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Hey everybody
it's snowing
we're in Warsaw right now
and we are going to start the trip to Kraków
our accommodation
Hello Matus san
and the view
finally nice weather
Hello Matus san
so we just finish our dinner
it's not really late right now
I think it's like 16:00
we want to go back to watch the match
yea but it's totally dark
and today's is the National day
so there are some singing
and events going on
we're gonna take a look
we're at the Main Square
here's the main square that we usually buy our souvenir
and we have bought
and some souvenirs for my family
for her sister and her mom
and now we are going to have a walk
see the castle
we're gonna take a look at some towers
Hello everybody
I don't know if you can see us
but now we are going to eat breakfast
we're back to the old town
can you see anything?
so snowy
it's almost X'mas
horses will hit you
oh no
so we are going to the wawel castle
because we saw there is a cave
people say it's quite for kids
but we are kids!
yea we never seen this one
it's near the dragon, right?
and it's gonna be our last stop
we actually didn't do that much
comparing to the previous time
yea exactly
but also because it's getting dark very early at 4
and cold as hell
very very cold
so that's why we did limited things
but it was a very nice, relaxing time for us
you are so small
we went to the camp yesterday
it was really, really sad and heavy
but you know, it's the part of the history
that people need to remember
to be honest
even the weather makes it more sad
because it was snowing so much
as you can see the ground
you can show everybody
like this
it took us whole day
being there
but it was really worthy
we recommend everybody to visit there
to take a look
we're climbing, Matus
we're at the castle now
many, many tourists
it's like one of the main attracton
in Kraków
very beautiful
because the castle is located on the hill
so later we will see the view there
let's go
now we are going to the dragon's cave
dragon's cave
here we are
but it's closed
another fail
it's just there
but you can't enter
bye bye dragon
we saw this last time
it's the real painting of Leonardo Da Vinci
we're going home, BYE!!!!


Mat San CoupleX波蘭觀光大城 Krakow (MATSAN IN KRAKOW!)

210 分類 收藏
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