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  • Hello friends how are you doing today? I’m Tash and I’m back with a new lesson. So


  • what are we doing today? Airport Expressions. Yes, I’m so sure that you have travelled


  • so many times and so often, we all travel. And there are so many new, let’s put it


  • in a grammatical term vocabularies that we listen at the airport every time you go there.


  • The other day a friend of mine has just come down from London and this is the first time


  • ever she’s travelled. She was born and bought up there, she has never been to any other


  • place apart from London and for the first time, she’s coming to my place. And she


  • was sharing her experiences with me. She told me Tash, you know what, I was only wondering,


  • what if I was travelling and you know I was travelling alone. What if I was travelling


  • alone? Of course she did not, her sister accompanied her. And her sister of course has travelled

    一個人嗎? -當然不是,她姐姐陪著她。她當然沒有,她姐姐陪著她。而她的姐姐當然也走過

  • many a times. She was telling me Tash, there were so many new expressions that I heard


  • at the airport and I just could not understand what they were talking. So that is the reason


  • why I thought I should talk to you about these today. Because I’m so sure that some of


  • us have definitely come across these and have wondered what are they talking about?


  • The first one says, what is the purpose of your trip? Now like we know an airport is a very


  • very secured place. It’s a very secured place, it’s of course a pathway for you


  • to enter into another country. So the security, which is there at the airport, is so tight


  • that you cannot fool around at the airport. While you are in your immigration, if somebody


  • happens to come to you and ask you, what is the purpose of your trip or why youre check


  • in in somebody ask you. What is the purpose of your trip? What do you think is gonna be


  • your answer. My friend was telling me that, it was running in her mind, she was like,

    你的答案。我的朋友告訴我,它是運行在她的腦海中, 她是這樣的,

  • because she was asked this question and she said, how does it bother and why does it matter


  • to you? That was just coming, that is something that youre gonna tell the officer there

    對你來說?這只是來了,這是你要去的東西 告訴官員有。

  • and his sister was like hesitant, she was like relax ill do the talking. Now friends

    而他的妹妹就像猶豫不決, 她說,放鬆,我做的談話。現在的朋友

  • at the airport, when someone is asking you, what is the purpose of your trip? Your answer,


  • of course is gonna be study, maybe you are going out, youre going abroad to study


  • or youre going for a family visit, youre going for pleasure. Which means you are going


  • on a vacation or you are going there for a business trip. It could be anything, however


  • what is important is how you respond to this question. The officer, who is asking you this


  • question, is not an ordinary officer. He’s asking you, maybe because; he’s got something


  • going on in his mind. And if you are very adamant or you are very aggressive, he’s

    在他的腦海裡發生。如果你很堅持或者你很有侵略性,他就會... ...

  • not gonna like it. Because then he’s going to doubt your intentions. So don’t do that,


  • anytime you listen to this, what is the purpose of your trip? You simply answer, I’m going


  • there for studying or I’m going there for a business trip or were just going there for


  • a vacation. That is it. You don’t want to fall into any kind of trouble. The next one


  • says, did you pack this bag yourself? You would say what kind of an absurd question


  • is that, of course I packed my bag. No the reason why they ask you is, if while theyre


  • frisking your bag and if they find something, which is not maybe supposed to be there in

    搜查你的包,如果他們發現的東西,這是不 也許應該在那裡的。

  • your bag and maybe you are not aware of it. Then what are you gonna do? So even if it


  • is your close relative, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friend, whose


  • packing your bag, you definitely need to be aware of what goes inside your bag. Trust


  • me most of the time, you shouldn’t show her that your answer should be yes, so whenever

    我大多數時候,你不應該讓她看到你的答案應該是 "是",所以,每當。

  • this question is asked to you, did you pack this bag yourself? Yes I did. So remember,


  • you cannot just say, no I don’t know, what is inside, my mom packed it for me. No, because


  • they are definitely going to, you know definitely going to gonna make you empty your bag. You

    他們肯定要,你知道肯定要去 讓你空包。你

  • don’t wanna do that; please do not leave your bags unattended. Now it so many times


  • happens, when you are travelling and of course nobody is there for company and you wanna


  • go to the washroom or you just wanna use the rest room. What do you do? You just can’t


  • let your bags, you know just be there under your chair or just cant leave it right there.


  • You need to tell the co-passenger or the person who is around that, excuse me can you just

    你要告訴副駕駛或者身邊的人,對不起,你能不能... ...

  • watch my bag for like a couple of minutes. I’ll be back in five minutes. Simply because


  • the moment the security sees, that a bag is unattended. They start doubting, because somebody


  • might think youve intentionally left it there, of course you haven’t done it and


  • trust me the person, the people, the security is definitely going to come searching for


  • you in the washroom and you don’t want that to happen. So never leave your bags unattended


  • at the airport, even if youre travelling alone. Let a co- passenger know about it,


  • so that he can just watch your bag till you come back. The next says, do you have anything


  • to declare? Yes this is very funny, you know, this friend of mine, who came back. She’s

    宣佈?是的,這是非常有趣的,你知道, 我的這個朋友,誰回來了。她是...

