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  • It's that time again. You need another internship to bolster your college applications.


  • Last year you worked at a local art museum, helping organize their collection and giving tours to visitors.


  • This year, it's going to be much more difficult. You want to work on an organic farm across the country in California.


  • That's your real passion. Unfortunately, your friends' list of contacts doesn't include organic farmers.


  • The same for your parents' group of friends. They want to help you, but they simply don't know of any internships in agriculture.


  • The school counselor, she just laughed. To make your farming dreams come true,


  • you're going to have to press beyond your strong ties, people like your family and closest friends,


  • and try tapping into your weaker ties. Weak ties are a broader network, your friends of friends of friends.


  • They're important because they have access to resources that your strong ties don't have.


  • This works in both directions, by the way - you have access to resources that they don't have.

    順便一提,這對雙方都有好處的── 你有他們沒有的資源。

  • Let's say most people speak to three close friends on a regular basis.


  • Each time you reach beyond the next degree of contacts, you have access to three more people,


  • like a tree that branches out three times per node, so you can look beyond your closest circles.


  • During the last family get-together, didn't you hear that your aunt's friend studied lighting with a nature photographer on the West Coast?


  • In fact, you recall this because you saw a recent image by said photographer on the front cover of The New York Times.


  • So, you email him and learn that the photographer's wife's cousin publishes a sustainability magazine,


  • which employs a staff writer who pitches on a local baseball team with an umpire who,


  • wait for it, is an organic farmer.


  • Bingo!


  • Get ready to trade in those cufflinks for some apple seeds, all because you reached out to your weak ties.

    準備好用袖口鏈扣 來換一些蘋果種子,這一切都因為你發掘了那弱的聯繫。

  • That's your key, remember? Every conversation is an opportunity.


  • Moreover, don't wait for opportunity, make it happen.


  • Take Kathryn Minshew for example.

    以 Kathryn Minshew 為例,

  • She went from not knowing anyone at Yahoo to three warm introductions to major executives in 30 days.


  • Here are her suggestions for three steps to networking.


  • 1 - Always say yes to invitations, even if it's not clear what you'll get out of the meeting.

    一、永遠接受邀請,即使你並不清楚 你在那次會面中會得到什麼。

  • Many of Kathryn's most productive relationships resulted from a meeting or call without a clear agenda.

    許多 Kathryn 最富有成效的關係是來自於一個沒有 明確議程的電話或會議。

  • 2 - When you want something, broadcast it to everyone you meet.

    二、當你想要什麽東西, 對每個你見到的人說。

  • That doesn't mean you beg everyone for help as soon as you meet them, but talk about what you're trying to do.


  • Be excited, ask for feedback, and try to get them excited too.


  • 3 - Show up and often. Be at the forefront of other's minds when opportunities arise.


  • You don't want to be that person who only shows up when he needs something.


  • Be the one that people think of and want to reach out to when a new opportunity presents itself.

    而是,成為那個人們會想起的人, 並且成為那當一個新的機會出現時,人們會想聯繫的人。

  • So while networking may not be the most intuitive, or even for some of you introverts, the most comfortable skill,

    所以,雖然建立人脈 可能不是最直截了當的工作,或甚至對有些內向的人來說,不算是最舒適的技能,

  • it's a helpful tool to have as you think about getting a job, going to school, or most importantly, learning from others.

    但它在你想找一份工作、 想去一家學校讀書、或最重要的是從他人身上學習。

  • Good luck!


It's that time again. You need another internship to bolster your college applications.


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