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Hello again from Taipei (臺北市).
Today we're on a bit of a food mission.
We've been hearing about Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐).
Apparently, they specialize in soup dumplings.
So that is what we're going to try today.
We absolutely love dumplings so any excuse for us to eat dumplings is always a good one
and yeah it is another rainy day in Taipei (臺北市) so we figured let's plan our day
around food.
Let's go eat.
Yes, and this place opens at ten in the morning and we are expecting huge lines.
So we're here early let's go get in line.
So we got here just as the place was opening at ten in the morning and we already have
probably about fifty people in front of us standing in line.
The good thing is they are handing out a menu to everyone who is waiting so you can have
an idea of what you want to order and then your food will be ready sooner.
So we are currently placing our order.
Of course we're going for the classic Xiaolongbao (小籠包).
Gotta get those.
What else?
We're still deciding what else.
Still deciding what else.
It is a big menu.
It is a huge menu.
Look at that.
So many choices.
The location we're at has four floors and right now we're heading up to the third one.
I'm guessing the other ones are full already.
Well, we made it.
We're out of the rain and we got a table.
It wasn't that long of a wait.
No, like five minutes.
No, I would say a bit more.
Okay maybe ten.
Ten or fifteen but haha.
Maybe I was just so excited to be here that time is just going so fast.
Time sped up.
So our tea is already here.
They gave us free Oolong tea.
You do get free Oolong tea and we've finally.
Oh and you also get slices of ginger as well too.
Yeah, that is where the dumplings.
That is for the dumplings and we finally decided on our menu.
So we're getting ah if you look down here we're getting pork xiao long bao
which is we're getting the ten pieces.
And we're also getting for dessert we're getting a taro xiaolongbao (芋泥小包) and we're
only getting five of those.
So that should be sweet inside and then we also have a noodle dish.
Noodles with spicy sesame and peanut sauce (擔擔麵).
So really looking forward to that.
And is there one else oh yeah.
Sticky rice in a wrap with pork.
So that is probably going to be like a lotus leaf wrap.
So yeah we're just at this point waiting for everything to arrive and oh are we ever hungry.
We basically skipped breakfast for this.
Alright so before coming here we were reading the history of the place and apparently the
man who started this Yang he used to run a shop where he sold cooking oil and like that
was his business but apparently when that industry started to change and people weren't
buying as much cooking oil anymore he had to come up with a new business idea so he
and his wife decided okay we're going to sell soup dumplings and like they became such a
huge hit that today they have locations not only across Taipei (臺北市) and Taiwan
(中華民國) but also around the world in places like LA, Hong Kong.
So yeah, pretty cool story and now we're waiting for the food.
This is the look of excitement.
So the star of the meal has arrived.
The Xiaolongbao is here on the table in real life.
And this is cool.
So you eat it with a special sauce and they actually give you instructions on how it is
So here in the restaurant they actually give you a guide how to enjoy
Xiao long bao.
This is how you eat it.
Um, and they basically explain how to prepare the sauce so we're going to try our hand at
The waiter actually wanted to make it for us and we're like no.
We are filming this.
So allow me to demonstrate.
Okay so first up we have our little plate with ginger right here.
So it says put some soy sauce and vinegar.
So it is one part soy sauce.
One part soy sauce.
And three parts vinegar.
I'd say that is about the right vinegar.
Next up we grab our little Xiaolongbao and dip it into the sauce.
Once it has been dipped we place it on the spoon.
Let us see what is next.
Oh, let's not forget you have to poke a little hole to let out the soupy broth that is hiding
in there.
Can you see that.
Oh my gosh.
Oh wow look at it seeping out.
Pouring out.
And then then you take some of the ginger from the plate add it on top and it all goes
in in one bite.
Is that too big for one bite?
Is that tasty?
That is amazing.
That is so juicy.
Oh man.
Is that one of the best dumplings you've ever had?
