seems to boil.


  • Cool down at one of the island’s spectacular beaches.

    終在島上一處絕美海灘冷卻 下來。

  • Stroll to Papagayo Beach or

    散步到鸚鵡的海灘 (Papagayo Beach)

  • pull up a sun lounge at Playa Blanca at the south of the island.

    或是在本島南方的普拉亞布蘭卡 (Playa Blanca) 找一處日光浴室歇腳。

  • At Punta Mujeres,

    在蓬塔穆赫雷斯 (Punta Mujeres)

  • relax in one of the rock pools or go snorkelling off the pebbled cove.

    找個岩石池放鬆一下或 到卵石灣外海浮潛。

  • Or, make the trip to Yaiza,

    或是前往亞伊薩 (Yaiza),

  • and stroll the streets of the 17th-century town centre.

    到 17 世紀的市中心 逛街。

  • Manrique believed that no building on

    Manrique 認為本島的建築物

  • the island should be higher than a palm tree,


  • and his passion for the local environment meant

    他對於維護當地環境的熱誠 使得

  • that most of the villages of Lanzarote have maintained

    蘭薩羅特島大多數的村子大多數 都能保有

  • much of their authentic flavour.


  • As night falls, head to Puerto del Carmen,

    夜幕低垂之際,前往 Lanzarote 的主要觀光城

  • Lanzarote’s main tourist town and enjoy views

    Puerto del Carmen 一遊, 瀏覽

  • across the harbour to the volcanic mountains of Papagayo.

    海港到 Papagayo 火山群 的美景。

  • Guided by the visionary hand ofsar Manrique,

    在塞薩爾曼里克 (César Manrique) 富遠見的巧手指導下,

  • Lanzarote learned many years ago to embrace


  • the unique gifts bestowed on it by Mother Nature.

    大自然贈與當地的獨特 禮物。

  • This island understands the true nature of beauty

    本島居民懂得欣賞美麗的 真正本質,

  • and as you watch the sun setting over this magnificent island,

    而當您在此座迷人島嶼上 觀賞日落時,

  • so will you.


Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Spanish archipelago

蘭薩羅特島 (Lanzarote) 是西班牙群島 亦稱為加那利群島


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