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And in 3, 2, 1, we're heading to Taipei
So this is the lobby of the Taiwan Grand Hotel
It literally feels like a Chinese palace.
look, everything is RED
so many red pillars
The outside looks like you are entering some kind of kingdom
some ancient kingdom, it looks insane!
I literally love this hotel It’s been...actually its my first day here but its really awesome
Here is Dan Dan!
Hey, whats up.
Dan is my Taiwanese guy so he knows where to go, what to do
So we are going to go to Jiufen
It is like $2,000 NTD to get there and back in here
It’s like an hour car ride there and then an hour back
$2,000 NTD is like 6,000-7,000 yen or around $60-70 US
So we will see you guys there
So right now we are in Jiufen, we have landed
beautiful view
Kind of crazy. I think you don't really recognize or
For me at least I didn't think taiwan was so green, but it there's so much nature
That temple were like in the middle of the forest as you guys saw or a temple Shrine temple
yeah, we think temple but
It was absolutely gorgeous. It was like sticking out of the forest
Looked kind of crazy but we have another beautiful scene so we will see you guys there
I don’t think you realize how much of a mountain Taiwan is
Like one giant Mountain no wonder Daniel is so fit
Yeah DanDan
But Taiwan mountain #1!
You are sweating
So this uphill is literally
Just stairs with restaurants and souvenir shops lining
So many people and it's so humid. I'm dripping sweat
but I’m not the only one, Dan is dripping sweat too
We are dripping sweat buddies
This is so cool though. It just keeps going up
Oh my god
Alright, so now. We're gonna try yu yuan
Yu yuan...Its basically like ice, a slushy looking ice with fruit slices, mochi balls or taro balls
I haven't tried it yet, but I think I look like a much of all kind of thing plus red bean paste or "anko"
There is a lot of influence from Japanese culture here so
Yeah, like mochi balls
Really good. And its so good right now because its so hot. This ice is really refreshing
Its only 45 NTD for one
We are trying sweet seaweed
Whoa? Oh I know what this is. My grandma used to make this
That's good
It's like Jell-O
Not jello!
It tastes like anindofu
Right right, so what you do is you boil that block and then you put ice in it...
And then you can drink it like that
That's good
We're still walking in the alleyway, Taiwanese people are so nice...I like Taiwanese people
Ohhhh, boba tea, milk tea!
Okay, it's bigger than my hands whoa
Look how big this is, as big as my face. Only about 260 yen of around $2.60US
for the country known for the best
Yeah, oh, yeah
We have made it to Shifen, Shifen Old Street
Shifen Old Street and we are on another suspension bridge
And I really don't like suspension bridges as you can see it's shaking already. Well my hair looks crazy
It's been like raining on and off constantly here
And then this place is actually famous for like kind of lantern thing you like put a lantern a fire under a small lantern
You let it go up in the sky and you can make a wish or something right?
Yeah, you can write something on it. Yeah kind of cool. We're gonna try that
So this place has a bunch of cool
Shops and restaurants and cafes as well
Just like Jiufen
Everything is like so much eating here. I love it food here is great so many choices
except it rains like very very often
All right, we went across a fried ice cream place
I gotta get my ice cream course right?
That's so good imagine like tempura and like ice cream
The Shifen area was pretty awesome and a nice get away from the busy Taipei city vibe
After we got dropped off from the taxi back towards our hotel
We took the subway to our next location which was very convenient and easy to use
There were English translations for most of the prompts on the screen making ticket purchases very efficient
You get a poker chip looking like coin, that you'll tap on a ticket gate and later use for the exit gate as well.
I was very eager to arrive at our next stop as it was supposed to be absolutely enormous
Whatup guys so right now we are outside of chiang Kai-shek
National Memorial Hall, which is it covers around over 240,000 square meters, so it is absolutely huge
The main Entrance is right here
And it's designated to the former president of the republic of China. His name is chiang Kai-shek
Hence chiang Kai-shek memorial hall and here's like a very prominent a military leader
Taiwan History, or the Republic of China and
He died at 1975 so that's actually kind of recent. But um yeah, there's a lot of good history. You can see here
There's a lot of like soldiers
Walking around it's actually like a big event right now with a bunch of soldiers...
like children...?
Get in here buddy. Get in here. They're high school students doing what um
Marching performance doing stuff and yeah, then after this we're going to go to
Hsing Tian Kong
Which is a temple for that that's devoted to the god of business here in Taiwan, and that covers over 70,000 square meters
So these places are really really really big
We have made it to elephant Mountain aka Xiangshen
It's called Elephant Mountain because the mountain looks like an elephant head
He's Taiwanese, I'm not even Taiwanese and I know...
We will see you guys up on the mountain..
so we have been climbing for like 3 minutes...
and Elephant Mountain
is just a buttload of stairs
Look at that. This is a never-ending Elephant Mountain...
Actually it just keeps getting steeper and steeper each step is getting longer and longer making for a deeper squat. How one else nothing
Taiwan Elephant Mountain trying to kill tourists one step at a time...
At the top of Elephant Mountain was an absolutely gorgeous view of the City minus the weather
When people talk about how good taiwanese food is they are definitely not kidding around
The Hike was a perfect way to burn all those calories we gained while here in Taiwan
We couldn't stop eating on this trip as every meal seemed to get better than the last
I don't think I've ever been on a trip that was centered around delicious food, but I'm glad I now have that experience
On our last day we decided to take the train to the airport
near Taipei station, which has direct access to the airport terminal making for a very easy return home
the process of purchasing the ticket is the same as buying a ticket on the normal train. The price was very cheap and
definitely something you should take advantage of if you make your way down here
All right guys that's going to wrap it up for kind of like an explore Taiwan video. We had a ton of fun
I absolutely love taiwan [um] I think it's just rightfully correct to end it with some tapioca since uh tapioca or
boba tea, or I guess pearls tapioca pearls or however you want to call them originated from Taiwan
we did so much from eating so much food to hiking to going to the countryside of Taiwan, not countryside, but like kind of
outside of the main city in Jiufen on the first day was absolutely great. We also went on a hike to Elephant Mountain
We went shopping. We got a massage. We got everything Taiwan is absolutely.. I literally absolutely love it
I want to come back and check out the other cities Taichung and Tainan
Tainan is down south and Taicheng is in between Tainan and Taipei
So I hope you guys enjoyed this video even though its not Japan related
But I hope you guys can support it and kind of enjoy the Taiwan vlogs because I would love to come back here
So yeah anyways, please like comment share and subscribe, and we'll see you guys in the next video. Bye
All right, so we are trying pork blood cake
Want to explain this? Can you tell me what this is?


第一次的台灣之旅 (FIRST TIME IN TAIWAN - What To Eat And Where To Go)

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