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  • Washington D.C. The Bureau of Engraving

  • and printing. Do you know where in the US

  • the US paper currency is printed? Keep

  • watching to find out. To get to the

  • Bureau of Engraving and printing by

  • metro, take the blue or orange line and

  • exit at the Smithsonian station. Leave

  • the Independence Avenue Bureau of

  • Engraving and printing exit. As you step

  • off the escalator go straight ahead on

  • Independence Avenue towards 14 street.

  • Cross and turn left on 14th and walk the

  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

  • Admission is free and no tickets are

  • required in Fall and Winter;

  • however, in Spring and Summer

  • admission is free but tickets are

  • required. You can get tickets from the ticket

  • booth located Raoul Wallenberg Place (formerly 15th Street)

  • next to the Holocaust

  • Museum. Booth open at 8 a.m. and

  • closes when all tickets have been

  • distributed for the day. The tour entrance is

  • located on 14 street southwest. To get to

  • 14th street to 15th street there is an alley that

  • connects both street next to the

  • holocaust museum.

  • Once you get to the tour entrance you must

  • line up according to your specific time and wait

  • direction from the tour guides to enter

  • the building. During the tour you'll

  • learn all about how US paper currency

  • is made. You also see millions of

  • dollars being printed as you walk above

  • the production floor. The free 40 minutes

  • includes an introductory film and the

  • guided gallery tour of the money process

  • and also a visit to the visitor center

  • which has exhibits and currency products

  • for sale including shredded money. There

  • are no pictures allowed on the tour. If

  • you want to save time and don't want to

  • stand in line, request a congressional tour

  • these are made through the office of the

  • local US senator or representative. You

  • can download the request form on Hipfig's

  • website

  • You have an answer to where is US

  • currency printed? Yes, it is printed in

  • the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in

  • Washington DC but also in Fort Worth,

  • Texas. Happy Travels go to for

  • more information or go to our Hipfig

  • Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to

  • subscribe for regular updates.

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