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  • Hi everyone welcome to hipfig's

  • washington DC series. In today series

  • we're going to talk about the National

  • Museum of Natural History. In this video

  • we'll let you know the best way to get

  • there to top things to see in the museum

  • and tips that will make the most out of

  • your visit. The best way to get around

  • the DC area is to take the DC metro, and

  • to the museum you can take the blue,

  • silver, or orange line and exit at the

  • Smithsonian station. Make sure to take

  • the mall exit and then you can just walk

  • to the museum. If you're in the national

  • mall area but you're too far away to

  • walk to the museum then take the DC

  • circulator bus. It's pretty cheap and it

  • also make a stop right in front of the

  • museum. Admission is free but there is an

  • additional fee for the Butterfly

  • Pavilion and the Imax Theater

  • although the butterfly pavilion is free

  • on Tuesdays, check on their website for

  • more information.

  • it's also open daily except on Christmas

  • day from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

  • other interesting displays include the

  • Neanderthal in the human origins display

  • the live coral reef in the ocean hall

  • the polar bears and lions in the mammals

  • display. There is also a bones display and birds

  • of DC display as well as the Korean

  • gallery

  • and of course there's my personal

  • favorite the mummified cat in the

  • mummies display. There's a lot to see in

  • this museum and it'll take you about two

  • hours or more really depending on your

  • interest. One of the top things to see in

  • this museum is the Hope diamond and the

  • Dom Pedro aquamarine in the gems and

  • minerals display area. Now before you get

  • any ideas I have two words for you

  • cursed diamond. The curse is more of a

  • rumor than the actual fact but it adds a

  • mystery to the Diamond's travels over the

  • many years. By the way

  • nothing has happened to anybody else in

  • this with the Smithsonian museum.

  • Happy Travels go to for more

  • information or go to our Hipfig Travel

  • Channel on YouTube and be sure to

  • subscribe for regular updates

Hipfig. travel channel offers travel video


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