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  • Hey guys! :D

  • ✂️ and the coolest thing about these DIY's is you literally just use your school supplies! :o ✂️

  • ✌️ To enter, all you need to do it two things. ✌️

  • ☝️ 1) is be part of this fam :D ☝️

  • In fact I orderd the items I DIYed this week through the app. (is this a spon?)

  • Because these items are sent overseas they may take a little longer then normal to arrive

  • DIY queen mode activated! ✨('you got glitter in my mouf wen-gee')

  • #cutout tankMusic

  • and all you need are.... (here come a load of things you need)

  • ✂️ a pair of scissors (and a shirt of course lmao) ✂️

  • ✂️ Simply lay a tee-shirt out how think you want the straps and how low you want you arm holes to be. ✂️

  • ✂️I chose to do a very low cut sided tank so I cut it out like this. ✂️

  • ✂️What I love about tee-shirt fabric is you can just cut it, and it makes it look suuuper edgy, ✂️

  • ✂️ and you don't really need to finish it with anything. ✂️

  • ✂️ Now to make it the same shape on each side, ✂️

  • ✂️ I took the side I cut out as a guide for the other side. ✂️

  • -click-

  • ✂️You can totally just leave it like this if you want but I'm going to cut a lower neckline to match. ✂️ (k)

  • ✂️ So just cut out your designs shape and when your half way ✂️

  • ✂️ what i did was actually fold it over to use it as a guide, to make sure both sides are the same! ✂️

  • ✂️ Or you could simply trace out the shape first using fabric chalk ✂️

  • Now, this is completely optional,

  • ✂️I took the sleeves we cut off and cut out the band at the end of the sleeve, ✂️

  • ✂️ and this turned into this really cool elastic. ✂️

  • ✂️ Now turn your tank top to the back and gather it about 1/3 of the way down the back. ✂️

  • ✂️ Then simply use this elastic to tie a cute knot, and you have this really cute gathered racer back. ✂️

  • ✂️You can tie it up using string as well or create your own fabric tie. ✂️

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  • DIY queen mode activated! ✨

  • -pop!-

  • #highlighter shortsMusic

  • ✍️ And I did this using something you probably use every day at school. ✍️ (pencil? eraser?)

  • ✍️ Yep! Highlighters. ✍️ (not what I said but ok)

  • Alright lets do this!

  • ✍️ Some highlighters, ✍️

  • Kitchen sponges and some bleach.

  • So keep checking on it.

  • Oh-yeah!

  • ✍️The bleach is really to make sure that your highlighter colours show up clearly.✍️

  • ✍️Ok, to the fun part. I chose pink and blue highlighters for this part.✍️

  • Put this into the water and you'll see the colours start to come out.

  • ✍️ Also, don't forget to get a few highlighters as you may need to mix more than one so just keep mixing until your finished with your shorts. ✍️

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  • #sharpie shoesMusic

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  • fabric paint in white, but you could also paint it on with a tiny brush. ⬜

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  • -cricket noises-

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