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- Today we make Jenga nasty.
- Let's talk about that.
(fun theme music)
(fire blazing)
Good Mythical Morning.
- Listen young millennials and you shall hear of a time when
the internet had not yet appeared.
It was a time when, for entertainment purposes, we would
play out of doors.
Unless of course we were some of those who were allergic to
all things out of doors and then we would play in of doors.
And when in of doors we would play Jenga.
- That's right.
Today we are bringing back Jenga in a very big way.
There are some Jenga challenges already out there on YouTube
but we gon' mix things up a little bit and add some food.
It's time for This Isn't Boy Meets World, There Is No
Topanga, We've Got Some Weird Food And We're
Playing Some Jenga.
- Looky here, we have a custom made, color coded Jenga tower
and each color corresponds to the same colored bucket which
has a food item within it.
Whenever you remove a piece you have to eat something from
that colored bucket.
The loser is the person who of course topples the tower.
They have to eat a smoothie of everything in all of their
buckets and it ain't gonna be nice.
- Okay, and the foods go from good to bad.
In my blue bucket I have something I really
like, Little Smokies.
- Mm, in my blue bucket I have Frosted Mini Wheats.
- In my green bucket I have, what, is that a cherry?
- [Stevie] They're umeboshi plums.
- Oh, I don't like those.
(crew laughs)
- It's just sour.
- Those really sour plums, I don't like 'em.
- Well, actually, I have seaweed in mine, I
don't like seaweed.
- Oh, that's a personal problem.
In my yellow bucket I have Oreos but it looks like there's
something else inside of them.
What is that?
- [Stevie] That's cat food.
- Oh, gosh.
Cat food filled Oreos. - It gets to cat food
by bucket three?
- [Rhett] (groaning) Oh.
- Then what's in my Twinkies that are in my yellow bucket?
- [Stevie] That would be marmite.
- Oh. (laughs)
- You wanna trade?
- Yeah, I like cat food.
- In my orange bucket I have--
- [Stevie] Those are pig anus cupcakes iced
with caviar spread.
- Pain-us cakes?
(crew laughs)
(laughs) Good luck with that, brother.
I have almond encrusted butter balls.
- [Stevie] Those are raw oysters wrapped in blue cheese.
- I really wanna trade with you man.
- You get the raw deal.
- I have pig anus.
- What's in your red one?
- Is that freakin' cubed blood?
- [Stevie] Yep.
- Oh, gosh.
- And I have what looks to be shriveled up witch hands.
(crew laughs)
- [Stevie] Those are spiders.
- Oh, okay. - Big spiders.
- Well, I don't wanna trade.
- And there's a mystery bucket that obviously is a mystery.
- Will remain a mystery.
- Let's get started
so that we can - Okay.
- Get this over with.
- I went first in the wedgie game so why don't you do the
honors and go first, Link.
And we're playing a slightly relaxed version of Jenga, you
Jenga experts out there.
- We're allowing for
poking of things and we're also
allowing of removing with two hands.
Not just one.
But you're kinda massaging it.
(crew laughs)
- Oh, there we go.
Green is, okay, well.
I'm gonna go with this is-- - Yeah.
Your strategy's interesting.
- So there we go.
- Okay.
- Put it up. - Link, put it on top.
- Oh, it goes on top, yeah.
(crew laughs) - We are playing
by that rule.
- Alright, and then I'm gonna eat...
Oh, my goodness.
- It's not that bad, come on man.
- It's horrible.
Have your go.
- I love Little Smokies.
Looking for the smoky.
Oh, there's a smoky.
There's a smoky, oh.
- Oh, you can't hold the whole thing while you stack it.
- Well, I did.
(crew laughs)
I just wanted a smoky, man.
Let a man have a little alone time with a smoky.
- I'm just going for blues now too.
Mini wheat.
Red, oh, I'm not taking that red out.
Homie don't play that.
(crew laughs)
What is this I'm, okay.
Oyster ball. - What is this?
I'm nervous, man.
- (sighing) Ah.