It really is.
I'm so glad we came here and stood in line.
This is worth it.
Okay Sam, let's see if you were paying attention to the instructions.
There is a lot going on so okay first up we're going to grab it.
I'm going to try not to break the soupiness of it.
Dip it in here.
Put it in the spoon.
Grab a piece of ginger.
No no no.
What do you do first to the dumpling?
Oh, I've got to break it open.
Release the juices.
Gotta pierce it.
Oh, there we go.
It is coming out.
There you go.
There we go.
Oh my.
Now I'll grab a piece of ginger.
Just like that.
And all in at once.
Oh yeah.
Isn't that amazing?
It is just like.
There is two things that come to mind right away and the first being the quality of the
soup inside.
So the second thing is the skin of the dumpling.
It is just so thin and it such a wonderful it is almost I wouldnt' call it a buttery
taste but it just has a nice texture in your mouth.
Oh, this is so good.
I was reading apparently the chefs who have been training at this they can roll out twenty
dumpling skins per minute.
Which is insane.
That is insane.
That is like one every three seconds.
Yeah, I know three seconds per dumpling.
That is crazy.
Okay so we have ordered other dishes but before we move on can we just admire this dumpling
a little bit longer.
Can you see the soupiness in there.
Is that in focus?
Yeah, you can tell.
Look at that.
And the dumpling on top you've probably noticed it has the perfect swirl.
Apparently, the chefs have to pinch it eighteen times to get that beautiful shape.
So I mean like the amount of detail that goes into this is crazy.
And it is so tasty.
So I'm just going to keep eating them.
Let's go for another.
Release the soup.
Oh la lah.
More ginger.
Let's put lots of ginger in there.
I'm not afraid of ginger.
And in it goes again.
Wonderful isn't it?
Alright, so the Xiaolongbao (小笼包 - 小籠包) is amazing but we did order more food so we
have to move on.
We did.
So we've moving on to noodles that are in a peanut and a spicy sauce (擔擔麵).
So yeah.
Yeah, peanut and sesame.
Yeah, it has got sesame.
That look so good.
So I'm just going to give it a real good mix here.
Yeah, just basically trying to soak up all of the noodles in the sauce.
I love peanut sauce.
Me too.
So I'm super excited.
I'm really excited for this one I have to admit.
Look at you go.
Oh man.
Sam doesn't waste any time.
You, oh it is spicy.
It is one of those things where you can tell it is spicy as soon you have it but then as
you're swallowing it is like woah.
Oh my.
So yeah, really nice and spicy.
You really taste the peanut and you also really taste the sesame sauce too.
And it is just so good.
It is kind of sweet.
It is a combination of being sweet and spicy and I just love that and the texture of the
noodles they are quite dense noodles.
So really like that.
Big hit instantly.
Okay so now I'm going to try the noodles and one of the waitresses just came over and told
us apparently we have to stir it more because there is still lots of sauce left at the bottom.
So let's obey.
Let's give it a real good mix Audrey.
Let's make sure we're doing this the right way.
That we're getting all that saucey goodness.
I think that looks good.
I can't wait for you to try this I think you're going to really like it.
Let's see.
And the one thing that we've now been in Taipei (臺北市) for this is what our third or
fourth day.
And my gosh is this ever a city for foodies.
Like if you're into food this is the place where you've gotta come.
That is amazing.
It is like so nutty.
Nutty and sweet and spicy.
It is an amazing combination of flavors.
I like this a lot.
And we weren't even going to order this.
Sam was like eh I don't know this sounds kind of plain but this is the star.
Okay, time to move on to the third dish.
Yeah, so we've got sticky rice wrapped with pork (糯米雞 - 糯米鸡).
So what I'm going to do is just try to dissect that to see.
Oh, look at that.
You can see the pork right there.
Oh my.
Oh, look at those colors.
Turn it back around.
Show us that baby.
It is so sticky.
