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Hey this is MatSan
and welcome to our...
is there any section like that?
no, there's no Q&A section
today we decide to make the video outside in the park
because Sansan likes snow
and I don't
and he feels very awkward right now
look at his face
anyways, it has being snowing for...
2 days?
3 days even
3 days
so it's very snowy
nice that at least the snow is not that slippery
it's pretty wet
we come up with some questions regarding our relationship
so we will ask ourselves, and answer by ourselves
cuz no one is asking us
so first question
and why it's only me?
because you're asking
so how did we get over the long distance relationship?
because there was a bit of lack
I went back to Taiwan for one year
to finish my last semester of study
and also I was working in Taiwan for a while
so it was a long distance relationship at that time
and we were skyping every day
and we have the application that you can type to each other online
for me, it feels like...
for me it wasn't really that far away
the problem is actually the hours
because...for example
it's morning in Poland
and it's already afternoon in Taiwan
we have 7hrs of distance
yea and we were both studying at that time
so pretty shitty
about this, yes
usually how did we have party?
I had the party at normal time, for example..
I mean, not normal
at 18:00 or 19:00
and it's already after midnight (in Taiwan)
she was never sleeping actually
we started the party at my time, over midnight
and we had whole night party
so I went to sleep at 6am
but it was fun
it was very fun
overall about the relationship at that time
it's really...
I feel like
I feel like it actually strengthen our relationship
like a test, right?
yes like a test
if you pass this one
so the things coming after it is not that difficult
and also during your staying in Taiwan
we were deciding what to do
and actually it works out
it's funny because during the time that
we started the long distance relationship
we didn't even know that if it's gonna be short distance again
we had no idea
we knew that you're gonna come here for holidays, that's it
so it was really like a gamble
but..you know
you have the plan, you want to stay together
so somehow you will try to make it work
some encouraging words for couples who are having long distance relationship
don't be worry
you will get over it
just do it
do it
question 2
after being together for 3 years
is there any change of you..
no, no, the feeling is fantastic
I mean...
that's what she said
we love each other the same
everything is super awesome
the matter is
about life habits
about life habits
that we mentioned previously
after you staying for such a long time with another person
you are very open to each other
too open sometimes
you just know how this person behave in the normal life
when there's no one around
nobody's perfect, let's just be honest here
I am
no you're not
because I'm totally behaving like she's not even there
totally I don't care
like man
and she's behaving like her, so...
both of us have bad habits
I can't stand her hair in the shower
I can't stand her hair in the toilet
I can't stand her hair in the sink
everywhere there's her hair
she sometimes is too active for me
for exmaple she wants to go out everytime, any hours
and annoyed when we're not going out
I'm angry that we're not going out
I'm depressed, ok?
and I'm just like...
ok, let's go out
I won't play my GTA5
but let's go out
about our feelings to each other
in the beginning of course it's more like..
very stimulating
so much fun
I don't know what this man is thinking
I don't know what are his characters
so we are exploring each other
of course it's super fantastic
and till now, we know a lot about each other already
so we are getting to be...
like...on the way to family member
but still we feel this love and passion
I mean, at least I do
I do as well
When I see him I still feel love
Me too :)
And when I hug him I still feel love
ANd when I am working I am thinking about her so much
that I'm so far avay
from her... and it's like
I can't wait to see her again at home
Really? yeah
I didn't know that
I do
You are super stupid
Next question
Our plan for this year: there are two plans
The first plan is very important
The first plan
Is to goooo
To Taiwan
And it actually gonna happen...
Is this snow or poop?
In two weeks we are going to Taiwan
We gonna see every big city for sure
We gonna go there for two weeks
Like 16 days in total
we're gonna see every big city
we gonna see the...
we will go to the beach
we will go to the mountains
and my hometown
we will go to..
everything will be on the videos
because we're gonna make many, many videos in Taiwan
show me your eggie position
we just realize that I'm an egg
he's an egg
outside I'm white, but inside I'm Asian
yea so he's egg
eggie position...go!
very, very looking forward to the trip
can't wait to see my family
can't wait to bring him & show to my family
he's like an animal in the zoo
it's gonna be like that
like me being here
I'm happy about everything
very excited about that
and hope you guys will stay tuned
and have a trip with us in Taiwan
second thing
is that we are going to have a dog
we are planning to have a dog
for already two months
because last year we were talking about having dog
for a long time
and we were traveling to those adpoting shelters
to see the dogs
and we found some interesting one
but due to that time that we were so busy
and we were also thinking about the accommodation
so many reasons
that we didm't continue to think about having the dog
so since this year everything will be more stable
after we come back from Taiwan
we will think about that
so that is the second plan for 2016
next question
for me I want to have the children when I'm older
not like MILF
but I'm saying..
oh yea
I want to have a child when I'm...
30 years old
or over 30
not now
no, because..
I feel like I'm still young
and I would like to go to lots of places
and I have this energy to go anywhere
and our time is more spontanous when it's only two of us
so for me
I don't care
I mean
of course not right now
but of course not like I'm super old
hahaha, like an old fart
I would rather say
I'm up to having a child in my 20s
but not 24, 25
maybe like, 27, 28
maybe that's a good time
over 30 is ok for me as well
well, she's older
1 year only ok?
but no matter what, not now
not now, too early
it's scary
when "child" this word is being brought up in our conversation
or when we go to the hypermarket
and we walked through the baby zone
I feel so spooky there...
join the dark side
I have a question for you
lots of Caucasian men think that
Asian women are very submissive
like we follow the orders
we follow whatever you say
do you think it's true
after you being with me?
just according to your relationship with me
relationship with her
no, not at all
it's not like, you have to be just there
and she's gonna do anything you want
because it doesn't work like this at all
unless you hire a whore to be your girlfriend
so maybe yes
people always say that Asian girls are being very submissive
it has being changed over the years
and even right now
I see girls are standing up for themselves in the relationship
even back in Asia
I have lots of friends, there're not like: yes, yes, my boyfriend said so
we even look down on this kind of girl
I personally look down on this kind of girl
because it means you don't have your own opinion
she is not your slave
that's my opinion
so overall we are happy with each other
and that's it
this is how everything looks like around
ah Józef
and remember to visit our Facebook fanspage!
we love you
see you next time


Mat San CoupleX夫妻關係問答 (MatSan's Relationship Q&A!)

472 分類 收藏
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