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  • Oh cmon, that was a fowl!

  • *Phone ringing* Its my girl its my girl its my girl

  • You ready?

  • *Horn noises* Hey Babe

  • (on the phone) Hey baby where are you?

  • Crazy Dom [okay] on final camera. Oh shit him didn't pull over not be invincible [be] all over your vehicle

  • Oh my God, they want to give you company. Oh

  • License and registration sir yeah, of course officer of course baby one day my life is coupled over oh my God for Poli

  • Oh it. I'm here right right now

  • He wants

  • Losing a war going out of some shit. Oh my God

  • the hands off and on telecom

  • Too much, baby get on. I'm sorry please forgive me. I gotta go back. Oh

  • Bring together for a while. I'ma go home, okay?

  • Hey, baby, I'm fucking Chakras. It like a lot of rare Rhonda. I can't you see the road ahead of me, baby

Oh cmon, that was a fowl!


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