There we go.
Look at that.
Look at those colors.
So I'm going to go in for the pork and obviously the sticky rice (糯米雞 - 糯米鸡).
That pork looks so juicy.
Oh, my gosh.
It might be like along with what the Xiao Long Bao (小笼包 - 小籠包) I actually
like that even more than the noodles and that is saying a lot because I love the noodles.
It is just that pork is so juicy and so fatty.
It has just got so much flavor to it and then the sticky rice really enhances it.
Oh, loving it.
This is just like an awesome meal man.
This is so good.
So I've already been sampling the rice and that is pretty good.
If you take a look at the plate I think what makes it so special is that is has a little
bit of fat that adds juiciness but like it is not chewy fat that you wouldn't want.
It is just like that fat that just melts in your mouth and adds flavor.
And just look at the color of that meat.
It is just so amazing.
So yeah I'm going in for bite number two while you're holding the camera.
Quality control.
Look at that.
Look at the pork.
Look at those colors.
It is like a golden brown.
I know.
And literally it just melts in your mouth.
We finished every last morsel of our mains so now we're moving on to dessert.
Yeah, so we're trying Taro Xiaolongbao (小笼包 - 小籠包).
Going back to the Xiao Long Bao (小笼包 - 小籠包).
Okay, that is the star of this restaurant.
I can't wait to try this.
I bet it is going to be amazing.
Oh yeah.
The taro is just so sweet and then it is just so rich and creamy inside of my mouth and
so piping hot and warm.
Yeah, it was still steaming when they brought it.
It makes the perfect dessert.
Okay, so my turn to try it.
I actually had my eye on the chocolate dumplings but those cost a lot more so we figured let's
try taro instead.
So yeah, this is made with taro root.
I've never tried that before.
So I'm going to take a half bite so I can show you what it looks like inside.
It is like purple.
That is like manioc.
Like sweetened manioc.
Do you like it?
What do you think?
It was not what I was expecting but it is not bad.
Lasting impressions of Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐 - 鼎泰丰).
Oh, this place was fantastic.
Not only was the food really good but the service was very attentive.
So in terms of the price point looking here it is five hundred and twenty eight Taiwan
dollars which is sixteen dollars and fifty cents US.
So you're looking at roughly eight dollars per person and that was for four different
things and unlimited tea.
And it includes the service charge.
So I mean that.
How can you get better value than that?
I mean we're leaving full.
We're leaving satisfied and it also didn't cost a fortune either so highly recommend
this place.
I know for a fact we'll be back again before leave Taipei (臺北市).
So somebody got a little souvenir to remember their meal here.
So I like the quality of the chopsticks so much here that I got a set for us.
So we each get our own set and this will be for our future house.
Alright, so it has been a few hours since we last ate and tonight we're going out for
Taiwanese street food (台灣街頭食品).
So we're heading to the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) and we're going to take the
MRT to get there.
Let's go eat.
Sam may be feeling a little bit hangry right now.
Just a little bit hangry.
Let's ask to be sure.
Hey Sam?
How hangry are you on a level from one to ten?
I think I've burst through ten.
I'm eleven.
So to get to the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) you want to take the red line to Jiantan Station
(劍潭站) and then take exit 1.
So we have just arrived at the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) and it is still quite
It is 4:30 PM.
Most of the stalls start opening closer to five o'clock and things will only continue
to get busier as the night goes on.
And apparently this market can run until like one or two in the morning.
So yeah, still very early.
We were hungry so we couldn't wait any longer.
So we are having some kind of Barbecue roll with green onion (黑胡椒豬肉卷) in it.
Okay so we are having our first snack of the night.
And if you have a look over here it is basically a pork roll and it is filled with green onions
and she also asked us if we wanted it spicy so she put some powder over it.
Of course we said yes.
So look at that.
Oh that looks good.
Oh man.
Do you like that?
That is really nice.
I'm so hungry right now.
