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  • Welcome to Amsterdam.

  • Finally in Amsterdam guys.

  • After the craziness of Tomorrowland,

  • it was nice to meet up with my cousins again in Amsterdam.

  • Seeds of Gods...

  • Amsterdam has wide roads and beautiful canals.

  • It's so nice to just walk around and explore.

  • As this was our second time in Amsterdam,

  • we decided to do something that we didn't do the first time:

  • The Heineken Experience.

  • So we're at The Heineken Experience.

  • We're at their brewery.

  • Well...their display brewery...that they use to use.

  • They don't use any more.

  • And you can kinda get a feel of how big

  • these guys are.

  • Screen there: the process.

  • It was interesting to see the process involved in making beer.

  • And as a bonus, beer was included in our ticket!

  • A: Not bad actually...

  • A: You can slice the beer!

  • A: Which one do you want? W: I don't know, you pick.

  • Whatever opens first.

  • ohhhh..the top one won.

  • Alright, let's do this!

  • We're at Febo.

  • And we got this one, whatever that is.

  • Oh! It's so creamy!

  • mmm, it's really good!

  • We found that Amsterdam had so much yummy food to snack on.

  • Look at all these macarons!

  • cream!

  • Hi guys, I've been a bit lazy,

  • cos we've just been so tired from Tomorrowland.

  • Forgot to do a room tour for our Antwerp apartment,

  • but here is our hotel room in Amsterdam.

  • This is the bathroom.

  • We're just leaving today, so it's a bit messy

  • cos I forgot to...

  • do a tour on the first day that we arrived.

  • We got the triple room which has...

  • well triple or quad room...

  • which has 2 double beds.

  • And they gave us 3 chairs to look out the window.

  • Got a TV.

  • It's been clean and it's been comfortable.

  • We got a big window here.

  • Which you can open up and get some fresh air.

  • And it overlooks a little cafe which is currently closed cos it's early in the morning.

  • On the opposite side you can see the Amsterdam Central Station.

  • So that's really convenient,

  • it's like a less than 5 minute walk just to get the station,

  • so very convenient.

  • After Tomorrowland,

  • Amsterdam was the perfect place to relax and recover

  • before continuing on our journey.

  • Next stop, Cologne.

  • Wandering

  • Winny

  • Thanks for watching guys,

  • don't forget to like and subscribe

  • and for more travel inspiration

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  • See you in the next video!

Welcome to Amsterdam.


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TRAVEL VLOG #11:阿姆斯特丹歷險記 - 參觀喜力體驗館 (TRAVEL VLOG #11: Amsterdam Adventures - Visiting the Heineken Experience)

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