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  • China had so much going for it.

  • Billions of US dollars had gone across the Pacific.

  • The Olympics went to Beijing, where the world watched a one-hour history introduction about

  • China leading into one world with one dream.

  • Hong Kong was regained and prospering.

  • But, like Captain Ahab determined to take revenge on the whale, China is about to lose

  • everything over a few islands that either have never flown the Chinese flag or never

  • existed until a few years ago.

  • Trump has out-smarted everyone he has come across.

  • He knows more about China than China knows about him.

  • When Trump had his ties made in China, he learned a lot about them and could stop giving

  • them money any time he wantedhe had the power the whole time.

  • If China defeats Trump, they will be the first.

  • But, this Chinese government has never lost a battle because the only war they fought

  • inthe Communist Revolutionthey still haven’t declared victory over.

  • They are just too new to the game.

  • This week, China rattled sabers around Taiwan, drawing out Taiwan’s defenses.

  • And, Trump drew out China’s press statements in his defense of Taiwan.

  • Normally, China can sing loud bravado and get things done wherever their flag flies.

  • But, the rest of the world doesn’t dance to Beijing’s tune.

  • The Chinese just don’t know that yet, but they seem determined to find out.

  • And, it looks like theyre going to.

China had so much going for it.


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B1 中級 美國腔

凱登斯編輯部。2017年1月16日|交響樂 (Cadence Editorial: January 16, 2017 | Symphony)

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