What does it taste like because I've never had anything like this before?
Well, have a look at it here.
It is filled with green onions.
That is like the main ingredient in the middle.
So you taste both the pork and the green onions.
Okay, so Sam's going in.
Time for me to try it.
That is really good.
I like that the green onions give it like a bit of juiciness.
And the pork is a little bit salty but it is not too as spicy as I thought it would
And we paid the equivalent of five dollars for this.
It was a bit expensive.
A little bit pricy but I mean.
It was 150 Taiwanese Dollars.
So yeah.
But it is good.
there is one drink I've been wanting to try ever since we got to Taipei (臺北市).
I love bubble tea (珍珠奶茶) and apparently it originated here so voila.
Look at that.
Look at that.
I got one with brown sugar so you can see me mixing it.
You can see the brown sugar.
So good.
On the sides and then you can see the like the pearl tapioca jellies at the bottom.
Man, that looks good.
Oh man.
Oh man.
Real deal?
That is so amazing.
I love this drink so so much.
Is it nice and sweet?
What can you taste?
Don't want to choke on the tapioca balls but it is almost syrupy.
The brown sugar.
Like it is quite thick.
So you really get that flavor coming through and I love that it is made with milk because
apparently you can just get straight up tea and I was like no no no let's go with the
Give me some milk here.
The milk in there.
So yeah, it is so good.
So good.
So Sam just had to get a taste of it as well.
Of course.
I'm sharing.
Sharing is caring.
So how much was this one?
Okay, before I talk about that I just have to say how good and sweet that is.
You really taste the brown sugar.
Oh man.
And then you get sucking up all of the jellies.
Man, that is good.
Okay so that was 50 Taiwan dollars which is about a dollar fifty US.
So yeah that is a nice affordable cheap drink.
And so worth it.
So worth it.
And you know what else is cool.
They give you a really thick straw so you can get at your bubbles.
Suck them bubbles.
So for our next Taiwanese street snack we are having Taiwan fried chicken (鹹酥雞)
and this was quite the process.
Like first he took the chicken breaded it, deep-fried it and then he took a pan and added
the sauce.
We got sweet chili and then pan-fried the chicken even further in the glaze.
And are those rice cakes beside it?
These look like these could be little rice cakes.
Oh wow.
And then on top of that he sprinkled peanuts and sesame seeds.
It looks amazing.
And that was one hundred and ten Taiwanese dollars so you're looking at about three US
bucks for that.
A little bit more.
A little more than three US.
How is that?
Oh my gosh.
It is so tender but so juicy at the same time.
How about the sauce?
So sweet.
Which is really good.
So this was Sam's pick tonight.
And I think you're going to be very pleased.
I think I will.
Oh that is so good.
Isn't it?
Like you said really tender.
And I love the combination of nuts and sesame seeds on the outside.
It gives it a crunch.
Perfect combination.
And it is a bit spicy too.
So if I can offer one piece of advice when visiting this market it would be to come a
little bit later in the evening.
We arrived around four thirty and it was you know pretty quiet.
Things are starting to pickup a little bit but our food options have been a little bit
limited because people are just you know showing up and opening their stalls.
So later in the evening is best.
Thank you.
So Sam is
leading the way with this one.
What are we having next?
Alright moment of truth.
We've been playing it kind of tame.
Playing it kind of safe so far.
We're going right in to the classic Taiwanese street food (台湾街头食品) here.
We are having Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐).
Oh my.
And it is funny because we saw this tofu stand and we're like is this stinky or not we don't
So I walk up to it and I go.
Oh yeah.
That is the real deal.
That is stinky.
That is definitely the real stuff.
So if you've never tried this before I was reading on wikipedia earlier this afternoon
that it smells something like stinky feet or garbage.
Rotting garbage.
Oh my.
So yeah it is strong.
I'm going to go take a bite here.
I think there is some cabbage.
