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  • Lesson 6

  • I Have to Decide Whether I Should Go to High School or Vocational School

  • Page 64 Dialogue

  • Listen to the dialogue.

  • (Emily and Jessie see John sitting alone on a bench.)

  • Hi, John.

  • Are you OK? You look tired and a little weak.

  • You have dark circles under your eyes, and your lips are pale.

  • I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep last night.

  • I have to decide whether I should go to high school or vocational school.

  • It’s too hard to decide.

  • How come? Don’t most people want to go to high school?

  • Well... everybody except me.

  • I want to be an art worker, and I want to go to vocational school.

  • But my parents don’t agree.

  • Your parents are right.

  • You will never be successful if you go to vocational school.

  • Whoa! Wait a moment, Jessie!

  • Don’t you know that many successful people graduate from vocational schools?

  • Right. Take Qing-Yang Xiao for example.

  • He went to vocational school, and now he’s world-famous.

  • See? Going to vocational school can be a good choice, too.

  • So don’t worry, John.

  • Follow your heart. It will show you where to go.

Lesson 6


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