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For the first time, a refugee team will be competing in the Olympics.
These refugee athletes have no national team to belong to;
they have no flag to march behind;
they have no national anthem to be played.
Therefore, we will welcome these refugee athletes to the Olympic games,
with the Olympic flag, and with the Olympic anthem.
10 athletes with no national team.
10 athletes with no national team. No flag.
10 athletes with no national team. No flag. And no anthem to call their own.
Until now.
Introducing The Refugee Nation.
In Istanbul, we found just the right person the write the anthem.
Moutaz Arian, composer.
Moutaz Arian, composer. Syrian refugee.
I want to make music not just for Kurds and Arabs.
I want to make music for the whole world.
In Amsterdam, we found just the right person to make the flag.
Yara Said, artist.
Yara Said, artist. Syrian refugee.
Black and orange is a symbol of solidarity with all these brave souls
that had to cross the sea to look for safety in a new country.
Since I had to wear one, I also have a personal engagement
with the life vests, with these two colors.
Together, we're creating a nation.
A nation to honor the refugee athletes at the Olympic Games.
Popole Misenga, refugee athlete.
Yolande Mabika, refugee athlete.
A nation that represents 65 million displaced people.
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【廣告裁判精選】我們來自難民國 (The Refugee Nation - Official Video)

4795 分類 收藏
Annie Kuo 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 19 日    Annie Kuo 翻譯    Kiara 審核
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