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  • I love Porsches.


  • Let's say, how many?


  • I have five.


  • Kent Liu owns 11 vehicles, from Porsches to Jaguars and Alfa Romeo.

    Kent Liu 有 11 輛車,從保時捷到捷豹到愛快羅密歐

  • He rents out his fleet on a car-sharing app Turo,

    他在汽車共享應用程式 Turo 上出租他的艦隊

  • frequently referred to as the "Airbnb for cars".

    這個應用程式就是「汽車版的 Airbnb」

  • I started in 2013. I started with the Honda Accord and I purchased that car specifically to rent out,

    我從 2013 年開始,從 Honda Accord 開始出租,我買那台車是專門拿來出租的

  • to test out the peer-to-peer car-sharing model.

    測試這個 P2P 汽車共享的模式

  • You know, it was really successful so I figured, why not scale it?


  • I've been adding cars to my fleet ever since.


  • According to Turo, the average monthly earnings for owners on the platform is $720.

    根據 Turo 的說法,車主在這個平台每個月平均能賺到 720 美元

  • And if they have more than three cars, they can make over $3,000 per month.

    如果擁有超過三台車則有可能賺超過 3,000 美元

  • The vehicles don't have to be high-end sports cars.


  • Demand just really went off the charts. The 50 Euro Honda was being rented all the time. People loved it.

    大家的響應程度真的超出我預期。 我的 50 歐 Honda 一直被租用,大家都很愛

  • Ann Connolly joined 4 years ago with her 2002 Honda CRV,

    Ann Connolly 在四年前開始出租她的 2002 年 Honda CRV

  • and has since purchased two additional vehicles to rent out.


  • It wasn't really ever a full-on intention to run the business, the car-rental business, but it just sort of, happened.


  • Since Turo is a peer-to-peer service, they act as the middle man,

    因為 Turo 是個 P2P 的模式,所以它就像是個中介角色

  • so they don't own the cars, pay for parking, or servicing.


  • They take care of all the marketing, the back-end support. Insurance is also the key thing that they take care of.


  • Car-sharing will not be a true game changer according to the Boston Consulting Group.


  • Still, they project 35 million people worldwide will use the type of service by 2021.

    不過,他們預測到了 2021 年,全世界會有 3500 萬人使用這樣的服務

  • Heads off from just 6 million users in 2015.

    從 2015 年的 600 萬人開始成長

  • And it's become far more popular in Europe and Asia than in North America.


  • The way I see it is, if the car is rented out more than 50% of the month, then it's time to get another car.


  • It's all about meeting that demand for these high-end vehicles.


  • Definitely see why I want to try it out.


I love Porsches.



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