Put this up here.
And usually this is the point where you're relieved except
now I have to eat a huge oyster ball.
- You'll love it.
It's like a cheese ball.
Like Christmas time.
(crew laughs)
Oh, come on now.
It's like Christmas time at Mama Di's house.
- Go ahead.
Oh. - We really need
to be getting something...
From the middle.
- [Stevie] Oh.
- [Link] Ah.
- Oh.
(crew laughs)
- What color is that?
- It's red.
- (laughs) Yeah, go for it.
- Oh, gosh. - Wants to come out.
- [Rhett] So early.
- Oh, be careful.
Oh, goodness.
Ooo, look at that.
It's like pulling out a drawer from
a safe deposit box. - It's like I'm
dealing with C4.
Feel like Macgyver.
That's good, that's good.
What's not good is what it's about to happen.
- What it's about to happen.
That's small, you can just swallow that.
- You don't understand how much I hate this.
- I could understand, yeah, 'cause I also hate it.
- I hate this kinda thing!
I hate blood!
(laughs) - Take a knee.
You're on the front row of the school picture now.
I gotta get a blue out.
- Ah, I got it down.
- [Link] Ooo, she's tight.
(crew laughs)
Green one.
Oh, my goodness.
- Oh, I see a little peekin'!
- (laughs) Yeah that red one's peekin' but he wants to go
back into hiding. - No, no he doesn't.
He wants to come out, man.
Be careful, be careful. - Oh, my goodness.
Woo. - Whoa.
- Put this here.
Oh! (laughs)
- Oh, my.
Oh, that's close.
- [Link] Man, now I gotta eat a
dagum spider. - Oh.
- Ah!
You know what, this is just a hairy potato chip.
- Yeah, it's nothing to it, man.
I just got blood down.
It was nothing. - Ha-pa pa pa pa
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa
pop into my mouth and then I chew it
- Yeah. - Then I swallow
- Yeah. - Then I forget it
ever happened - Yeah.
- Let's do it - Yeah.
- Let's do it. - Yeah.
(crunching) Chew.
Chew it. - [Crew] Oh.
- Chew it.
Chew it.
Yeah, chew it. (gags)
Now chew it.
Chew it, chew it.
Swallow, swallow, swallow.
- Just need some water.
- I can smell it from here.
I can smell your mouth spider.
- Oh, gosh, your go.
- Okay.
- Now you 'bout to topple this tower.
- Why does this keep happening?
Oh, of course I'm loose.
I'm a mystery block.
- [Link] Going for the mystery.
- I just don't wanna lose at this point.
This is gonna help our cause up here though, I believe.
- Yeah, it might balance it out.
Oh, daddy.
- Daddy's home.
(crew laughs)
Okay, let's see. - Yeah but what's in
your mystery bucket?
- [Rhett] Oh, it's just dates.
- [Stevie] Those are Little Smokies in glue.
- Oh, that's not too bad.
(crew laughs)
- But you gotta really slather the glue.
That way that Little Smoky never leaves
your digestive tract.
- [Rhett] Okay.
- Do it for Elmer.
(crew laughs)
I wouldn't get close to that tower.
- The smoky part is good.
The gluey part is unpleasant.
My fingers are gonna get stuck together.
- Alright, I found this yellow one's loose here.
- Nice work, Link.
- Oh, man.
- Marmite Twinkie.
- Now this stuff is salty.
- [Stevie] You just have to take a big bite.
- Oh!
- Good, huh?
- Like a rotten Twinkie.
Not as bad as a spider though.
- [Rhett] This is next level stuff here, man.
- Here's a mystery right there.
It's no longer a mystery.
You wanna eat some more glue?
- [Rhett] Oh, (laughs) oh ho ho.
Oh, I found a loosy goosy.
- There she is.
- Okay, this is low so
this is...
(tense music)
Oh, yeah. - Oh, halfway there.
But where you gon' put it?
- Okay, well I since I took - You basically just need to
- One off of that side. - Guess.
- I have to put it on this side.
