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  • Lesson 7

  • Nick Vujicic Is a Man with a Big Heart

  • Page 78 Dialogue

  • Listen to the dialogue.

  • (In the living room)

  • I love Lady Gaga’s songs very much.

  • Tonight, I’ve played some of them a dozen times.

  • If you don’t mind, I’d like to repeat these songs.

  • Not at all! Go ahead. Lady Gaga is also my idol.

  • In my heart, she’s the No. 1 leader in today’s pop music.

  • I love everything about her from head to toe.

  • How about you? Who’s your No. 1 idol?

  • Anyone famous?

  • Nick Vujicic.

  • Oh, who is he?

  • Nick Vujicic is a famous speaker.

  • Here, I have a picture of him.

  • You mean the man in the purple shirt?

  • Yeah! Look closer.

  • He’s a man without arms and legs.

  • Life must be hard for him.

  • Yes, it is.

  • In fact, when he was little, he was often laughed at by his classmates.

  • However, he never gives up hope and always tries to help others.

  • So, he and Lady Gaga share something similar between them.

  • What’s that? I thought that they had nothing in common.

  • Lady Gaga had a lot of problems in her early life, but she never gave up.

  • They both have worked hard to make a difference in the world.

Lesson 7


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康軒國中英語 9 上 第7課 對話 P78 (康軒國中英語 9 上 第7課 對話 P78)

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