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  • Xi Jinping’s poker face waned.

  • He’s not happy, though the reasons elude most Western readers.

  • Though not democratic, Xi is a politician.

  • He must balance wisdom with pleasing the veiled powers that overshadow the goings on of China.

  • Those powers won’t hesitate to give the ax to any leader who fails to deliver on their

  • expansionist ambitions.

  • Xi has fought corruption and sought infrastructure.

  • Xi was gaining momentum.

  • Now, the US and Russia are rumbling in both of China’s back yards weeks after Xi announced

  • that, where military tech is concerned, China needs to playcatch-upor becomeketchup”.

  • This can’t be good for Xi’s inside politics with Chinese elections approaching.

  • Trump certainly isn’t pulling any punches.

  • Striking Syria while dining with China’s Chairman wasn’t unintentional.

  • Remember, Trump has dealt with the Chinese on many occasion.

  • Xi is difficult to read, except to say his rehearsed Asian smile is waning.

  • A micron might as well be a mile in an Asian smile.

  • In the weeks ahead, remember that Xi is half himself and half the hidden hand that controls

  • all that goes on in China.

  • That’s true of every Chinese president.

  • In all this, Xi met with Trump and all went well.

  • No matter when or how Xi’s career closes, no matter what his true ambitions were, China

  • will go on and history will remember Chinese President Xi as the builder of bridges, inroads,

  • aircraft carriers, and islands.

  • Xi wanted to remind the US of its Capitalist values: Don’t blame others for your problems.

  • Yet, China clearly doesn’t share those values.

  • Neither does North Korea, the stray dog that has adopted the doorstep at China’s northern

  • back yard.

  • From China’s vantage point, North Korea is a nuisance and an excuse for an unwelcome

  • US presence.

  • Kim Dynasty narcissism has over-played and pushed the envelope with Beijing.

  • Watch for Chinese heads of State to bark, then look the other way, much how the US does

  • when Israel responds to Palestine.

  • So, why is the media announcing and discussing the possibilities of dealing with North Korea?

  • True military tactics never make it on televisionunless the reporter finds himself accused of a frivolous-like

  • sexual crime and holes-up in an Ecuadoran Embassy to avoid extradition for espionage.

  • It’s discussion on US military options like we saw over North Korea this week that makes

  • it difficult for a US prosecution of WikiLeaks founder JulianEspionageAssange to

  • seem believable from any angle.

  • Assassination, nuke-up, or surgical strikeare only media talking points to make the

  • greater point: Knock it off or else.

  • Assassinations are illegal for the US according to the USown law, viz Executive Order

  • 12333.

  • It is doubtful, even in Trump’s stock-up on signing pens, that he plans to wipe out

  • that order for North Korea aloneif he does, Assad is his next target and Kim was just

  • an excuse.

  • The US hopes to finish this situation in Korea before a nuclear buildup has time to grow

  • moss.

  • So does China.

  • A “nuke-upwouldn’t be grand strategy.

  • An internal strike inside North Korea would illicit an avalanche.

  • Anti-Iraq II Donald J. Trump won’t want to create anothervacuum”.

  • A surgical strike would be an assist to something else.

  • What’s really going on?

  • Don’t think for one second that the media does know or that CIA doesn’t.

  • There’s joker in the North Korean deck and it is stacked to favor the West.

  • Well just have to keep watching.

Xi Jinping’s poker face waned.


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