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  • hey guys it's Iris so we're here at Taoyuan and this is one of the smallest touristy town in Taiwan


  • it's actually ranked top 10 in Taiwan smallest touristy town and this is Daxi


  • it actually came from Japanese I think it literally translate into big creek

    它實際上由日本人來了,我認為 它的字面翻譯成大河

  • or big river and here you can obviously see why because the creek

    或大河裡,在這裡你可以明顯 為什麼,因為這溪

  • the river it's so beautiful and honestly I never knew there were such places in Taiwan

    河它是如此美麗,真的 我從來不知道在台灣有這樣的地方

  • the bridge is just beautiful and it's got this Baroque style

    橋多麽美麗 它有這個巴洛克風格

  • I think Baroque style arch way oh my god I think I'm completely missing out here

    我認為巴洛克風格拱門的方式噢,我的上帝,我想我 完全錯過了這裡

  • thank you


  • [pig blood rice cake]


  • [Turkish Pudding]


  • this is really a full package experience because here you got all the old streets

    這的確是一個全包體驗 因為在這裡你得到了所有的老街巷

  • where they sell tons of food honestly there's all kinds of varieties of food


  • It will fill your stomach for sure and there's also temple

    這將填補你的胃肯定和 這裡還有寺廟

  • this is a really nice-looking temples and this what I'm eating is actually I think peanut grounded


  • peanuts with some kind of dough and honestly this is my childhood favorite


  • it's called Má lāo


  • so good


  • famous stinky tofu that you only get in these kind of old town and honestly

    著名的臭豆腐,你只能得到 這幾樣老城區和真的

  • I haven't had this and it sure smells stinky


  • and did you know that Daxi is actually known for the production of dried tofu and

    而你可知道,大溪實際上是 已知的用於生產豆乾的和

  • here it is apparently it's organic and I guess free from any sort of artificial colors

    這裡是 顯然它是有機和我想沒有

  • this woodwork museum is definitely worth the visit


  • it's only a couple minutes away from the old Street and this this museum


  • right here has a huge collection in elaboration of the history of Daxii and

    這是只幾分鐘的路程 從老街,和本博物館

  • how it comes to be the way it is today by the influence of Japanese

    這裡有一個巨大的集合 大溪i歷史的闡述和

  • I think Netherland people had a history with us in the past and it's just so

    它是如何來到今天這個樣子 由日本的影響

  • incredible to see all these miniatures illustration of how the houses are it

    我認為荷蘭人擁有歷史 與我們在過去,它只是使

  • it's got courtyard and in the front is four opening stores at the back is for

    令人難以置信的看到所有這些微縮模型 的房子是如何它說明

  • the residential purposes and when you step into the museum you can't help but

    它有庭院,並在前面 四個打開存儲在後面是

  • feel a sense of calmness washed over you

    住宅用途,當你 走進博物館,你不禁

  • being only an hour drive away from the city of Taipei I think Taoyuan here has


  • got something truly special that we can't really experience if we only stay in Taipei

    是只有一個小時的車程,距離 台北市的,我認為在這裡桃園有

hey guys it's Iris so we're here at Taoyuan and this is one of the smallest touristy town in Taiwan



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