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  • What's up everybody, it's Alex and Markothe Vagabrothers

  • and in case you haven't met us before, we're the lucky winners of MyDestination's Biggest,

  • Baddest, Bucket List competition

  • which sent us around the world for the last six months filming our adventures and having

  • the time of our lives.

  • If you haven't seen it, check it out in the playlist below.

  • Now we're back in California, we just got home but we've got some more adventures coming

  • soonboth in our backyard and beyond.

  • But this week we're gonna start off a brand-new series of videos to teach you how to travel

  • around the world.

  • And it's calledHow to Travel the World.”

  • Pretty apt name, no?

  • Yeah, I think so.

  • The videos are going to be packed with practical advice to show you that you don't have to

  • win some crazy contest to travel the world

  • all you need is a little bit of inspiration and some determination to turn those dreams

  • into reality.

  • We're going to cover a wide variety of topics from the most basic

  • like how to pack your bag, where to go and how to get there

  • to more complex questions like how to study or work abroad,

  • and some tips on how to learn a new language.

  • So let's get started with the most basic question: why travel?

  • Some people travel because they want to see places they've always dreamed of,

  • like the Great Wall of China or the temples of the Maya in Mexico.

  • Maybe you travel to do bucket list activities,

  • like scuba diving in the great barrier reef or going on safari in Africa.

  • But a lot of people travel simply to escape on vacation

  • To kick up your feet on some tropical beach and drink a mai tai... that's pretty nice.

  • We believe that travel is potentially about a lot more than that.

  • Travel can open your eyes, it can expand your horizons and it can teach you so much about

  • the world and being a part of it.

  • I travel to explore this beautiful world, I travel to make friends, to meet new, interesting

  • people and to experience new cultures,

  • to taste new food, to wake up each morning and know that I can do whatever I want.

  • If I want to chill, I can chill, if I want to move, I can move,

  • I travel because travel is fun.

  • For me, travel is all about the freedom of being halfway around the world with your life

  • in a backpack

  • not knowing where you're going or where you're going to sleep but knowing that it's all going

  • to work out.

  • It's all about growth because it pops you out of your comfort zone and makes you deal

  • with new situations and new environments that you wouldn't see back home,

  • and it makes you learn through experience because when you've seen something with your

  • own eyes you'll never forget it

  • and you'll come home a wiser person with hopefully some more responsibility for this beautiful

  • world that we live in.

  • So tell us, why do YOU travel?

  • Let us know, find us on social media @vagabrothers, tweet us your answers or put them in the comment

  • box below

  • and if you have any travel related questions let us know and we'll try to answer them in

  • the next videos.

  • And stay tuned for more adventures because this week we're going to New Orleans, Louisiana

  • for Mardi Gras!

What's up everybody, it's Alex and Markothe Vagabrothers


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