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  • What's up everybody, we're the Vagabrothers and this week we're talking about the

    你們好嗎? 我們是型男兄弟;這禮拜我們要看的是

  • Top 10 Things to do in Cancun in the Riviera Maya.

    10 個到墨西哥 Riviera Maya 的「坎昆」旅遊指南

  • If you've heard of Cancun, it's probably from MTV Spring Breakbeaches, booze, and bodies

    如果你聽過坎昆,很有可能是從 MTV 頻道的春假特輯 : 海灘、酒和小鮮肉

  • that make us feel like we gotta go to the gym more.


  • Now, if that's what you're looking for, you'll find it, but trust us, there's plenty more to do in the Riviera Maya.

    如果這正是你要的,那麼這集正合你胃口;相信我們,Riviera Maya 有數不清的活動可以做

  • So let's get into it.


  • Numero unobeaches. First and foremost, Cancun is about sun and sand.


  • There are 30 miles of tropical, white sand beaches with beautiful blue water that's gonna make you


  • want to dive right in.


  • Number twonightlife. Now if there's one thing Cancun is famous for apart from the


  • beaches, it's the parties. It's definitely a lot of fun - BUT there are lots of cover


  • charges and it's full of foreigners.


  • Number three - Playa del Carmen. Another option is Playa del Carmen, it's like the little sister of Cancun.

    第三,Playa del Carmen。這會是另一個選擇,她有點像是坎昆

  • It used to be a sleepy port but lately it's grown into a more mellow alternative to the high rises of Cancunthat's great, if you're on a budget.


  • Number fourTulum. Next, it's time to get into Mayan culture, starting with the beachfront ruins of Tulum.

    第四,Tulum ,下次要一探馬雅文化的神祕面孔,可以從海濱的 Tulum 開始。

  • Now, from an archaeological perspective, this is late-period Mayan city that lacks the sublime architecture that the Maya are famous for - but it's gorgeous, and you can even go swimming on the beach.


  • Number fivethe ruins of Coba. By contrast, Coba is a larger city than Tulum and it's

    第五,Coba 的墟城。相對地,Coba 比 Tulum 要來的大

  • covered in jungle, kinda like a Mexican version of Angkor Wat. Best of all, you can climb


  • up to the top of the highest Mayan pyramid in Mexico and - let's be honest - the selfie


  • alone is worth the trip.


  • Number six - Chitzen Itza. Ok, it's not technically in the Riviera Maya - it's 3 hours inland

    第六,Chitzen Itza。這裡就不是 Riviera Maya 了;內陸 3 小時車程

  • and in the Yucatan provence - but it's one of the 7 new wonders of the world and it's

    位在 Yucatan 省分。它是世界七大奇景之一

  • one of the best preserved ruins in Mexico.


  • Number seven - diving in Cenotes, the limestone sinkholes the Maya believed were portals to

    第七,Cenotes 潛水。石灰岩水濂洞,馬雅人相信是通往地域的入口

  • the underworld. There are 1000 of them across the Yucatan peninsula and their cool, clear

    在 Yicatan 半島有超過 1000 個這樣的地形

  • waters are the best way to beat the heatespecially if you are SCUBA certified because cenotes


  • offer some of the best cave diving in all the world.


  • Number eight - swimming with a whale shark. If scuba diving in a cenote seems a little too claustrophobic,


  • why not go swimming in middle of the open ocean with a whale shark. Did you hear me

    那何不在開放海域中和鯨鯊共游呢? 你沒聽錯!

  • correctly? A friggin' whale shark! It's an awesome experience. But make sure you don't swim in front of it's open


  • mouth or you might get swallowed.


  • Number nineXcaret. We almost NEVER recommend touristic shows like Xcaret, but this one

    第九,Xcaret。我們通常不太會建議觀光客觀賞 Xcaret 秀

  • was really, really well done. It tells the whole story of Mexico, from the Maya to the


  • Spanish to the Mexican Revolution, plus, it showcases all the different dances


  • of the regions of Mexico.


  • Number ten – a temezcal. Sweat out all the week's tequila in a temezcal, a pre-Columbian

    第十,Temezcal : 一周的汗水全部貢獻在 tequila,這是個前哥倫布時期

  • cleansing ritual held in a stone sweat lodge, guided by a shaman. The ones at hotels are


  • pretty touristic, but if you head to a Mayan community like Las Palmas, you can have an

    大多已經「觀光客化」了。不過,如果你前往瑪雅地區,例如 : Las Palmas

  • authentic spiritual experience.


  • Those are our top ten tips for Cancun and the Riviera Maya, what are yours? If you're

    以上這些是 10 個到坎昆和馬雅的旅遊指南!那您的呢?

  • from Cancun or you've been there, let us know your recommendations in the comment box and


  • if you haven't seen our blog from Cancun with Louis and Nadine, make sure you check it out

    如果您還沒造訪過我們 Louis 和 Nadine 介紹坎昆的部落格

  • in the info box.


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  • Alright, hasta luego!


  • Later!


What's up everybody, we're the Vagabrothers and this week we're talking about the

你們好嗎? 我們是型男兄弟;這禮拜我們要看的是

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