(tense music)
- Dang it.
- Okay and I get to eat pig anus.
(crew laughs)
Pig anus donuts you said?
- [Stevie] Cupcake.
- Cupcake?
- Oh, my goodness, gross!
♫ Chomp, chomp, chomp.
♫ Swallow, swallow, swallow.
♫ Forget what you're eatin'
♫ Even though it's the anus of a pig
Boy, that pig been squatin' in the stye over some caviar.
Are you gonna swallow it today?
- Okay, I'm gonna get it down, it's just gonna take a while.
Why don't you go.
- Now, if I'm to balance this one with the blue, boy that
would be nice.
Oh, yeah! - Oh.
- Frosted Mini!
(tense music)
Frosted Mini Wheat don't wanna play.
Woop, whoa. - Oh, my.
- Here we go.
♫ Here we go Mini Wheats
♫ Here we go
Hoo, hoo!
(crew laughs)
♫ Got the move like Jagger
♫ I got the
- Oh, this is so precarious at this point.
Oh, but look, I got a real loose one.
- [Link] We pickin' it up now.
Pickin' up the pace. - I gotta eat some more
of that freakin' blood.
- Gotta eat more blood. (tense music)
- Oh, gosh. - See, you got the
advantage of laying down the first one.
You eatin' more blood, you're not even thinkin' about it.
Pig blood and pig anus. (gags)
There you go, yeah!
- My body doesn't want this.
- Man, once I got a taste of that Mini Wheat I gotta
do that again.
- [Stevie] No.
- Whoops.
(crew laughs)
I'm not falling for that one, Jenga.
(crew laughs)
Ooo, man.
I mean, I could eat some more marmite if I had to.
- Oh, gosh.
Oh, gosh.
This is gonna be a feat if you get this out.
Oh, oh. (tense music)
I think you can do it.
I think it technically is balanced if you can slide it out.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, now the hard part is getting it on there on which
side you pick.
It doesn't matter really.
I mean it does.
- Well, maybe it won't know.
Maybe this won't know that this is up there.
- That's how physics works.
If you can successfully get this on here I think you're
almost guaranteed a win.
(tense music)
- Light as a feather.
- Oh!
(crew laughs)
- [Crew Member] What?
- Shh.
It's officially your go now.
- You didn't do yourself any favors, there's a
gap over here.
- Move your finger and your face back.
It's officially your turn.
I'll gladly eat this.
- There's no way.
I'm afraid if I touch anything it's gonna fall.
And it definitely can't be on that side.
It's gotta be on the side that just relieved the
pressure, you know?
There's gotta be some pressure relief on this side.
There's nothing loose.
I'm gonna have to man handle something.
- Man handle something.
(tense music)
- Okay, what do I do now?
(crew laughs)
Oh, gosh.
(tense music)
Oh, baby.
- [Crew] Oh!
- Woo!
- Oh.
- Hey man, you knocked over my Mini Wheats.
- Oh, dang it!
- Great game though.
Alright, we gotta smoothie all this up for you.
- Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.
- You know what time it is.
- Hi, I'm Cara from Buenos Aires, Argentina and it's time
to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
- That Jenga tower wasn't exactly 10 feet tall but that
does happen to be the name of Mike and Alex's new show and
there's a new episode that you can go watch right now on
- And click through to Good Mythical More.
We're gonna find out what's in my mystery bucket, Rhett's
gonna eat everything in his and, boy, we're gonna have a
good old time.
So click through, you don't wanna miss it.
- Let's Get Textual.
This is when we ask you to text something to a friend or
relative and then wait for their response.
We want you to text, "Hey, do you happen to have a terrarium
"that could fit a family of rats?"
- Screenshot the response.
- And post it with hashtag Let's Get Textual.
Click on the left to watch our show after the show,
Good Mythical More.
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Good Mythical Morning.
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- [Link] Thanks for being your mythical best.



蜘蛛、血塊、貓食,噁爛食物疊疊樂嚇死你! (Nasty Food Jenga)

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