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Hey guys, Iris here.
I'm at Shida.
And this is a
Sunday afternoon,
so it is pretty quiet
and dead
on campus,
we're going to try—
well, I'm going to try
my best ability
to find any
not leftover, but
hardworking foreign students
that are still on campus.
Let's go!
FYI, Shida
is known as the
National Taiwan Normal University.
I used to study in Shida when I was studying Chinese.
Oh wow!
Oh so I guess you end up staying here.
I'm working here.
You want me to look at you or the camera?
Well, when I came here
for the first time,
I came because of the language.
Actually I was already working in Spain and so-so (so on)
so I had no expectation at all
I heard about Taiwan because I had a friend who is Taiwanese
and I knew
quite a lot about it
but I wanted to come here without any kind of expectation.
I wanted to come with my paper completely white.
When I started to study Chinese
was really hard
because usually they don't
speak any English
and I could not read at all,
write at all,
and no I could not understand.
There is no connection between my language and Chinese
so was quite difficult,
but I improved quite fast.
The way of teaching is quite different too.
I mean,
like the power is in the teacher,
there's not much connection between students and the teachers.
Not that much.
it's interesting because—at least me—
I think you have to work on your own a lot
at home,
to study quite a lot.
And the
the language is beautiful.
I think it's super beautiful.
And the writing I think it's really awesome.
it's very nice.
The more you learn—
I mean this is my...
I'm here for more than two years—
you are part of the culture
and people much more
as soon as you understand Chinese
and the culture and the people.
Shida and Taida,
and—how are they
because they are having difficulty deciding between—
Yeah, umm...
(preferably) I've studied two semesters now
at Taida
at two schools there...
One intensive course and
one normal course.
Yeah, it's pretty good.
A lot of people went there for schools—
I mean Shida is the teacher's college here.
I think that's one reason people choose to go to Shida.
For Chinese?
Yeah, exactly.
And what about Taida?
What are they known for?
Being in the top college I guess.
Oh being the top college!
I guess that's the reason why.
So was the the reason why you chose Taida over Shida?
Are you studying Chinese in Taida?
Wow, and how are the professors?
It's good, it's good.
Actually a lot of the teachers might actually have studied here
since this is the teacher's college.
I would love to try it here also
to get a mix,
so I'm not sure, we will see.
I came here first for study Chinese
from Hong Kong.
I worked in Hong Kong and I came here to study Chinese
for one year.
And I've stayed here.
What made you want to settle here after that?
After, I think, I was done with Hong Kong.
The people here are quite nice,
and the environment here is better,
and then I got a good job,
so I stayed here.
Awesome! And how was it like learning Chinese in Shida?
It was good.
The teachers are very good,
and there is a very good...
how do you say that...
academic environment,
the atmosphere,
And the students were very friendly?
Yeah, at the time we had a very big group of friends.
It's unfortunate that we couldn't find any
current students
on campus,
but hey, we've got alumni
and students who are going to a different school,
so now you know.
Your options are wide open.
'Cause now you've been here 5 weeks,
and was there something you didn't expect
before moving here?
At school or in general?
At school.
Well I think the lessons are kind of intense.
Uh huh.
And if I compare it to my Chinese lessons in the Netherlands
I have to do a lot more,
but you also learn a lot more
because everyone speaks Chinese here.
So you learn a lot faster.
Yeah, yeah.
And are the professors helpful?
Yeah, they are really helpful,
and really kind
and it's also,
and it's nice to see what you learn
you can actually put it in practice
on the streets.
Do you live on campus? On residence?
Wow, do you like living on residence?
Uhhh yes.
It's convenient.
I was hearing that the residence here is pretty old so——
I expect(ed) it to be a little bit more modern.
The pictures look a bit better,
and when you go
you should really bring bed bug spray.
I suppose I spoke too soon.
I was able to find
current students at last.
do I get an A+
on this video?


來台灣學中文的外國人,中文到底怎麼樣呢? (Study Chinese in Taiwan | NTNU National Taiwan Normal University)

1712 分類 收藏
Vivi Her 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 20 日
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