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  • So a year and a half ago,

  • I posted a video called, "AM I SEXY?"

  • Am I sexy? Does--Does one have to FEEL sexy to--to be sexy?

  • And--and do I have to TRY to be sexy?

  • Or can I just like wake up one day and "I'M SEXY TODAY. YEAH!"

  • And...overall the answer was no, I don't feel that way,

  • I've never felt that way, I feel like an alien in my own body.

  • What are you?

  • And I left that video a little open-ended

  • with how I was going to pursue

  • trying to gain this mysterious software they call "sexiness"

  • because it was sort of necessary in my occupation and my overall life.

  • 18 months later,

  • Am I sexy?

  • Yes.

  • Yes, I fucking am.

  • I've got it, I downloaded it,

  • I leveled it up, that's me now.

  • And so I figured I'd make a video

  • following up to that,

  • and what various contributions I thought totalled me

  • now feeling comfortable in my own skin.

  • Because I feel like that's one of the biggest things

  • that females struggle with.

  • Maybe even males, I'm not a male, so I don't know.

  • I'll never know what a boner feels like..

  • Anyway, so you want to know how to be sexy?

  • Here are the steps that I took:

  • 1. Find someone you find sexy.

  • For me that was a girl named Katie.

  • I thought Katie was the

  • BOMB

  • DOT

  • COM.

  • Katie did pole dancing, she did aerial silks,

  • she was gonna get her pilot's license,


  • 2. Copy everything that person does.

  • I did all of the above activities except for pilots license

  • I opted for motorcycle license.

  • But now I want to get my pilot license

  • because Katie has one

  • and I want one too!

  • 3. Work out.

  • I know we all hate working out

  • working out sucks, blah blah blah

  • No it doesn't!

  • Working out is great.

  • Yes, it is hard work,

  • but it gives you endorphins.

  • Endorphins make you happy.

  • Being happy

  • makes you feel confident.

  • Feeling confident

  • makes you feel sexy.

  • And I hate to be that person that's like,

  • "I love working out!"

  • because we all want to shoot that person in the face,

  • but just do it.

  • And that's it!

  • That's all I did for a year and a half

  • was that I worked out and I copied Katie

  • and I tried to feel good about myself,

  • and slowly but surely,

  • (softly) It happened. WOOOOOW

  • who would've guessed?

  • Good luck on your journey to sexiness.

  • (softly) I believe in you.

  • Stay awesome, Gotham.

  • Listen ladies, you sexy thing.

  • Use it--Look at the camera, Congress! You're not vlogging right!

  • Subtitles by Skylar Coland via Amara

So a year and a half ago,


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是的,我很性感。// Anna Akana (Yes, I am sexy. // Anna Akana)

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