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Over the past 12 years I have always been a partner since my first boyfriend at 15
I haven't even had three consecutive months being single between relationships like holy fuck and two and a half years ago
I made the mistake of publicly saying I'm going to be single for a year and then of course immediately meeting a great guy
So I learned my lamingtons lesson, and I'm not going to say that now
But I do want to really take this time and focus on myself
You know I don't know what it's like when I'm not one half of a unit, how do I act?
How do I choose to spend my time and with who, like these are the things that I'm really
curious about. How do I define myself when I'm not factoring someone else's wishes into my life. What is it like when I super saiyan?
Oh my god, I look really
good as a blonde
Oh, I should have gone Sailor Moon
I've been feeling weird for a little bit like I didn't realize how much extra time
I'd have on my hands to just wonder if I'm going to die alone and be eaten by my six cats for their survival until
Someone eventually discovers my body and it's an honorable death don't get me wrong
I'm stoked about that kind of death, but it is a possibility that I have to consider
But on the other hand like now
I have all this extra time to rediscover my
Creativity and and study new skills and buy a death machine that I was never allowed to get in relationships
And bonds with my girlfriends and workout and take new classes and watch whatever I want on TV
while I eat whatever I want to eat that night! It's nice
Though sometimes I do forget that I'm alone and I'll say things like 'Hey, what's that word for?'
Oh my god I live alone, who the hell am I talking to?
I guess I'm talking to you, aren't I? Yes, we're the only ones here
But you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't understand words!
You don't know any of that, noooo, no you don't!
and we're not going to find you a father for a long time
for a long... long... time
Single life so far is weird because I'm in that in-between phase where I'm not like heartbroken anymore
But I'm not exactly like *weird noise* I'm single, independence! So can I be happy being single? Well
I sure fucking hope so. I know that the first thing
I need to do is stay single and ignore all the desperate voices in my head
Urging me to jump into a relationship with anybody because it's comfortable and familiar. And two become the most badass
Leveled up Super Saiyan version of myself so I can practice self-love and be really happy and three, finally chill
This is the hardest one for me because I'm such a like gotta
Do everything now! kind of person that if I'm not pursuing something or someone I feel like I'm not actually living
So I know that the lesson I need to learn to be happy as a single independent woman
Is to just be okay with being alone
Wish me luck. I'm Anna Akana, stay awesome gotham
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別害怕單身!一個人也能快樂的單身萬歲三部曲 (Can I be happy single?)

735 分類 收藏
Ken Song 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 18 日
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