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He's Shakespeare
hey this is MatSan
and welcome to our culture section
what are we going to talk about today?
we're going to talk about some
number one
Taiwan is not China
I knew it's gonna be the first one
why? Sansan
it's not about politics
it's more about...geographically
Taiwan is a separated island
we have our own government
our own president
our own economical system
social system as well
let's not talk about politics,
Taiwan is just a separate island
next to China yea
the second point
Taiwan is not Thailand
I think it's also because of
because of the language
so Taiwan, in Polish is
and Thailand in Polish is
so every time when I say
I would say
in Poland
people can misunderstand
Taiwan and Vietnam
in Polish is Tajwan and Wietnam
sounds pretty similar, right?
not right
for me it's different
and the third thing
people are asking me
what kind of language does Taiwanese speak?
we speak Chinese
Mandarin Chinese
thank you
the differences of Traditional/ Mandarin
and simplified Chinese is
about writing
writing looks different
but about speaking
you can communicate with Chinese
we can say
it's more like British English & American English
about Poland
which I really see this often
Poland does not have Polar bear
I just don't understand this really
why Polar bear?
there was an interesting story
before I came to Poland
and I was asking him
is there any Pull & Bear in Poland?
but Pull & Bear is a brand
a clothes brand
and he was so...
angry, like: oh my God
why Polar bear
even she's asking me about that?
and he was like
you know, it's lots of people's misunderstanding
but Poland actually doesn't have any Polar bear
and Sansan was like, what's going on?!
I'm just asking about Pull&Bear not Polar bear
am I that dumb in your mind?
you're not
but we have brown bears
they only love in Tatra mountain
in mountains
which is at the south side of Poland
and it's only like few of them
it's rare
about Europe...
Romania is well known about brown bears
other than that...
Poland doesn't have Polar bear
so my friends
don't keep asking me
are you going to see some bears in the forests in Poland?
no my friends
I'm from United States!
this appears more about Taiwanese I think
Poland is not Portland
I know it sounds similar
but come on, Portland is a city
and Poland is a country
people are asking me like:
oh Sansan
how's your life in Portland?
and they're still like
whatever, Portland? Poland?
Jesus, for some people
even Poland & Holland
is pretty much the same
Taiwanese doesn't eat dog
yea yea
this is so often
especially here in Poland
people think that
all the Asian eat dogs
who eat dog in this age?
ok sorry
I know
according to my friend
Vietnamese they eat dogs
probably still...?
some parts of China maybe
parts of China
not generally, but I'm not sure
but definitely not Taiwan
dogs are our best friends
and it's very popular to have dog as your pet
so we don't eat dog
because it was Easter
and I was just reading the menu
from Biedronka, like the supermarket
and I was like
oh this looks good, it's cheap
but what's this shape?
and then
it's a rabbit!
and especially
it's super normal for me in here
you can actually buy rabbits
in a very small corner shop
and because of Easter
we put lots of cute rabbits in the commercial
and they're moving, chewing
and then you can just buy it and eat it
no no no
we shouldn't eat rabbit
you know
well we eat turtles
yea they eat turtles
and I had a turtle as my pet...
we eat crabs
they eat crab
and I had crab as my pet as well...
Poland is not a cold place
I mean, really
believe me or not
Poland is not a cold place
in winter it's very, very cold
especially for people who is from the hot countries
if it's about (summer) holiday times
it's super warm sometimes
really warm
30 degree, 30 something even
so I would rather say
Poland is like this
very extreme, winter is very cold
summer is very warm
but for sure
if you're going to Poland
especially on holidays
don't take a very huge jacket
to protect yourself
no, it's not really cold in holidays
not every Asian is from Japan
every time
when people meet me at the first time
they're asking me
oh you're from Taiwan
so do you know Japanese?
I don't!
or even in the bus
on the street
we can hear people
from far distance saying:
or some people is like:
hello! hello! (in Japanese)
there was a guy in Łódź
saying that to you every time
we're living in the same district
it's a teenager, I don't know him
but every time he saw me
he's like: Hello! in Japanese
and I'm like
not Japanese (in Polish)
like, I'm not Japanese
I'm Taiwanese
Polish don't speak Russian
really, Polish don't speak Russian
just don't understand this wrong
we speak Polish
I'm from Poland, I speak Polish
People from Russia they speak Russian
I don't even know Russian
I know Hello (in Russian)
because it's reversed of Hello in Polish
and I can count to 10 in Russian
that's all I can
is it like
(as Polish) it is easier to understand, to learn Russian?
for us
I would say yes
not about writing
because they've got different writing
they don't use the English letters
Roman letters
we do
Russian don't
lots of people from Asia
as I heard from you
they think that
all the Caucasian are very tall
like, all of us
including girls
what I have to say
in Poland
you would be very surprise
that lots of girls especially
are very small
lots of them are smaller than me
I'm 162cm
and they are mostly like
something like this
very very tiny
I mean, nothing offensive
it's cute!
very nice
I'm just saying that
don't think
that everyone here is so huge
guys are
how tall are you?
no 184cm
I'm pretty tall
but it's not really super huge in here
people are even like 190cm, or more sometimes
I'm usually hanging out with he and his friends
and they're all super tall
over 180cm
so I feel so tiny
like I'm walking with a bunch of forest
like trees
I think that's pretty much it
we can make more of this topic
I think we will
if you do have something that
you're curious about Poland or Taiwan
or the whole Asia or Europe continent
please feel free to tell us
comment below as always
so that's it, I hope you guys enjoy this video
we just try to make it simple
for you to understand it
we want to thank you about
the last video
yea that was awesome
thank you for liking our retarded love story
it's not retarded
it is
a kiss from us
and from Józef
thank you for all these likes and supports
we will keep on doing our best
please like the video
and comment below :)
and don't forget about liking our webpage
on Facebook
yes, our Fanspage
that's it
see you next time
see you next time!
we love you
who am I?


關於波蘭與台灣的誤解 (Misunderstanding about Poland & Taiwan!)

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