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  • The First Lady opened President Trump’s first presidential rally speech with the Lord’s

  • Prayer.

  • All the while, Washington is entangled in a “game of chairs”.

  • Everyone defends himself.

  • Flynn doesn’t remember what he said to Russia.

  • Democrats are angry that whatever Flynn said surmounted to a reminder to Russia that a

  • lame duck president is a lame duck president.

  • Leak-hubs, such as The Intercept, defend the right to illegally leak information to expose

  • greater illegality.

  • And yet, nothing at all has changed for the Trump administration.

  • The sad element of Flynn’s resignation is how little young Socialists in America know

  • of their history.

  • Every president has appointees in his administration surrounded in rapture and scandal.

  • JKF had Marilyn Monroe and Cuba; not Maryland, Monroe, and Cuba.

  • Johnson had Vietnam.

  • Nixon had himself, Chuck Colson, and G Gordon Liddy.

  • Ford had Nixon.

  • Carter had Iran.

  • Reagan had Olly North and the air traffic controllers.

  • HW Bush had Clarence Thomas, broccoli, and the price of milk.

  • Clinton had too many to name, but begin with Joycelyn Elders, Vince Foster, Jennifer, and

  • Monica.

  • W Bush had Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, and Scott McClellan.

  • Obama had Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and his own birth certificate.

  • But, if you read only reblogs from voters whose first elections had Obama on the ticket,

  • you’d think that Trump was the first political leader to have any scandals and that he probably

  • invented scandals altogether.

  • Gasoline is on the rise.

  • California is under assault from the weatherboth north and south.

  • While some media voices claim that Trump’s goals are under assault, the better illustration

  • is Trump and his sweeping supporters laying siege to the walled-in establishment in politics.

  • Forces often have a reverse effect.

  • Rising gas prices will encourage the Keystone Pipeline, which will help bring oil pricing

  • control in the Western Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere.

  • Protests against Trump will make theprecious Independent votersmore sympathetic to

  • his causewhether those protests come from rioters or from the Washington establishment

  • under siege.

  • With only 20 months until the next election, which won’t have Trump on the ballot, Trump

  • supporters will focus their efforts to unseat non-cooperative Congressmen and any SenatorRepublican

  • or Democratwho bleedspolitical bluewhen cut.

  • Opposition encourages transparency and thus confidence.

  • Everything happening good is bad and everything happening bad is good.

The First Lady opened President Trump’s first presidential rally speech with the Lord’s


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