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My sitcom Ellen, ran for five years and
it would not have been the same without my amazing cast.
Take a look.
>> Hi, Ellen.
you guys believe that we have in Kentucky for almost 12 hours?
And I'm not even tired.
I mean you'd think I'll be a little bit sleepy.
But I can just keep talking and talking and talking.
I haven't felt anything >>

>> [MUSIC]
>> Please welcome Joey Fisher, Clea Lewis and David Anthony Higgins.
>> Boy.
>> You've got another show.
>> I have this now.
>> Yeah.
>> Yes.
>> Look how smoking hot we all are.
>> Look at us.
>> I can't believe we have not been together since the show ended.
>> No. >> All of this together in this little
>> It's a crime.
I don't know why.
>> Yes.
>> All right so when you're looking at that back stage and watching these clips,
what are your thoughts and feelings?
>> Well, Laura was incredible just now in saying what
we all sort of thought about the puppy episode.
But we all were there for the journey to that show.
And I think it was a blessing for all of us.
I mean I was so happy that you were the star of my show.
I feel like we got to take the ride with you and it was an incredible gift.
>> Thanks.
>> So in terms of the puppy episode itself, I mean I just remember
the insanely charged atmosphere that kind of was building throughout the season.
But then certainly those couple of weeks, it was out of control and
exciting and a little scary.
Like you mentioned the bomb sniffing dogs that would have to come through.
And they were cute, but
we had to leave the stage.
>> [LAUGH] Yeah. >> [LAUGH]
When the bomb sniffing dogs
went through.
>> You couldn't stay. >> Yeah.
>> Crazy. >> Couldn't stay and pet them?
>> No, I wanted to.
>> No, no.
>> It will distract him.
>> Yeah, exactly.
>> Look at us singing.
>> We were.
>> But it was weird >>
>> The point at the time, word started
getting out and it kind of became the center of the gay universe in a way.
I remember being in the craft services.
And this guy, like who's this guy?
I can't get to the bean dip.
There's this guy here and it was George Michael.
>> Yeah, it really was. I mean that especially the taping of
the coming out episode with George Michael and Tracy Chapman-
>> Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Melissa and Katy, and
there were so many people that they were on the show, but
they were people that just wanted to watch just to be there.
>> Yeah. >> Absolutely, the audience was insane.
>> Yeah, and I think we all knew that it was history but
we didn't realize what really it was.
This was very, very special.
I wanna thank Oprah Winfrey, Laura Dern, the cast of Ellen and all of you for
being here today.
I also wanna thank everyone who has supported me every step of the way.
Obviously, we have come a long way in the past 20 years.
Even when the show started, the network was very uncomfortable with me even
talking about my sexuality or my relationship.
And now we're here and I've done a whole show about the fact that I'm gay.
So we have come a long way but we still have a long way to go to make sure
everybody has the right to be who they are.
And one way we can start,
and I say it every single day,
is to be kind to one another.
>> I'm still gay.


出櫃特輯:艾倫與合作演員重聚 (Ellen Reunites with Her Sitcom Co-Stars)

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