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  • This is the /l/ sound, as in: all /ɔːl/

  • like /laɪk/ and look. /lʊk/

  • It is a sound from the Single Consonants group.

  • The /l/ sound is called thealveolar lateral approximant,”

  • which means that you put your tongue against your upper teeth and push the

  • air around the sides of your mouth.

  • It is made through the mouth and is Voiced,

  • which means you use your vocal chords to the sound, make the sound,

  • and it is defined by the motion of your tongue.

  • It is an approximant, a sound

  • which means it is made by creating a narrow space in your mouth through which air flows.

  • In this case, it’s the space between your tongue and the sides of your mouth.

  • To produce the /l/ sound just press the tip of your tongue against the back of your upper

  • teeth and voice out through your mouth.

  • Sometimes it is helpful to curl the sides of your tongue upward.

  • The /l/ sound is spelled with the letter ‘l’ or doublell.’

  • Here are some words that start with /l/. last /lɑːst/

  • leave /liːv/

  • laterleɪtə/

  • and laugh /lɑːf/

  • Here are some words with the /l/ sound in the middle.

  • child /tʆaɪld/

  • problem /'prɒbləm/

  • always /'ɔːlwəz/

  • and black /blæk/

  • And here are some words that end with an /l/. people /'piːpəl/

  • little /ˈlɪtl/

  • national /ˈnæʆənəl/

  • and control /kənˈtrəʊl/

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This is the /l/ sound, as in: all /ɔːl/


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/l/聲音 (The /l/ Sound)

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