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  • - How was the training, like for this, like, I understand that there's a little bit like a DC... - Very intensive.

    - 準備過程中的訓練是怎麼樣的呢?我明白會有點像 DC 漫畫...... - 非常密集。

  • It was... it was very intensive. I was prepping for this one five, six months before we started to shoot this movie.


  • I probably, every day I worked out for about six hours. I did two hours of gym, doing a lot of weights and, you know, making my body bigger.


  • - A lot of eating, I would've imagined. - A lot of eating. - But not like fun eating.

    - 要吃很多東西吧,我想。 - 要吃很多東西。 - 但不是那種有趣的飲食。

  • It was fun at the beginning.


  • Like, you know, they cook for you and everything is super delicious.


  • But after, I would say after few weeks, you... so over the food and it becomes a task.


  • Uggh... chicken again... eggs, uggh...


  • - But it was a... it's a good problem to have. - Yeah.

    - 但這是……是一個很不錯的困擾啦。 - 嗯嗯。

  • Does it... when you're in that kind of shape, like Wonder Woman shape, does it change the way you walk around in the world?


  • - Do you feel more confident off set? - I feel stronger. It changed my posture, honestly, for sure.

    - 下了片場之後會不會覺得更有自信? - 有感覺更強壯了。老實說這當然有改變我的體態。

  • But you just feel better, you feel stronger. I started this journey, uh... you know they cast me when I was super skinny.


  • And I never knew what it... how it feels to be... you know, to be built. And to be really, really strong. And it felt really good.


  • - You had, um... one daughter while you're shooting this, right? - Right.

    - 拍攝時你有個女兒是吧? - 是的。

  • Did she see you in the full Wonder Woman costume?


  • Oh, she've seen me on "Batman versus Superman," on "Wonder Woman," on "Justice League." She's like, super, she doesn't care.


  • She doesn't care at all!?


  • No, it's like coming to visit mommy on set.


  • She cares more about the crafty and what's, what's the snacks.


  • Um... and not so... at the beginning, she might have been, you know, impressed by it, but now she got... she totally got used to it.


  • She gets... so she understands what you're doing? When she sees you on like a bus or a billboard, and she's like, "Mommy, I get it."


  • Yeah.


  • That's kind of cool.


  • I think it's, um... you know, it's healthy.


  • We don't make a big deal out of it in the house. We don't go like "Hey, look at me! It's mommy!"


  • I'm like, it's random and when she sees it then it's nice and it's sweet.


  • - Cause if she sees dolls or figures of Wonder Woman, she'll go "Mom, Wonder Woman," she wouldn't even yell, she would whisper to me. - Yeah.

    - 因為如果她看到神力女超人的娃娃或是公仔,就會說:「媽,神力女超人欸!」她不會大叫,只會悄悄跟我說。 - 是的。

- How was the training, like for this, like, I understand that there's a little bit like a DC... - Very intensive.

- 準備過程中的訓練是怎麼樣的呢?我明白會有點像 DC 漫畫...... - 非常密集。

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