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  • Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen (蔡英文) is in Houston, TX.

  • Joshua Wong (黃之鋒) and a few lawmakers from Hong Kong are in Taiwan.

  • A new wave of smog is in Beijing.

  • And, more threats from Beijing to Trump are in the headlines.

  • Wong was a Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leader and is now secretary-general of the Hong Kong

  • center-left pro-democracy party, Demosisto.

  • The lawmakers accompanying Wong in Taiwan are Edward Yiu (姚松炎), Nathan Law (羅冠聰),

  • and Eddie Chu (朱凱迪).

  • Senator Cruz gave a few educational remarks on democracy to Beijing over the Communists

  • requests that US lawmakers not meet with Tsai.

  • Tsai is on her way to Central America, but her connection in Texas brought lots of opportunity

  • to discuss the strong and strengthening relationship between Taiwan and the US.

  • Back in Hong Kong, Wong and Law, elected but disqualified by the courts as a legislator,

  • are facing charges for connection with protests that stormed a political office in Hong Kong

  • in 2014.

  • So continues the generational disputes.

  • Establishments do what they will and the people, especially younger generations more willing

  • to take action, never seem to find a way to lodge their objections in a way that is both

  • effective and agreed to by the establishment.

  • Perhaps, the objection to the protest was not its manner or location, but its political

  • objective: Hong Kong Independence.

  • Asian news in early 2017 is back to the usual: Which territories ought to comply with China’s

  • policies regardless of their will; and the smoke in Beijing, both environmental and political.

  • And, of course, America is managing to remain in Asian headlines and Chinese talking points,

  • as well as China’s backyard ocean.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen (蔡英文) is in Houston, TX.


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