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  • Well, it's an absolute pleasure to meet you Kate. We see you in Divergent in a slightly

  • different way from the way we've seen you before. It's action. You're a baddie. Did

  • you enjoy playing a baddie, and how did you get into the wicked mode?

  • I don't know how I got into the wicked mode. I think I was maybe helped by the fact that

  • the character of Jeanine that I play in Divergent, she's very very well constructed in the book.

  • And so for me in particular, I just sort of soaked up all of that, but I loved it. I loved

  • being slightly intimidating. I loved walking on set for the first day, and they'd already

  • been filming for 17 weeks, and they were all clearly a little bit, a little bit intimidated

  • I think both by the Jeanine part of it and perhaps that I had suddenly turned up. I don't

  • know why I seem to have this effect on people. They get really scared, and so I just thought

  • I'll let them be scared. I'm just going to let them be scared. So I let them be scared

  • for a few days, and then of course they realised I was the biggest softie out of the lot of them.

  • Yeah, they were all crying on my shoulder by week three.

  • So you didn't give them an inkling that you're actually not a nasty person?

  • No, no. No, I didn't. For the first couple of days, I really just let them think that

  • I was horrible and was there to intimidate and destroy. Haha! It worked.

  • You were five months pregnant while filming. How was that?

  • It was, you know, at the end of the day, it was probably just quite funny really. Endless

  • undergarments trying to smooth everything down. You know, it's difficult trying to hide

  • a pregnancy when the last thing in the world that you want to be doing is hiding it.

  • So no, we just had to keep tweaking costumes, letting them out a little more and a little more.

  • But apart from the swollen ankles, it was fine.

  • I couldn't do as many stunts as I wanted to do. We did have a little bit of re-shooting,

  • which actually only happened about six weeks ago, so having just had the baby, I did find

  • myself back on set and I was actually able to do a little bit of the stunty stuff, which

  • I always love. So that was great.

  • Now the film of course is about making that choice, that moment in your life where you

  • decide whether to go with the way you were raised or sort of follow your internal compass.

  • I know it well, that moment when you kind of decide you want to rebel a little bit.

  • Did you ever rebel?

  • I never really had that rebellious moment. I was quite an independent teenager, but also

  • I was working. I started working when I was about 15, 16, and so I think when you're out

  • in the world, you have to be responsible and you have to sort of take care of yourself,

  • so perhaps now, actually in playing a baddie in Divergent, maybe I'm finally rebelling.

  • Maybe this is my, channelling my inner bitch moment. But I do think that one of the things

  • about the film that for me was so strong when I first read the script is exactly what you

  • say, that you do reach a point in your life where you have to choose really, make that

  • choice. Who are you going to be? What kind of person do you want to be for the rest of

  • your life and actually being true to yourself? You know, these are big questions, and I think

  • the fact that the film does pose those big questions. It really does I think make you

  • think, and I love that.

  • Will your kids be watching Divergent?

  • They've seen it, and they loved it. They really loved it, and they had lots of questions afterwards.

  • Really intelligent questions, which I liked. But it's very much a film I think for that

  • age range. They're sort of the younger end of that age range, but it's got a bit of everything

  • for everybody. There aren't just these young teenage actors in it as well. It's got lots

  • of really old cronies like myself.

  • You're not an old crony! Just finally, are there any of your films that they won't be

  • watching for whatever reason?

  • Oh, most of them. They can't see most of my films. I mean, no. No no no.

  • Why is that?

  • Out of half the films I've made, I've ended up having to take my clothes off, so that

  • would be the first reason. But secondly, they're just much more... I don't know, they're just

  • more adult or into dramas I suppose. I haven't done, I haven't really done any kids films

  • as such. So this is a bit of a first really, as far as they're concerned because it is

  • something that they can go and see.

Well, it's an absolute pleasure to meet you Kate. We see you in Divergent in a slightly


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