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  • repeat after the teacher

  • Amy: Nora, how long have you lived in Kaohsiung?

  • Nora: I've lived here for three years.

  • Amy: Have you ever been to Meinong?

  • Nora: No, I haven't.

  • Why do you ask?

  • Amy: Patty and I are planning to go there next week.

  • Do you want to join us?

  • Nora: Thanks for inviting me, but I have to ask my parents first.

  • Amy: Sure.

  • Nora: What are you going to do there?

  • Amy: My cousin is getting married, so I want to buy him a pair of oil paper umbrellas.

  • They make great wedding gifts because the words for "oil paper" sound like "having kids" in Hakka.

  • Umbrellas?

  • We don't usually give umbrellas as gifts.

  • Amy: Why not?

  • Nora: Because the word for "umbrella" sounds like "separate" in our language.

  • Amy: I've never heard of this.

  • What should I do?

  • Nora: Well, just to play it safe, you can ask your cousin to pay you one dollar for the umbrellas.

  • Amy: Why?

  • Amy: That's smart.

  • I'll ask him for one dollar.

repeat after the teacher


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A2 初級

102學年度,翰林國中英語,第5冊,第1課 對話 B (102學年度,翰林國中英語,第5冊,第1課 對話 B)

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