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How you doing baby girl?
What's up YouTube, today I'm gonna show you 10 toys from McDonald's.
That's right, McDonald's!
Believe it or not, the other day I went to McDonald's, and I was like
Hey, do you have any toys that you don't want
Obviously believe it or not they gave me all these
these are all the rejected toys from McDonald's
I don't know why they were rejected, either it's too harmful for children
or whatever but these are 10 toys from McDonald's.
So uh uh let's unbox them and see what's up boys!
okay this is the first toy from McDonald's this is the alien
glow fingers. all right it says slide them on and watch them glow so uhh...
Let's unbox this! I can't open this...Ooh! Slide 'em on and watch it glow
oh this one's glowing! oh look at
that one wow!
Oh let me touch you and then you're gonna heal
ah! do you feel the healing effects?
they told me these have healing effects
if you have a pain and your tooth is
put it like that and then it's gone forever
it's gone forever, oh oh oh... this one isn't working though
okay next up we have the
amazing silly straw. they kind of
called it the smart straw and they didn't
want it because it was too expensive for
them to, you know, sell and give away for
free for all the toys. so, let's open these
smart straw from McDonald's and now
let's hook it up real quick. so really simple this
is what it looks like and I assume you
put this part into the drink that you
want to drink right here and then use
the other side right here to suck it
on, and then it's going to go into
the straw. so let's see how durable this
rejected McDonald's toy is real
say what?! why I don't know why this was
rejected. they should have just kept it
because it's a fun way to drink a drink
if you want you can just drink it like
this if you want to. alright so far
that is my favorite McDonald's toy
alright next up we have the graph of
bubblee or graph bubble. it blows
a storm of tiny bubbles. so you open it up.
I guess it has little bubble stuff in here
I guess you just pour it in here and ah
here we go
I guess you just go, here we go. Wow amazing
by the way if you want this poster go to
growmade.com/guavajuice. if you want.
WOW! wow wow that's pretty cool I've
never seen so many bubbles with such
little efforts. all right next up we have
the mini kendama. this is the rejected
toy from Japan McDonald's. the reason why
they got rid of this because no one
really knew how to use it too well, but
luckily, I... I don't know how to use it but I'm
gonna try my best to try it out. so uh
the purpose of this is trying to get the
ball inside this little um the stick
thing. i think you just, like, stick it in, and then like
that and then it'd be good it's all good
so really simple. you can either put it
like on the top like I did earlier, or if
you want you can just put it right here on
the very top if you want to, or you can
put it on the sides like right there the
it depends.
alright guys, next up we have the instant worms
of course they got rid of this because
people McDonald's would put this
inside water and then these little
things will turn into worms. so let's give
it a try. luckily I have a glass of
water here. all I gotta do... oh I dropped
it on the floor, silly me. where did it go?
so it's all right here and this one expands
into worm, so let's stick it in here oh
there you go. oh that's GROSS. it kind of
looks like larva
oh that's gross. you see? you see it GROW?!
ohhh that is disgusting
I guess if you really want to pull a prank
on someone
just put this into their drinks or
their sodas and they'll be drinking it like
but it's not really a worm.
I can see why McDonald's rejected this one
next up we have SnapFly!
you can just make this fly 15 feet high
let's give it a shot. here we go and you
just kind of spin it, I believe. here you go
one, two, three! what? Did I do it right?
oh my bad! you are supposed to snap it!
WOW no way! let me try another one. here we go
double snappers, here we go!
it's kind of like annoying mosquitoes, except
it's not annoying. you actually want them
in your life
this one's for you! Comment down below!
What's your name
alright let's see how far I can snap this
here we go. did you see that, Sally??
Chad? Todd? Oscar? Dexter? what's your name
comment down below for real. next up we
have the magic relighting candles
the candles that relight themselves up, if you
blow them out. I guess the reason why
they rejected this one is because a
whole Mcdonald's burns down and they
have to get rid of this one. let's see how
relightable this thing is. all right there
you go. alright cool so after lighting them up
oh, you can see, you can see it's
kind of sparkly. you can tell that these
aren't regular candles, McDonald. why aren't
you selling this, by the way? let's
blow them out, and see us if they really
relight. here we go. happy birthday to me, OHH HOOOOO
oh this one is out. this one is broken. McDonald's, this one
is broken. there you go. Juliet, happy
birthday to
me. okay this one lights up, this one's
lighting up. that one is also lighting up
this one's broken
let's wait a little bit. man, I believe
in it. oh there you go, OH HOHOHO! well so if you
want a really really troll-ish
annoying way to celebrate someone's
birthday, give them these candles. ask
McDonald's: hi McDonald's,
give me some candles they will give it
to ya. the question is now how do I
actually blow them out. so let's use this
one...uhm hum. Wow are you kidding me? this
one still lights up, but the others are dead
so it's really easy to, you know, get them
out completely. just put liquid on it and
it's good to go. next up we have
superhero shooters. McDonald's got rid of
this when they released Superman vs
Batman. all you gotta do is stretch it out
and it will fly away. so here we go, so FLY
here we go Superman, FLY! fly superman, FLY!
HAHAHA! here we go I'm
gonna launch both of them now. here we go
that one was pretty cool, but it's alright, that was alright, I guess I know why
they rejected that one. it's crazy, it's kind of boring
alright so we have the funny teeth
I can understand why McDonald's
got rid of this. it's because if each of us eats too much
McDonald's, your teeth are gonna look like that
I'm just kidding. if you don't brush your
teeth, it's gonna look like that. so let's
give it a shot
McDonald's, don't sue me cuz I'm doing this
so uhh, really simple, uhh, I guess you just put it in your teeth
hey how's it going boys
hey how you doing baby girl - do i look sexy? so
if you ever go on a date, 100% your date
is gonna go extremely well, if you have this on
hey baby girl how you doing? muahh
and there's also another one where you only
have two teeth
let's try it on, here we go
last but not least, we have the original potty piano
I can understand why McDonald's got rid of this one,
the bathrooms are kind of dirty
no point of putting this in the bathroom
so I was able to obtain one, so
luckily I have a toilet
alright so, really simple just get your
toilet, and then put this little thingy
right here, so when you poop you can be
musically-inclined like take a poo poo
so here we go. take my shoes off and
then just turn it on right here, and then start
playing! this is called "lamb"
alright thanks for watching "10 rejected toys from McDonald's"
if you want another "10 something toys" or whatever gadgets
or whatnot
comment down below with your name
until then i will see you
you all next time. let's get this video to
7 likes, if you want, like, some food
later. stay juicy!


快樂兒童餐之10個不快樂的玩具! (10 REJECTED MCDONALDS TOYS!)

1516 分類 收藏
Mike NiKao-Kusata 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 2 日    Mike NiKao-Kusata 翻譯    Mii Wei 審核
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