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hello can you tell me where are we?
we're at the metro station of Taipei
so as you can see
it's very crowded.. well not really crowded
but busy rather
and now
now we're heading to Taipei 101
so we're gonna take metro to 101 station
which will be the red line
this is the platform
and we have the waiting line
cool, many people
hello guys
I just realize that I'm standing next to a very, very tiny building
what's that
Taipei 101!
this is...big
this...the pink building
so lots of exhibition always go there
I used to live very near, like 10 mins away from here
Taipei 101 itself is like a...
business center and also a shopping mall
so from here is the entrance of the shopping mall
and there...
this part is the business part
this part
can I get there?
don't know
on the top
are you happy?
we just had a weather forecast
that the condition of the weather is not that good
yea, it's medium-bad
we're a little bit coughing
but I don't know it's because I'm having flu
or it's because it's really getting cold
you know what
I don't give a shit
me too
we're so stupid
hello guys
we're in Taipei 101
at the 89F
as you can see the view here is spectacular
those buildings are actually like...
100m to 200m even
just imagine how high we are right now
it's just amazing
but sad that the weather is not that good today
it's pretty foggy
so you can't see the full view
there is even more of them
but sadly you probably can't really see
you just see some sticks
some other buildings
and the mountain
super big wind damper
this whole huge ball
as you can see
is connected to some wires
and it's absorbing the...
the strikes
strikes of the earth
if it's too windy
if it's too shaky
so this ball can balance this whole energy off
this is how it looks like
it's pretty amazing
when there is an earthquake
or very huge wind here
normally you can see it's moving
everything like this
has to have a cute form
as you can see, they also made...
the damper baby
the damper baby, yea
which is this one
here you can see the whole family of dampers
and their mommy
with some other...
I don't know what's this
it's just cute
alien baby
hey, hello there again
right now, welcome in New Taipei
New Taipei City
this is like a famous tourism place
and because...
because next to the riverbank
there is a full food street
so people come here to eat something
to chill with friends
and look at the night views
you can also rent bicycle here
the uBike
and then you can jusut have a round trip here
yea it's pretty cool
these are the friends of Sansan
and right now the friends of mine
no not that one
1 2 3
1 2 3
and the dog
maybe they can join us and say hi to the camera
maybe you want to say hi to the camera
introduce yourself
who are you?
I'm Avis
hello Avis
hi I'm Tony
they are my best friends
welcome to Taiwan
welcome to Taiwan!
thank you, thank you
right now we are at...
looks like this
the weather is pretty shitty
like always
in the capital
other than this memorial hall
there are also the other two buildings
one of them is the National Musical hall
we will show you later
and the other one is the theater
also at the entrance of this whole Freedom Plaza
there is a huge arched door
so it looks gorgeous
after you enter the entrance
ok so let's just go forward
this is the internal of the memorial hall
and you can see...
look, you can see...
you can see Chiang Kai-shek is sitting there
from the right to the left, it says
and science
which are the ideas which we should realize in our life
oh and this is like...
this wording says
"The meaning of life is to create life in the universe."
"The meaning of life is to improve our life."
and there's the flag
yea our coat of arms
my favorite character
I know she is blonde and I'm not up to blonde
but she actually looks good
so horny to her
we should watch Frozen
I already watch it
in the plane
she's naked in the film
yea yea yea
she's not
the map
I have no sense of direction
should I help you?
kind of
but everythig is in Chinese
that's ok for me
look at these
looks pretty similar to something
to enter the metro station
you have to..
pretty similar to the one in Warsaw actually
you have to go throught the gate
I have the coin
you have to beep it there
and you have what?
I have iCash
look at the iCash
you can pay normally with it in 711
which is like a convenient store
man is going to the front
don't let any woman go first
I think this is our..
no, we have to go even down
to the one in the back
so this metro has double floors
Say yes to sexual harassment
finally we are out
and it's raining
also the taxi here
in the whole Taiwan
whole Taiwan, right?
all of them are yellow
and this guy
is driving the uBike
it's like the city bike
this is the waiting zone
if you want to turn like those cars
you cannot go like them, as a scooter
cuz it's gonna be too dangerous on the road
so they have to wait in this kind of zone
so from there
there to here
and then you can just go forward
works like this
and this is like a more expensive district in Taipei
see? they are just going
some buses
look at the buses, they have flowers


Mat San CoupleX回到台灣〈四〉 (MATSAN TAIWAN VLOG 4!)

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eating 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 6 日
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