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  • If you have ever heard the phrase "the Holy Spirit"

    如果你曾聽過「聖靈」這個詞, 也希望知道他的意思為何,你會從何下手

  • and you want to know what it means,


  • where do you start?


  • Well, you have to start on page one of the Bible.


  • Where the uncreated world is depicted as this


  • dark chaotic place. But then, above the chaos


  • God's Spirit is there, hovering, ready to bring about life and order and beauty.

    -希伯來文是「ruakh」(音近「入阿喝」) -「ruakh」

  • Okay, but what is God's Spirit?

    -對,最後一個音好像清喉嚨一樣 -所以那是甚麼呢?

  • Yeah, so the Spirit is the way the Biblical authors


  • talk about God's personal presence.

    -但他們的共同點是「能量」 -「能量」?怎麼說?

  • The Hebrew word is Ruakh.


  • Ruu-a-achh? Yeah, you've gotta clear your throat at the end.

    -是「風」 -這也是希伯來文的ruakh -OK

  • So, what is it?

    -所以,現在深吸一口氣,你感覺到甚麼了嗎? -嗯,空氣的流動嗎?

  • Ruakh can refer to a number of different things,

    準確點說是「能量」─你身體的生命力使你深吸一口氣 那「生命力」也是ruakh

  • but what they all have in common is energy.


  • Energy? How so?


  • So, there's an invisible energy,


  • that makes the clouds move or the tree branches sway.


  • Right, wind. So in Hebrew,

    -哇喔~ruakh -讓我們回到聖經

  • that's Ruakh. Okay!

    我們看見上帝的ruakh(靈)賜與人能力 來讓他完成上帝所賦予的任務

  • Now, take a big breath, uwwshh!

    第一個有此經歷的人是約瑟 神的靈使他可以了解並解釋夢的意義

  • So you feel that, inside you.

    另外一個是藝術家比撒列 上帝的靈賜與他創作的天才

  • Yeah, the air?

    使他可以有智慧和技術 創造帳幕裡美倫美奐的藝術作品

  • Well, specifically the energy,


  • right, the vitality in your body that you get from

    使他們可以由上帝的觀點 知曉未來將會發生甚麼事情

  • breathing, deeply,


  • that too is, Ruakh.


  • And this is the same word

    但人們卻用邪惡染指了世界 用不公不義帶來了混亂無序

  • used in the Bible, to describe God's

    -是種新型態的「渾沌」 -是的,但先知們說,聖靈有天將如創世紀第一章一樣來到

  • personal presence.

    但,這次是來改造人心 使他們有能力真正愛神愛人

  • Just like wind and breath are invisible,


  • God's spirit, is invisible.


  • Wind is powerful, and so God's spirit is powerful.


  • And just as breath keeps us alive


  • so God's spirit sustains all of life.


  • Yeah! Ruakh.

    故事接著說 神的靈賦予耶穌基督開啟新創造事工的能力

  • Now,

    我們透過耶穌醫治人、赦免人的罪惡 見證這一切

  • as we continue on in the story of the Bible


  • We see God's ruakh giving special empowerment to people for specific tasks.

    以色列的宗教領袖群起反對 並在最後合謀殺害耶穌

  • The first person in the Bible that happens to


  • is Joseph


  • God's spirit enables him to understand and interpret dreams.


  • And then it happens to this guy named "Betsaleel" and he's an artist!

    -這是新創造事工的開始 -是的,而這件事還沒完

  • God's spirit empowers him with wisdom and skills.


  • He's given creative genius to make beautiful things in the tabernacle.


  • And we also see God's ruakh empower a group of people called "the prophets".


  • They're able to see what's happening in history from God's point of view.


  • That's exactly right!

    並學習怎樣靠著「ruakh(靈/能量)」 以及「聖靈的感動」生活

  • And here's the problem as the prophet saw it.

    -如今,神的靈依舊在黑暗中運行 -是的,祂指引人歸向耶穌

  • While God's ruakh had created a really good world


  • humans have given in to evil.

    並且盼望在未來 聖靈完全改造這片黑暗世界

  • They've unleashed chaos into it through their injustice.

    聖經最後以一個異象為結 新的人要住在新天新地裡

  • A new type of disorder.


  • Yes.


  • And the prophet said the spirit would come,

    這是其中一部介紹聖經特定主題 並瀏覽全本聖經重要經文的影片

  • just like in Genesis 1,


  • but now, to transform the human heart,

    你可以在我們的YouTube上 免費觀賞我們所有的影片

  • to empower people to truly love God and others.

    你也可以到我們的網站 加入我們的行列 (網址

  • How will this new active God spirit happen?

  • Well, centuries past and we're introduced to Jesus.

  • And at the beginning of his mission,

  • there's a beautiful scene where Jesus is being baptized in the waters of the Jordan river.

  • Yeah, the sky opens up and God's spirit comes and rests on him like a bird.

  • The story sang that God's spirit is empowering Jesus to begin the new creation.

  • And we see this happening when he heals people or forgives their sins.

  • He's creating life where there once was death.

  • Now, Israel's religious leaders oppose Jesus and they eventually have him killed.

  • But even here, God's spirit is at work.

  • The earliest disciples of Jesus who saw him alive from the dead

  • said it was God's energizing spirit that raised Jesus.

  • This is the beginning of new creation.

  • Yes, and it is still going.

  • When Jesus appeared to his closest followers,

  • he breathed on them and said "Receive the Holy Spirit."

  • And soon after that, the Spirit powerfully comes on all of his disciples.

  • So that they can become a part of this new creation

  • and share the good news and learn how to live by the energy and influence of God's spirit.

  • And so today, the spirit is still hovering in dark places.

  • Yes, pointing people to Jesus,

  • transforming and empowering them so they can love God and others.

  • And the Christian hope is that the Spirit is going to finish the job.

  • The story of the Bible ends with a vision of a new humanity

  • living in a new world that's permeated with God's love and life-giving spirit.

If you have ever heard the phrase "the Holy Spirit"

如果你曾聽過「聖靈」這個詞, 也希望知道他的意思為何,你會從何下手


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