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So I know we all have the same question
when we visit a foreign country
you wonder
is it safe?
I'd be biased and tell you that
I think Taiwan is safe
how about
let the others tell you
Sorry where are you from?
How do you feel around the neighborhood?
I think it's safe
the neighborhood in Taiwan
It's the 2nd day today
Oh it's the 2nd day and you already feel safe
Has anybody told you they haven't?
Well no but
that's why I'm trying to tell the
people who haven't been here
that Taiwan is safe
Where are you from?
I'm from America
from Kentucky actually
um fried chicken?
I've been here since September
so maybe
half year?
wow that's a long time
Are you here to study?
I'm here to study Chinese
So you can speak fluent Chinese?
No no no not at all
It's improved
but there's still a lot of room for improvement
Your pronunciation is amazingly accurate
That's good that's good
I know I've got better pronunciation.
I think it's very safe
When I'm in Kentucky, I wouldn't walk alone at night
You feel safe walking alone at night here in Taiwan
Yes but
some people may tell me not to do that
but I honestly think it's quite safe
You wouldn't be harrassed or anything?
No I don't think so
I've never experienced it
neither do my friends
so personally I think it's really safe
to study Chinese
Oh to study Chinese wow
You can speak Chinese?
Um yea I can
Are you a beginner?
Um what?
Are you a beginner?
Um no
I do speak a bit Chinese
Do you think Taiwan is safe?
Safe because I can go out on my own
Um I don't need
Well I don't think I have to like
of course you have to be careful
but everyone is very helpful
if they know I'm looking for something
they always come up and ask
I need help
It's a really safe city
Do you think it's safe to walk around
maybe 10pm 11?
Yea I think so
if you are into that kind of thing
I'm not it
Me neither
If I have to go out late at night
I think I could
I've only been here couple of days
it seems safe
Oh ok where are you from?
Um New Zealand
Oh okay
The accent is um
I can't really tell
so you only been here couple of days
are you here to travel?
yea just traveling and visiting friends
wow and you find Taiwan
like can you walk in the middle of the night or?
yea I've been here
last time when we went out for dinner
and it seems fine
yea it seems very safe
compared to many places
What do you want?
Oh sorry I'm trying to find out
if foreign travelers think Taiwan is safe
It's safe
you think it's safe
where are you from sorry?
from Germany
We have to go to the airport
because we leave
have fun!
enjoy! travel safe!
So now
how do you feel about walking in the alleyway
in Taiwan?


【神街訪】訪問在台外國人:「台灣安全嗎?」(中英字幕) (IS TAIWAN SAFE?)

15417 分類 收藏
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