You can see it is on a double skewer here.
Yeah, a double skewers and it has got cabbage in the middle.
Somewhat like a sandwich.
Oh my.
A little overpowering there.
That is something else.
It is spicy.
Oh man.
I'm keeping my distance.
It is just you really taste the sourness of it.
And the fermented aspect and woah.
That is something that would take a while to get used to.
I don't think I'm ever going to enjoy this one to be honest.
How about a second bite to.
Alright I'll do one more.
I'll do one more.
Maybe it'll grow on you.
I also kind of want you to eat most of it so I will have very little left for myself.
So just go ahead.
Go ahead.
That is something.
I don't even know how to describe it because I've never had anything quite like it before.
That is fascinating.
How much did it cost?
That was only forty five.
So just over a dollar.
About a dollar thirty or a dollar forty for that.
So it is cheap.
And you should try it if you're in Taipei (臺北市).
Why not right?
And did I mention that scooters come zipping around out of nowhere.
So after stinky tofu (臭豆腐) comes the reward.
Although that being said I don't deserve a reward because I didn't try the tofu.
But we decided to get something sweet instead.
This is for you Sam.
I'm going to sample it for you to make sure it is okay.
So we got a crepe (蛋餅) with oreo ice cream, Nutella, banana, whipped cream, chocolate
Yeah, it was the whole process of making it was pretty fancy.
How is that?
Sweet tooth cravings fulfilled?
You're speechless.
That is how I know it is good.
For your bravery.
You are being awarded an ice cream.
This is my reward here.
Which I've sampled for you.
Hey don't make out with the ice cream.
I'm still going to have some more.
Oh I'm going to be making out with the ice cream some more.
That is so mean.
It is all over your lips too.
That is so good.
So decadent.
I mean I just got on the second bite a lot of Nutella and like woah.
With the ice cream and whipped cream and then the light fluffiness of the crepe.
Man, I haven't even.
Oh yeah it is a good dessert.
I haven't had Nutella yet.
That is a nice Taiwanese dessert here.
So we've already had dessert but we thought 'hey' there is always room for one more.
Dessert just keeps rolling.
And this is definitely the most colorful thing we've seen out here at the Shilin Night Market
(士林夜市) so far.
So apparently if you can see here.
These are pieces of strawberry that have been put on a skewer and these are candied (糖葫蘆)
or called a toffee kind of fruit.
And you also notice sweet tomatoes and also plums as well.
We decided to go with strawberry.
So let's try that here.
I'm going to try eating a whole one.
Oh my.
Oh wow.
It is like properly hard on the outside.
Oh wow.
That is like a super quenching.
That is like a super crunchy sweet glaze on the outside.
And the fruit extra juicy on the inside.
Is it warm fruit?
It is.
You can tell it has been like warmed up.
Cooked up a little bit.
It kind of tastes like if you've ever had strawberry shortcake the way the strawberries
are kind of a little bit warm like that.
Oh yeah.
Being placed next to a cake.
Look at that color.
It is so good.
Ruby red.
We forgot to take a picture.
And you know what?
A tomato snuck into the mix.
Are you serious?
Strawberry, strawberry, tomato.
Where is the tomato?
The little one.
Oh wow.
You've gotta bite hard.
Oh, look.
It is seeping all over the place.
Oh my gosh.
So what do you think?
I'm making a mess on someone's storefront.
Do you like it?
Yeah, it is good.
But we better run off now.
So that is a wrap from Shilin Night Market (士林夜市).
We really enjoyed eating all of the different Taiwanese street food (臺灣菜) and we're
going to be eating up at a lot more night markets here in Taipei (臺北市) so stay
tuned for that.
Alright guys.
We are up before the sun today and it is for a really good reason.
We've been hearing about Taiwanese breakfast at this one particular spot and we're going
to go check it out.
The MRT just opened and now it is time to go.
