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  • Over the past 20 years,


  • our next guest went from the cover of "VOGUE" as an international supermodel


  • to the presidential palace in France as the first lady


  • Take a look.


  • -For over 20 years, CARLA BRUNI,

    - 20多年以來,卡拉·布魯尼

  • the former first lady of France,


  • has been known as one of the most beutiful women in the world.

    一直被稱為世界上 最美麗的女人之一

  • -She began her career as one of the top supermodels in fashion

    - 她以時尚超級名模的身分 開始了她的職業生涯

  • and soon became headline news with high-profile relationships with Mick Jagger and Eric

    並很快因為與米克·賈格爾和埃里克 的關係成為頭條新聞

  • At the age of 30, she transitioned to music

    而在30歲的時候 她轉換跑道至音樂領域

  • and became a critically- acclaimed singer/songwriter.

    成為一位備受讚譽的 歌手與作曲家

  • [singing] -try for a little french song


  • -In 2008, she married the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy,

    - 在2008年 她嫁給了法國總統-薩科齊

  • and instantly became one of the most stylish first ladies in history.


  • -After saying good-bye to the palace two years ago,

    - 在離開第一夫人的職位兩年後

  • she's returned to her music,


  • and is now touring United States for the first time


  • in support of her latest CD, "Little French Songs."

    宣傳最新的CD-Little French Song

  • Please welcome Carla Bruni.

    讓我們歡迎 卡拉·布魯尼

  • Bonjour. -Bonjour, Ellen

    妳好 -妳好,艾倫

  • That's all I know.


  • -But you know well. Bonjour. Bonjour.

    - 你說得不錯 妳好 妳好(註一)

  • -Bonjour. And that's all I'll say.

    -妳好 這就是所有我會說的法文了

  • 'cause I-- I'm so bad at accents,


  • I couldn't even try it if you taught me a sentence

    如果妳教我一句話 我甚至沒辦法複誦出來

  • I couldn't speak French


  • Do you speak only French and English,


  • or do you speak other languages?


  • -I was born in Italian. Oh.

    - 我在義大利出生 噢

  • -I became French only when I got married at 40 years old.

    -在我40歲結婚後 我才成為法國人

  • -So I speak Italian, yeah.

    - 是的 所以我說義大利語

  • You became French when you got married?


  • -Yes. That's how it works?

    -是 這就是它運作的程序嗎?

  • -Oh. [laughter]

    -噢 [笑聲]

  • -See, no, the thing is that probably if you had another job,

    - 不 事情是這樣的 如果有另一份工作

  • you know, my man, maybe I would have remain Italian.

    妳知道的,我的男人 也許我會維持義大利人身分

  • -But since he was the president of France,

    - 但因為他是法國總統

  • -then I thought it was polite, you know? To become French?

    - 所以我想 我應該歸化為法國人比較禮貌

  • -Yeah. [laughter]

    是啊 [笑聲]

  • That was polite of you. -Half French, half Italian,

    妳還真是有禮貌 - 半個法國人、半個義大利人

  • -because I kept my both passport. But you sound more French.

    - 因為我還保留著我雙方的護照 但妳聽起來比較法國

  • Did you have a thick Italian accent before?


  • -No, but you think I have a French voice?

    - 不重 - 但妳覺得我有法國人的嗓音嗎?

  • Yes, I do. -Oh, because I have Italian voice.

    是啊 - 噢 因為我有義大利人的嗓音

  • Really? -Yeah.

    真的? - 是啊

  • That shows how much I know. [laughter]

    這說明了我有多睿智 [笑聲]

  • I never get out of this place. It's like a casino for me.

    我從來沒有離開這個地方 這裡就像我的賭場

  • I don't know what time it is, I don't know what day it is.

    我不知道現在幾點 我不知道今天幾號

  • So what a life you've had.

    所以 妳的生命如此精彩

  • So you were a model, a supermodel, and then you became a musician, and started--

    妳曾是一位超級名模 後來成為了一名音樂家

  • And then you meet the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, and--


  • how do you meet the president? Were you just at a party?

    妳怎麼遇見總統的? 是在一個聚會上嗎?

  • -Blind date. No. Well, it can't be blind.