  • telling me that when they asked her, that do you have anything to declare? She was like,

    告訴我,當他們問她, 你有什麼要申報?她就像,

  • what do you want me to declare here at the airport? And the officer started laughing,


  • he started laughing, because he found her very weird and yes it sounds weird. When they


  • ask you, do you have anything to declare? Means is there anything in your bag for which


  • you have to pay duty. When I say duty, means tax. Duty, Ahh there are certain things like


  • carpets, antiques, a liquor or foreign exchange. There are certain things, which you are not


  • just allowed to carry from one country to another. Youre just not allowed to, without


  • paying duty, without paying tax. And that is where they ask you, do you have anything


  • to declare? This declare does not mean, is there anything you wanna say? She just understood


  • it in little terms. And she’s like, I don’t wanna declare anything at the airport. It’s


  • so funny, so friends this is just to avoid miscommunication. What are we learning all


  • this for? Yes we are learning all this for , I said that you do not miscommunicate with


  • people or you are not at loss of words or you are not fumbling, when something new like


  • this comes in for a few. So these were few expressions, where I just spoke to you about


  • at the airport, what you have to remember. Let’s have a look at few more expressions.


  • Friends now let’s have a look at the next few more expression. Flight BA 333 is now


  • boarding. These, these expression which I hear are mostly announcements. When you are


  • waiting, you are waiting for your flight to take off. These are expressions, which are


  • usually announced. You always have to be very alert, when you are at the airport. Especially,


  • when you are waiting for your flight. This expression means, flight number so and so,


  • this is your flight, if this is your flight is now boarding. What is the flight boarding?


  • The flight is boarding and going where? No, the passengers which means, the passengers


  • who are on this particular flight have to now start boarding. That is what it means,


  • boarding here is for the passengers. Do you know, what is this? This is the short form


  • of passengers, which is usually on your air ticket or anywhere at the airport. It’s


  • very very common to use at the airport. It’s a very common vocabulary, which is used at


  • the airport. Next that says, Flight UA 666 has been delayed. Yeah I know, this is one


  • thing which we hate. Specially I really hate, when this happens. You really wanna reach


  • somewhere, you wanna meet someone, you are dying to get on that flight. And suddenly


  • you hear an announcement, which says if this is your flight, you have to get really upset.


  • Flight so and so UA 666 has been delayed. Of course now friends, it’s a machine. An


  • aeroplane is bound to have some technical fault or there could be some problem with


  • the aeroplane or there could be some problem with that particular airline. Because of which


  • the flight has been delayed and trust me you don’t have a choice, but you just have to


  • accept it. The next one says, Paging for passenger Joe Page to come to the inquiry desk. Now


  • when I say, you have to be alert, you definitely have to be alert at the airport. Now youre

    當我說,你必須保持警惕, 你肯定要在機場保持警惕。現在你

  • waiting for your flight and also if for some reason your name has been called and you are


  • called at the inquiry desk. One thing of course is sure that the announcements, which are


  • made at the airport are very very clear and they definitely ensure that they are repeated,


  • so paging, what does the word paging mean? Paging means calling, if you hear the word


  • paging and youre like, what is paging, what is she trying to say? Paging means calling.

    呼叫和你一樣,什麼是呼叫, 她想說什麼?呼叫是指打電話。

  • Calling for passenger Joe Page. That’s the name of the passenger to come to the inquiry


  • desk. He has been called to the inquiry desk . The next one and the last one says, this

    桌子。他被叫到了問詢處 。下一個和最後一個說,這。

  • is the final call for flight BA111 to Paris. Now this is the time, what you were waiting


  • for? Yippee, it’s time to get happy. This is the final call for flight BA 111. Now youve

    為了什麼?嘻嘻,是時候高興一下了。這是BA111班機的最後一次通話 This is the final call for flight BA 111.現在你已經

  • already boarded your flight, but the people who are waiting at the airport, if you are


  • a passenger of this flight. Of course, you already boarded the flight and the flight


  • is about to leave. But for the passengers, who are waiting their flight, awaiting their


  • flight. This is for them. And for somebody, who is supposed to be on this flight and is


  • not on his flight. See there could be many reasons, why you were not on the flight. There

    不在他的班機上。你看,可能有很多原因, 為什麼你不在飛機上。有

  • could be a delay in anything. Youve not even reached the airport; there could be times


  • when these things can happen. So that is why they ensure. They ensure the airplane, the


  • airplane ensures, airline ensures that they say this. This is the final call for this


  • particular flight to Paris. So that you know that, if you know anyone, whose supposed to


  • be on the flight and is not yet, so you know what to do, you probably gonna go to the inquiry


  • desk and tell them about it, so these particular. These expressions which are here are usually


  • announcements to which you have to be really really alert and keep your ears open. And


  • also, when we talk about this that flight UA 666 has been delayed. Always ensure that


  • if you are the passenger travelling on this flight, remember that you have to be also


  • looking at the information display, the display that’s been happening with the flight names


  • and okay you have to look at that as well, because along with the announcement, your


  • flight number is going to be displayed over there. So friends, I hope these are good expression,


  • have helped you and are gonna help you. If you are going to travel for the first time


  • or there’s another person,. Who is going to travel with you for the first time, you


  • can always help them as well. So thank you for watching, keep learning, keep watching.


  • I’ll be back with another interesting lesson next time. Till then bye see ya, take care.

    下一次我會帶著另一個有趣的課程回來。Till then bye see ya,保重。

Hello friends how are you doing today? I’m Tash and I’m back with a new lesson. So



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