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  • Today we're gonna try to teach our baby girl how to crawl

  • Way up north, in the state of Alaska, lives a man, his wife, and kids. ♫

  • and this dude, he lives like hella, because that's the way he is. ♫

  • We're gonna try to do this a couple ways, okay?

  • Daddy's gonna try to get you to crawl towards him and

  • then momma is gonna try to get you to crawl towards her

  • and then we're gonna try toys and then we're gonna try animals

  • We're gonna try all sorts of things Try all the things

  • Alright, now you gotta crawl towards me

  • Crawl towards me

  • You got yourself up! Come on! Push off my hands!

  • Come on, come on, you can do it! Push off!

  • Yeah.. Push off! Come on!

  • Oh, that was pretty

  • Nice little spit up

  • Oh, still going

  • Oh.. oh still going

  • Alright, my turn

  • You wanna come over here Come here

  • Hi!

  • Hi

  • It was a good try

  • I know you wanna come play with Penny

  • You want to

  • See a kitty? A kitty?

  • It's a Pupu

  • Almost..oh, okay hovering

  • Yeah, yep almost crawling

  • Wait where did he go?

  • Dude! She is so close She's kicking her legs, she's trying to bring them under

  • She's working her top half

  • She's doing all that stuff

  • but, it's just.. we're THAT close

  • So maybe we just need to like crawl around ourselves for the next month

  • and that's the way she'll figure it out, right?

  • That's just how we get around now

  • until she learns, we just crawl

  • Yeah, okay

  • Alright, guys Well, I hope you guys enjoyed today's vlog

  • If you have any suggestion or advice on how to get a baby to crawl

  • let us know

  • In the meantime, we're gonna make our way back upstairs

  • We have to put a baby to bed

  • She can walk and I'll crawl

  • Thanks for watching, guys We'll see you in the next one

  • Goodbye!

  • Saying goodbye to sunshine, saying goodbye to warm

  • Heading to Alaska where ice will be the norm

  • So much to see and so much to do

  • And the best part is we're sharing it with you

Today we're gonna try to teach our baby girl how to crawl


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教寶寶爬行 (Teaching Our Baby How To Crawl)

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