    -聯誼 也不算完全不認識吧(註二)

  • You know who he was, right? -Yeah.

    妳知道他是誰吧? - 對

  • -I knew who he was. He just got divorced,

    - 我知道他是誰 他剛剛離婚

  • which is very strange for a president, you know,


  • so the whole country was like [gasps] HUH? Yeah.

    - 所以整個國家就像-- [吸氣] 是啊

  • -And then-- and then we have a common friend,

    - 然後--然後 我們有一個共同好友

  • And I was single for like a year with my little boy.

    而我單身一年了 帶著我的小男孩

  • And so they said, "Would you like to come for dinner

    所以他們說 「妳要來吃飯嗎?

  • and we invited Nicolas Sarkozy?" -And I said, "Yeah."

    我們會邀請薩科齊。」 - 我就說「好啊」

  • -I mean.. Both: why not?

    -我的意思是.. 兩人同時:為什麼不?

  • -And then we met at the dinner and we left together,

    - 我們在晚餐時相遇 然後當天就一起離開了

  • -And it was like, you know? Was it love at first sight?

    - 就像..妳知道的 一見鍾情?

  • -Yeah. Yeah. For both of you?

    - 是啊 你們倆都是嗎

  • -It exist-- yeah, it exists.

    - 它存在--是的 一見鍾情真的存在

  • So--Yes, I believe it. I'm-- happened for me.

    所以-- 是的,我相信 它也發生在我身上

  • So-- So and then how long after

    所以 -- 過了多久後

  • How long did you date before you got married?


  • -We didn't date for long. Uh... Two months?

    - 我們並沒有交往很長一段時間 呃...兩個月?

  • That's not long. -Yeah, that's not long.

    這是不長 - 是啊 這是不長。

  • Yeah. -Yeah, we met on the 13 of november,

    是啊 - 是啊,我們是在11月13號相遇

  • -And we got married at the 2nd of February

    - 在二月二號結婚

  • Wow. And you've been together how long now?

    哇 那現在你們在一起多久了?

  • -7 1/2 years. 7 1/2 years. That's fantastic.

    -7年半 7年半 這太棒了

  • So what's it like to all the sudden be the first lady?


  • like, that's-- there's responsibilities.

    像.. 那有許多責任

  • -Scary, yeah. yeah.

    - 很可怕,是的 是的

  • -I got really scared, and I tried to concentrate

    - 我嚇壞了 努力集中精神

  • -So I don't make mistakes, you know?

    - 才不會犯錯

  • Like, did you have to learn certain etiquette that you didn't know?

    像..妳需要學習一些 妳原本不知道的禮儀嗎?

  • -They show you the way very much.

    - 他們會努力的教導妳

  • -You know, there's like protocol people that tells you "Go there, and then go here and"--

    - 總是會有人告訴妳 「去那裡,然後去這裡和--」

  • -I did it wrong at the beginning.

    - 我一開始總是做錯

  • -You know, I was always at the wrong side.

    - 妳知道的,我永遠走錯邊

  • Oh, because you have to-- What do you mean?

    噢 因為妳必須-- 什麼意思?

  • -You have to be by the flag, basically, you know,

    - 基本上 妳必須站在國旗旁邊

  • and say hello to people, so thay's very easy to be kind, you know?

    和大家打招呼 所以才會看起來親民

  • -But sometimes I would go the wrong direction, you know?

    - 但是有時候我走錯邊,妳知道的

  • -And I didn't know-- You always have to stand by your man.

    - 然後我不知道-- 妳總是 必須站在妳的男人旁邊

  • while he's giving speeches,


  • -And that's so weird.

    - 這真的很怪異

  • -As if he was standing next to me while I'm singing, right?

    - 就像如果他在我唱歌的時候 站在我旁邊,對吧?

  • -Or if your girl was standing there while you're--you know?

    -或如果妳的女孩一直站在那裡 你知道的

  • So you have to stand--because it's a position where you have yo be next to him.

    所以妳必須站-- 因為第一夫人必須在他的旁邊

  • Yes. -In a very representive way.

    是 - 一個代表性的呈現

  • -You don't have much to do. Yeah.

    - 並沒有很多事情要做 是啊

Over the past 20 years,



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