Yes, apparently this restaurant opens at five thirty in the morning but the MRT didn't start
running until 6 am so we had to wait.
Now we can finally venture out.
Exit five.
How excited are you for breakfast?
Well now that I've actually finally woken up I'm quite excited.
Ready to chow down.
Chow down.
Let's go.
So apparently we're not the only ones.
So we found the restaurant.
It is called Fu Hang Dou Jiang (阜杭豆漿).
Hopefully I am pronouncing that right.
And we had to wait in line about twenty to thirty minutes and that was at six thirty
in the morning so I can't imagine what it is like when you come later in the morning.
But anyways we ordered.
Now ordering was a bit tricky because their menu is not in English so I had to do some
research in advance and kind of show up with the names written out.
But now I'm going to show you what we ordered and tell you what it is called in case you
want to try the same things.
Alright, let's check it out.
And of course we have two bowls of soy milk because that is what they specialize in and
that is called Dou Jiang (豆漿).
One is hot and one is cold.
One is like piping hot.
This one is like boiling so we're going to be sampling those.
Let's have a look.
So yeah, it is just soy milk.
I've never drank milk with a spoon but that is a first.
So we asked for both of our soy milks to be sweetened so that is good.
Because who doesn't love sugar.
And I'm trying the cold one now.
So let's see.
I don't think I've ever had soy milk before.
Are you serious?
Why am I blowing on the milk?
It is already cold.
My gosh.
It does taste like tofu.
Does it?
Soy milk tastes like tofu.
But it is sweet.
And refreshing.
That is weird.
Does it have like a bit of dessert like taste almost?
Like sweet tofu.
Yeah, first time trying this.
It is not bad.
I think this could grow on me the more I have it.
Okay so we're going to break into the mystery roll.
Yeah, so take a look down here.
I'm just going to snap it in half.
It feels dense I know there is definitely something inside.
Oh, woah.
Oh it is super syrupy.
Maybe that wasn't the best idea.
Look can you see the syrup?
Look at all of that.
I'm going to guess that is pineapple.
But who knows.
Is it sweet?
It is very sweet.
You know what?
It tastes like a sesame.
Sweetened sesame sauce.
Not like a soy base sesame sauce but like pure sesame.
That is like so good.
So sweet.
And everything we're trying so far has been really sweet.
So I kind of like that we're getting a big of a sugar high this morning.
That looks like a sweet pastry.
You can really taste the sesame seeds on the outside too.
I didn't mention that but.
I'm sure you'll be able to tell.
You know what I mean about the sesame paste?
Doesn't that taste like sesame to you?
And honey maybe?
Yeah, it has got like kind of a sesame honey kind of taste in the middle.
It is good.
It is like a really dense bread.
And it is kind of flakey but oily at the same time.
Do you like it?
So next up we're having what I believe is the Shao Bing (燒餅 - 烧饼) so it looks
like a sandwich but it is basically a wheat cake and it is stuffed with egg.
An omelette, chives.
Yeah, it looks like a sandwich.
Omelette sandwich.
And it is really sticky on top so I think it has like some kind of sweet glaze.
But let's find out for sure.
You know what?
I'm starting to realize that in Taiwan there is a major sweet tooth.
A lot of the food is sweet and I'm enjoying that.
Is it?
I'm really enjoying this.
Is it also savory too?
Yeah, it is like a fried omelette so that is greasy and salty but then you've got the
sweetness of the bread so it is a nice combination.
Alright, my turn to try.
Oh wow.
You know what this reminds me of?
Like whenever I go back home and this is only about once a year my Dad will cook up a big
omelet and we'll have some healthy bread that has been toasted and usually I put like a
bit of jam on the bread and then I put the omelet on top of the toast and eat it.
That is a weird combination but I've seen him do it.
And it kind of reminds me of this.
Like the sweetness of the bread and then the nice omelette.
It is just like a nice contrast in combination.
