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  • Hey everyone welcome to Hipfig's

  • Washington DC series. Today we're going

  • to talk about the Smithsonian Castle.

  • This video contains information about

  • how to get to the Smithsonian, what to do

  • once you're at the Smithsonian Castle,

  • and how to make the most of your time at

  • the Smithsonian Castle. The best way to

  • get to the Castle is by the DC metrorail.

  • Take the blue or orange line

  • exit at the Smithsonian station and take

  • the Mall exit and then walk to the

  • castle. If you're in the National Mall

  • area but too far to walk to the Castle

  • take the DC Circulator bus. it's cheap and

  • convenient and drops you off close to

  • the Castle entrance.

  • Admission is free and open from 830am

  • to 5:30pm daily except on Christmas Day.

  • The Smithsonian castle is primarily used

  • for administrative purposes and to house

  • the Smithsonian Information Center

  • during your visit to the Castle, you can work with

  • volunteers and interactive tools that help you

  • plan your Smithsonian visit

  • you can also take a tour of the history

  • and architecture of the castle also free

  • Wi-Fi is available

  • my favorite part is not the actual

  • building but if you go behind it to the

  • garden. It is a serene and great place to

  • sit outside. The Enid A. Haupf Gardens is is a public

  • garden in the Smithsonian complex. it

  • covers over four acres and is situated between the Castle

  • and Independence Avenue. And

  • is a welcome respite for Smithsonian

  • visitors and residents of Washington. You

  • can also see the FBI building across the

  • way. You can walk around the brick path,

  • admire the hanging gardens, and the

  • fountains, also sit quietly in the nice

  • park benches. it's a great place to have

  • a picnic in the afternoon

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Higfig Travel Channel offers travel video


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