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- No.
- Ow. - [Ned] Ow.
- Ah!
- Young lady, if you don't go to sleep in 30 seconds,
it's gonna be bad news.
Today, I'm going to learn how to become a dad.
My wife and I are gonna have kids soon,
but I'm completely terrified and overwhelmed by that idea.
It seems like it's a huge change in your life.
Can you still have a date night?
Do you have to find a babysitter every single time?
- Being a dad is way harder than you think
it's gonna be.
Accepting that you're not gonna be super dad or perfect
is part of being a super dad--
- Daddy, daddy.
- I think often times you want things
to go one way and they don't always go that way.
- Shoes back on.
I'm gonna care for my friend Mike's kids
for a whole day and I'll see just how hard it is.
- [Mike] Throw yourself into it--
- [Ned] Ok.
- And don't be afraid to do stuff.
- You guys wanna take the stairs or the elevator?
- [Voiceover] Stairs.
- Stairs, taking the stairs was a difficult choice.
Whew, I'm exhausted.
- The other thing that's really hard is patience.
You've gotta have amazing patience
when it comes to kids.
- Do you guys like healthy snacks?
- What about this?
What about this?
Can I have this?
- Anne did you pick up something?
- They're gonna annoy you.
They're gonna take a long time to do things,
like brushing their teeth.
They'll brush their teeth for 20 minutes.
- No, no, no we don't eat ice cream.
- [Girl] Ah! - [Ned] Can't get
a zebra print heart pillow, you're not getting balls today.
- Gotta just wait.
- Is he ok, or should we?
- He's ok, I got the eyes in the back
of the head watching.
- What is that?
Why are you hitting my head?
- Kids love to play pretend,
but one of the things that you're gonna--
- We'll take that back.
- One of the tough--
James, shh.
- One more time.
- One of the tough things about playing pretend
with your kids is that it takes a lot of mental,
like concentration.
- This whole castle's made of cookies.
- That's right, this whole castle's made of cookies
and a cookie moster.
Well this is fun you guys, we're just hanging out.
Oh boy, James, James, James, ok.
- It's time to go to the ball.
- We're all going to the ball.
You doing ok there James?
Pose the dolls next to each other.
- We love Daddy, we love Daddy.
- Daddy's not here anymore.
- One of the tough things about being a parent,
especially with this age, is making sure
that they eat healthy food.
- If you eat the broccoli, then I will give you the candy.
Do we have a deal?
Oh no!
- It's good to not make a big show of it being weird.
- Woo woo!
Broccoli delivery for Captain James.
- And you've gotta eat it yourself
'cause if they see that you eat,
then they'll wanna eat it.
- Got it.
Once you tip your hand that there's C-A-N-D-Y somewhere--
- [Mike] You should probably,
you and I should probably stop
even spelling out the word candy.
- [Ned] Oh really?
- You should have like a safe word, you know,
call it like asparagus.
- Would you rather have the lollipop or the broccoli.
- Putting your kids to bed is definitely difficult,
because kids don't wanna go to bed.
- Bouncy, bouncy, bounce.
- Can't bounce too much.
How many stories do you normally have before bed?
- 600 million.
- 600 million?
I love sleep.
I really am getting sleepy.
- So they're gonna fight you on it
and they've tried to stretch out that time routine
as long as it can possibly be.
- Ready for bed.
- Another one.
- Ok, bass drums are big, but whistles are little.
Wait now I said we're only doing two books.
- Last book.
- We're only doing two books.
- Last book.
- We're reading, apparently, as many books as it takes.
I stirred it all together, it was yummy,
but it wasn't pink.
And that is the end of Pinklicious.
- And that's how you stay awake.
- I was only with the kids for a small period of time.
I want to go into a hot bubble bath
and drink white wine.
How did I do?
- You know, I think you did actually really well.
You were really engaged, you were really dedicated,
and you were trying really hard.
- Even though it was really difficult
and exhausting on my body,
seeing the way Mike interacted with his kids
and how much they loved him and he loved them,
that was, it was such a nice feeling.
Thumbs up or thumbs down, how do you think I did?
- Sideways.
- So I've got some work to do.
I think of all the things that my dad did for me
and I'm so thankful.
- So what do you think, do you think your ready
to possibly in the near future take the leap?
- I'm gonna call my wife.
How's it going?
I've been shooting the video on taking care of a toddler.
I hope so, yea.
It seems really hard.
Wee, let's make babies.
- [Voiceover] Bye, I love you.
- [Ned] Bye, I love you too.
She said, "let's make babies."
Which is pretty awesome as well as terrifying.


學習如何當爸爸 (Clueless Dude Cares For Toddlers For A Day)

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