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  • *music playing*

  • Dude Perfect

  • Whats up guys we're Dude Perfect, I'm Drew Bees, let's have some fun!!!

  • *music playing*

  • Alright, this is the double Pendulum Ring Shot, here we go

  • *happy screaming*

  • Fresh hat time, Drew what's your game plan well I'm not going to throw it but I'm going to do something just as accurate and that is the Drop Kick Trust Shot.

  • Erm, okay cool

  • you're registered after this small oh yeah anyway I saw their wide over the

  • whole time welcome to the football skeet Buster

  • competition miiverse drew I don't like my odds but first the three hits is the

  • winner here we go

  • this one boys just one God Wow looking good boy but I'm about to make a

  • comeback here saying you gotta let him build up some confidence you don't want

  • to be poor and go out there hit the first one all right guys we have coach

  • Sean Payton here with us drew brees gentlemen we've got a few competitions

  • we're going to go head-to-head and see who comes out on top name that - I have

  • issues

  • the tower laser shot

  • I'm going to start us off hit this target triggers the bowling balls down

  • the ramp got to hit this target right here triggering this ramp up before the

  • bowling ball comes down the other side where Cody will be laying down laying

  • down and blindfold yeah not is this always happen to me like I'm always the

  • one that's mindful baby because I'm just a nice guy I go they want to do this I

  • say sure this is the tie but mainly drew and Cody trust shot here we go

  • yes might be thing you know they used to take bowling ball in case you were to

  • hit Cody actually still fully involved and that's a real Cody and drew did a

  • phenomenal job you guys ever seen a game

  • that's really hard to understand as you're saying are gone to do yet have to

  • get this flowery breeze reeks leprechauns don't let Burke on there's

  • Olli Rehn knows all about rainbows lovely yeah okay

  • come on please rainbow week left like a Gazette no auto so good no that's run

  • the hike all morning of our wet weather in the winter learning about up whiny

  • other no winners whining about wet weather in the window

  • so you guys know I was on the money drew saw knew I was on the money he's I'm not

  • even going to hit the skeet on this one I'm just going to knock this ball out of

  • the way AB you fence won't say this might be all

  • we get so we're going to celebrate and celebrate as I get to all of them

  • thank you yes that is becoming 12 o clock battle I'm just glad I got one in

  • there this is the upper Decker

  • I heard a rumor that you're a big juicy fruit guy we are going to do a little

  • gum taste test so we've got three different pieces and you will hand him

  • one at a time and you will identify what is 1 2 was juicy fruit why that over the

  • other just felt listen tattooed ten thousand five hundred eighty six sticks

  • to is juicy fruit I go to take your hat off they were all everything I see you

  • did it a little wardrobe change halfway curl this this was for you guys I

  • appreciate yeah that looks good on it I'm gonna need all the luck I can get

  • okay going up to what second six-pack we're going 610 it's going to be a long

  • shot

  • this it was a real special

  • what's up guys thanks for watching if you're not already a dude perfect

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  • you want to see last video click right here and also make sure you click here

  • to follow drew on Twitter drew ended with a signature sign-off huh

  • pound it noggin yeah

*music playing*


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