This last one is either Yutiah or Youtiao (油條 - 油条) please let me know in the
We're butchering these names I'm sure pretty fiercely.
Um, at first glance it kind of reminds me of a bit of a porras that we had in Spain.
Like those giant sized kind of churros like things.
And I have to say it is like super light in the hand.
It looks a lot bigger than what it is.
It is really flimsy and light.
So I'm going to give that a try.
So it is like a deep-fried dough stick and all we need right now is that thick Spanish
hot chocolate and we're set.
It tastes like a bit greasy and salty as opposed to being sweet.
And yeah it kind of a nice contrast to all of the sweet dishes we've been having this
This one is a little saltier.
I'm going to try another bite.
And you know what?
When they served it up to us they actually put it in the sandwich.
So I think you can probably put both of them together.
And it has got a like a kind of flaky buttery taste as well to it.
It is greasy on the outside and I quite like it.
So let's reassemble that sandwich.
Have another bite why don't you?
So now I've got like a monster sandwich.
Let's try that.
It adds a bit of crunchiness to it.
And a little more salt and greasiness.
Yeah, it doesn't have a whole lot of flavor on its own I have to say.
It just tastes greasy.
And it is like really flaky and like light.
It kind of reminds me of a croissant a little bit but it is not something I would want to
eat on its own.
I can see why she would put it in the sandwich.
But even better that cup of hot chocolate.
That muddy Spanish hot chocolate.
As if we're not getting enough sweets as it is.
Maybe you can dip it in the soy milk.
Do you think that is how it is done?
Why don't you try it?
I'll do it in yours.
Yours is warm.
Watch everyone is going to be shaking their heads.
That is way better.
That is way better?
That is how I would recommend having that.
I have no idea of just how you're supposed to do it but that is how we're rolling.
You're going in for another bite.
That is how we roll.
Maybe we're creating something new in Taiwan.
I highly doubt it but.
Well that line is now wrapping around the building.
We had to wait twenty to thirty minutes.
It is at least two to three times as long now.
That is probably going to take like forty five to an hour.
Sure glad we came when we did.
Come early!
So are you feeling ready to take on Taipei after that breakfast?
Yeah, I've got my sugar high.
I've got you know like my saltiness with the egg.
So I'm ready to go.
And in terms of price point that was a hundred and thirty five Taiwanese dollars so it worked
out to just over two US dollars per person.
So really cheap, really tasty food.
And yeah, I can see why there is a big line.
And the one thing I wish we could have tried was something I think called Dan Bing (蛋餅)
which is basically a pancake with the omelet stuffed inside.
We noticed some other people having that and we're like ooh that looked good.
And I also saw people having some kind of porridge that I just didn't know the name
of it.
Yeah, anyways we ate enough.
I mean we're full now but yeah there is other things to try though.
Yeah, so if you want to find this place straight out of exit five and here you've got the market.
You just go down this way up to the second floor and you'll see the lines.
Yeah, and don't forget to come early.
Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan.
Another day and another night market.
And we brought our appetite.
Today we are visiting the Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市) and they are renown for their
street food.
If you want to have street food this is the one market you need to visit.
And earlier this week we visited Shilin market (士林夜市) where we got to try a few different
But we're on the lookout for more Taiwanese street food (Xiaochi - 小吃).
It is all about the food tonight.
Let's go eat.
Okay so we found our first snack of the night.
Before we even entered the market.
Yeah, so we're trying a pork bun (胡椒餅) that was cooked in the oven.
And this is just freshly made so really exciting.
It is like pipping hot.
I can feel it warm in my hands.
And it was cooked in what resembled like one of those Indian tandoori ovens where the bread
just sticks to the side.
That is really good.
And this is filled with pork and chives.
So I'm not getting a lot of pork on the first bite but it is very thick and condensed.
So very doughy.
Let's see if we can get a better look.
Alright, so we've finally made it to the point where I can get some meat here.