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  • Obama supporters have finally decided that overuse of executive orders is a bad thing.

  • Too bad for them that many of Trump’s executive orders merely undo Obama’s executive orders.

  • Trump finally adopted Obama’s policy of Federal intervention where local police fail,

  • though, Obama probably never thought of it happening where it is most needed, such as

  • his own backyard in Chicago.

  • Trump was elected in response to Obama.

  • Obama’s policies, mostly by mere executive order, not only couldn’t last, they backfired.

  • Anti-Trumpists still have not learned the important lesson of life: good or bad, right

  • or left, whatever you build needs to last.

  • If Trump harms America, Obama supporters have no one to thank but their own president who

  • rolled out the red carpet for Trump as much as Bush rolled out the red carpet for Obama.

  • The cycle only seems to continue with very few people getting wise to what’s going

  • on.

  • All thatRussia interferedjazz morphed into Democrats calling for investigations

  • of voter fraud, which is likely to indite both parties.

  • But, we can’t know how much voter fraud there truly was since asking for photo ID

  • at an election isn’t legal, thanks to the same Democrats who are asking for an investigation.

  • That makes no sense, except in Washington.

  • The elephant in the living room is the golden brick highway paved to today’s crisis.

  • A Hawaiian Congresswoman told CNN that Obama was funding ISIS in Syria?

  • Trump’s “banonly affects people coming from seven countries that Obama’s DHS and

  • US Congress decided sponsor terrorismLibya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yementhese

  • countries were not chosen by Trump, but under Obama.

  • Trump’s order only names Syria, based on what Syrian refugees have done in other places

  • they have gone to.

  • A federal judge made a very small exception to Trump’s sweeping executive oder: people

  • with pre-approved papers who arrived on airplanes won’t be sent back immediately.

  • This action affects very few people and confronts none of Trump’s campaign principles.

  • Affected green card holders will be allowed to leave the US and return, but need to visit

  • a US consular first.

  • Protests against Trump’s orders are mounting.

  • Some saw the judge’s order as victory against Trump’s goals.

  • A Sheriff in Travis County, Texas has refused to cooperate with the State’s requests,

  • which are mainly aimed at not releasing people who entered the country illegally and are

  • sought by US Immigration after they are arrested and in custody for a local crime.

  • Travis County receives just shy of $2M from the State in law-enforcement grants, but the

  • Sheriff says that she has neither the priority nor the authority to comply with the requests

  • from Federal and State governments to hand over sought-after illegals already in her

  • custody.

  • As fast as Trump wants to build his wall, he will have difficulty breaking Russia’s

  • record in Berlin.

  • Mexico’s president canceled his meeting with Trump once Trump Tweeted that paying

  • for the wall was a requirement.

  • President Neito told his people thatMexico must protect its interests”, which, apparently,

  • includes being able to cross into the US at non-border crossings.

  • Building the wall would not change the number of entry points and, if anything, could create

  • more entry points since patrolling the border would be easier.

  • Canceling the meeting won’t change anything.

  • A presidential candidate can skip out on one of an excessive number of televised presidential

  • debates and still win the nomination and the election, but a sitting president can’t

  • skip out on a meeting when his presence has been requested by a nation whom his own citizens

  • are persistently entering illegally when that nation is about to rip up a trade agreement.

  • The meeting with Trump was not going to negotiate whether Mexico will pay for the wall to contain

  • its own people, but how Mexico will pay for the wall to contain its own people.

  • By not attending, Mexico’s president is leaving that decision to President Donald

  • J. Trumpwhich might have been exactly what Trump wanted in the first place.

  • Now, Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim wants to step in.

  • From the Office of the United States Trade Representative:

  • Mexico is currently our 3rd largest goods trading partner with $531 billion in total

  • (two way) goods trade during 2015.

  • Goods exports totaled $236 billion; goods imports totaled $295 billion.

  • The U.S. goods trade deficit with Mexico was $58 billion in 2015.

  • The story compares to the rich, old uncle who told his nephew, “No, youre gonna

  • pay for the repairs to my barn you burned down or you might as well not even ask me

  • to buy you another car.”

  • The kid ran home to his daddy who said, “No, you are gonnatalk with your uncle about

  • his barn.

  • I’m calling my brother and you’d better be here when I do.”

  • By asking to step in to negotiate between the US and Mexico, Billionaire Carlos Slim

  • has proven in Mexico what Trump proved in the USpeople with actual business experience

  • know more about getting things done than politicians.

  • Maybe he wants to run for president in Mexico.

  • Or, maybe he doesn’t want his own business empire to be at the mercy of a much younger

  • president who can’t hold two candles to the adults in the room.

  • It seems that America isn’t the only country dealing with brats who complain all the time,

  • repeat perfectly what they hear on TV, but can’t put a roof over their own heads.

  • There’s nothing wrong with not having money, as long as you don’t lecture the people

  • who do.

Obama supporters have finally decided that overuse of executive orders is a bad thing.


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