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*Phew.* So, uh
This week has been
an interesting one to say the least.
I know that some of you guys may be wondering about the future of Smosh now that Anthony is gone
Which is why I wanted to make this video. For a long time Smosh hasn't been just Anthony and I
And it wouldn't be possible to make all the crazy ass videos
We make without the help of the rest of the smosh family
So I thought it'd be important to introduce you guys to some of the people that you may or may not already know so let's
Go over here
First up is Ryan Todd our director and producer
He's been with us for over eight years now, and you may recognize them as the character Stevie (do the Stevie voice Ryan)
What do you mean, [there's] just my regular voice?
Right well without Ryan and his crew
The videos would look like this and be lit like this and sound like this
But this isn't all the smosh family. There's also smosh games, but I'm pretty sure you already know who these losers are Tom
It's pronounced gamers
These are the writers who helped me write the videos we put out each and every week
say hi writers um
It's pronounced gamers. (Other Lady): That was the line for the last scene
And these are the editors who helped me put together every video we shoot
What are you guys working on today? Censoring out Shane's dick. (Other Guy): I'm doing the same thing
90% of what we do is censor out Shane's dick
These are the producers who all make sure everything runs
Smoothly on this channel the second channel smosh games and anywhere else you can find smosh content
They're also really great at taking their shirts off
they're also really great at listening to their FUCKING boss when (inaudible)
These are all the heroes that keep everything behind the scenes together. They work on the website
Make sure you guys get your Smosh shirts on time. Upload all our videos and pretty much do every little conceivable thing that I would otherwise forget to do.
Did you brush your teeth this morning? (Shane): Fuck!
But and of course you know these guys um, it's pronounced gamers. (Other Lady): Wow!
Oh my God! Well there you go shane. The joke is dead!
and then there's me you might be wondering what my role in smosh will be moving forward and the answer is
Same thing I've always done. I'm going to be involved in every part of smosh even if I'm not in front of the camera
I'm behind it and I do it because you guys push me every day
to want to be a better comedian be a better creator be a better writer.
and it's something that I truly enjoy and I'm truly passionate about so I'm really excited for you guys to
See what we have coming next we're working on some new exciting things
They'll be rolling out in the next couple months some might be on youtube maybe our Facebook maybe our instagram
make sure you're following all those and
Thank you guys again for your support
And I promise you we will always deliver you the smartest most highbrow humor that smosh has in the past
So thank you guys so much
Did you get the joke because I said it was highbrow humor, and I showed him a dick
See you next week
Hey guys, thank you so much for watching this video
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Smosh背後大小事 (The TRUTH about Smosh)

863 分類 收藏
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